Chime in: What's your pick for the best graphics card (GPU) for gaming?

1080 ti
1080 ti

The beauty of PC gaming (or at least part of the beauty) is that you can build a rig yourself using pretty much any parts. You can stick with a budget build, you can go for something in the middle that will stand up for a few years, or you can go all-out on a performance build with more RGB lighting than is even mildly necessary.

One of the biggest decisions when building or upgrading is which one of the best graphics cards you should go with. There are plenty of NVIDIA and AMD options out there, and the market can be quite confusing. Windows Central forum member Ayushi111 recently created a thread asking for some GPU suggestions from the community.

Hello Everyone, I am planning to buy a Graphics Card for gaming. Can anyone suggest me a good Graphic Card?


Ayushi111 doesn't give a lot of details in the original post, leaving the question pretty open-ended. There are indeed options best suited for different resolutions and frames-per-second (FPS) targets, and other hardware in the PC also makes a big difference.

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Do you have a favorite GPU that's best for a certain scenario? Do you have one that makes the most sense overall? Be sure to drop by our forum and let Ayushi111 know what you think.

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