Chime in: Is your Surface Go experiencing touchscreen issues?

Best External Monitors for Surface Go
Best External Monitors for Surface Go

Releasing hardware is hard. No matter how good the quality control, there will always be a subset of issues that presents itself to some folks buying the latest hot new device.

And our latest forums discussion surrounds the new Surface Go and its touchscreen.

Here we go again! Preordered the 8GB model as soon as the opened them up. Tablet arrived yesterday late. Keyboard has been delayed until "sometime ". Not a problem as I plan on using it primarily as a tablet. Of course that only works as well as the touchscreen, which kinda doesn't. When it's in portrait mode it's fine. But in landscape mode nothing on the task bar responds. When an...


This doesn't appear, at least not yet, to be a hugely widespread issue. Indeed, reviewers haven't been speaking of it, and many of the Windows Central team already have a Surface Go and haven't seen any problems, either.

Ultimately if you're seeing a problem with your Surface Go, then you should return it and get a replacement immediately. No product is faultless and there will, sadly, be defects that slip through the cracks.

Nevertheless, some folks in our forums are having issues, and if that sounds like you, be sure to drop by and let us know what's going on, and what you did about it.

Surface Go Touchscreen Issues

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