Chime in: What's on your Windows wishlist for 2018?

It's a new year, and that means we're going to see some new hardware and software released for Microsoft's Windows platform. Technology continues to advance at a high rate with the company working on new concepts and more powerful components making it to market. There are also new accessories and gadgets that make lives easier, and we're likely to see more ground made in smart connectivity.

Community member Dono Newcomb started a thread on our forum asking what everyone is looking forward to seeing released.

I thought this would be a fun little thread idea. Where do we see technology heading, or hope to see it heading? For me, I would like to see this idea of a computer core that goes in our pocket become a reality. Starting with simple functionality of a system that can operate independently as a phone/mini-tablet but being modular in nature, so that depending on the hardware we dock it to it can...

Dono Newcomb

For me, I'm excited to see where we go next with computer hardware, notably processors and graphics cards. I'm also keeping an eye out for a potential new Surface device. Would you like to see an even more portable PC, or unlock yet more cores in processors? Sound off with your thoughts.

From the forum: Hardware and Software Projections and Wishlist

Rich Edmonds
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