Choshim Diary for Windows 10 encourages you to note down everything

It's easy to tell yourself you'll remember what you did on any given day, but memory dims over time. Keeping a diary can bring you back to your most memorable days. Choshim Diary is a great way to record your thoughts digitally and has a few features to enhance your experience looking back on any given day.

The app is available for $1.99 on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Mixed Reality.

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Clean design

Choshim Diary isn't crammed with features or a cluttered design. Instead, it focuses on delivering a clean experience wtih the essentials you need to record your day. The theme can be switched between a few different color sets and you can enhance the app with a blurred bing image of the day.

You can jump between creating new entries, looking at old ones, and your notes under the hamburger menu and take care of other options through the elipsis menu.

This minimalist approach from developers of Chosim Diary leaves a clean app that's fun to use. I found the app very refreshing and welcoming.

Getting the little things right

There isn't a lot to Choshim Diary, in fact, there isn't much to any diary app in terms of features. That being said, it has a few small features that add up to make a good experience. You can add tidbits to help you rememember your past including weather and location information, adding your feelings in a notes section, and ranking your day out of five stars.

Choshim Diary also has a counter that tells you how many days you've written in your diary in a row. In my experience, you need to stay on top of your diary keeping because it's easy to fall out of the habit. Having a tracker gives you just bit of encouragement to keep you on track.

Overall thoughts

Choshim Diary has a sleek design and just the right feature set to get you into keeping a diary. It isn't crammed full of features or excess design elements but instead has the essentials to record your days.

Some will knock it because it lacks the ability to record audio or video. There are competing apps that support text, audio, and video. Personally, I prefer using a keyboard to record my days so Choshim Diary is just right for me.


  • Clean design
  • Multiple formatting options
  • Support for a password


  • No way to record audio or video
  • Issues connecting to OneDrive

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