Need a case for your HTC 8X? The Cimo S-Line isn't a bad choice

A little while ago we took a look at the Cimo S-Line Back Case for the Nokia Lumia 920. This go around we're focusing in on the same Cimo case but one fitted for the HTC 8X.

The Cimo S-Line Back Case is a skin styled case that wraps around the HTC 8X to protect it mostly from nicks and scrapes. The case may protect the 8X from some bumps but I wouldn't count on it to protect the Windows Phones from drops of any height.  There's just not enough to the Cimo case to add any cushion to things.

Cimo S-Line Back Case

The Cimo S-Line is made from a silicone gel type material that has cutouts for the 8X's camera, headphone jack, speaker, microphones and micro-USB port. Buttons on the 8X are covered with button extensions on the Cimo case. The case is unlined and has a glossy accent to it to make the Cimo case stand out a little.  The Cimo case is textured along the sides to give the 8X a little more grip.

Cimo S-Line Case

The Cimo S-Line Case pops into place nicely and doesn't add much thickness or weight to the 8X. Buttons are responsive through the case and for the most part, the Cimo case stays in place nicely. There is a little wiggle room along the sides of the case.  The fit isn't loosey goosey where it feels as though the case will pop off but the wiggle room may allow dust, grit or grime to get inside the case.  I wouldn't mind seeing the overlap of the case extend a little further to eliminate the wiggle.

Cimo S-Line Case

The S-Line Case from Cimo is solidly constructed, doesn't add any noticeably bulk, and offers a modest amount of protect to your HTC 8X. The only real nit I can find with the Cimo is that the silicone/plastic does attract lint.  It's not enough to drive you nuts but noticeable.  If you're looking for a basic skin case for your HTC 8X, the Cimo S-Line is worth considering.

The S-Line is currently running $5.95, which makes it easy on the bank account, and available in assorted colors (Blue, Black, Purple, Clear, etc.). You can find the Cimo S-Line Back Case for the HTC 8X here at

George Ponder

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