Nokia Lumia 920 Case Review: Cimo S-Line Back Case

Since the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone has only become available (and many customer orders are still backordered), the availability of accessories is still somewhat limited. Sure, you can pick up a few bigger name brand styles at the AT & T Store, but they’re awfully expensive. As such, many new Lumia 920 owners will be scrambling online to find a case to protect their phones. One affordable option is the S-Line Back Case from Cimo Technologies. Cimo produces the S-Line design for a number of phones and tablets, including the Lumia 920, HTC 8X, and HTC 8S Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Colors and Style

The S-Line case for Lumia 920 is available in several transparent colors at present, including: clear, hot pink, purple, red, white, and black. For this review, Cimo provided us with clear and hot pink cases. The clear case really shows off your phone’s actual color, making it a great choice for any color of 920, but especially the cyan, red, and yellow handsets. I would only use the hot pink case with a white or black phone, as it certainly clashes with my cyan handset.

As for the S-Line in the case’s name, it describes the S-shaped line that runs along the back of the case. All of the colored cases are transparent to some degree. On one side of the S the color is foggier and less transparent, while the other side is the same color as the rest of the case. Cimo also makes a glossy version with no S-Line (in solid colors or clear), but I find the S-Line more attractive and distinct.

That said, small pockets of air show on the rear of the case on our white phone, whether using the pink or clear case. This doesn't happen on the cyan phone for some reason.


Cimo’s 920 case is one solid piece of silicone material. The Lumia 920 pops into it easily quite easily. It fits on the phone perfectly with very little ‘give.’ Because the case is flexible, the phone can be removed with little effort as well, which I love.

The sides of the case have a textured grip that make the phone easy to hold onto, even if your hand becomes sweaty due to an intense gaming situation or simply living in Texas. While some might prefer a smoother grip and the occasional phone dropping, I find the S-Line a pleasure to hold.

Instead of having cut-outs for the Lumia 920’s volume, power, and camera buttons, the right side of the case is simply shaped around the buttons. This makes the buttons require slightly more pressure to push, but on the bright side you’re also less likely to hit them by accident. The covered buttons might take a little getting used to, but I don’t even notice them anymore.


Case bottom

The S-Line case has cut-outs on the top, bottom, and rear. Starting with the back, there are holes for both the camera and flash. Both would seem to line up perfectly. However, when the phone's flash is used, some of the light reflects off of the case and can distort the colors of the photograph. I would recommend removing the case when you know you'll need the flash.

On the bottom, the hole provides ample space for the Lumia 920’s speakers and micro-USB port. Unfortunately, the material running around the front of the phone is a bit too thin in this location. On one of the two cases provided, it’s also loose in that spot and could potentially break if pulled. Hopefully Cimo reinforces that area in future production runs.

At the top, the cut-out allows access to the headset jack, but not the phone’s upper microphone (which is a small and easily overlooked series of dots to the right of the jack). This could result in slightly lower sound quality when shooting videos, unfortunately. But most of the early cases available fail to account for the top mic, presumably due to its relatively hidden appearance. Still, the oversight is easily fixed with a hole puncher. Thanks to reader Poddie for pointing that out.

Also, the cut-out for the headset jack is a bit too snug for one of the cords I plugged in. I had to really move the plug around to get a solid connection. Admittedly, a lot of plugs would be less thick than the one I used, so this likely won’t be a problem for most users. Still, the hole puncher solution works for this too.


Case top

The S-Line case should provide a good degree of protection to your Lumia 920. The phone will be just about immune to scratches from the rear and sides while using this case, and it also seems tight enough to prevent particles from getting between the phone and the case. The Lumia 920 can still charge wirelessly while wearing this case, by the way.

The only area where more protection could be desirable is on the front. Because the Lumia 920’s Gorilla Glass 2 screen is raised a bit over the actual shell of the phone, it ends up being just about flush with the S-Line case. If the material around the front edge of the case was a few millimeters thicker, it would provide a much greater degree of protection to the screen.

Overall Impression

Despite the favorable drop test results we’ve seen for the Lumia 920, the device will still take damage from falls. In fact, my girlfriend’s screen shattered when dropped from head height (thankfully we have insurance). That’s why it’s important to protect your phone with a case, especially if you can’t easily afford a replacement.

The Cimo S-Line Back Case is one of the better low-cost options for the Lumia 920. It doesn’t quite protect the screen as much as it should, but otherwise keeps the rest of the phone extremely safe. The S-Line does a great job of looking distinctive without obscuring the Lumia 920’s natural beauty. You can’t say that about a cheap rubber case. Choose a color that goes well with your phone and you’ll likely love the way it looks.

Cimo’s S-Line case for the Lumia 920 is available exclusively from Amazon (opens in new tab) at the moment, but the Windows Phone Central Store may carry it in the near future as well. We’ll have a review of Cimo’s HTC 8X case soon, so stay tuned!

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Too late, I already bought one from amazon.
  • I bought this case earlier, too, but for the 8x. For those with that phone, you can see the pics in my album. 
  • Looks like the black (rubber) case in your pics has higher ridges around the screen. With the S-Line case, when you put the phone face down on the table, are the ridges high enough to keep the screen from touching the table?
  • Nice product review thank you, this is a very impressive website
  • I have a L900 and the best one I am using till date is the factory one from Nokia, best fitting. WPCentral should start stocking some originals as well, though I know Nokia hasn't released any original cases for the L920
  • If Cimo can create cases for the 920, I'm sure Nokia can too (I hope, but confident that it is possible).
    By the way, I also liked Nokia's original case for the 800 when compared to the other cases which I've tried.
  • Looks good
  • I have this case in clear, purple, and hot pink. Love it. Doesn't add any bulk to the phone at all. Love the side "grip" too. Good price and fast shipping on Amazon.
  • I prefer the natural feel of the phone. But looks like a nice case
  • Seems kind of pointless to me since the screen seems to be the only real weak point of the phone. I wish gorila glass 2 was stronger, it seems to be actually weaker than gorila glass 1.
  • In what way?
  • For a case on a Lumia phone, these aren't bad looking options. I like the idea of low profile and clear.
  • Yeah, when I get a yellow 920 I'm getting this case in clear for sure.
  • IF I were gonna put a case on it, it would be something like this one. Just enough protection against scuffs and scratches on the exterior and trust the Gorilla glass to protect against most falls. I figure why bulk up a device that's already "big" and if the already strong glass is gonna shatter, it's gonna shatter regardless what you use.
  • The Nokia L920 back cover and the screen is unscratchable
  • Not true, the scren scratches easily. I have multiple deep scratches from just putting the phone in my pocket.
  • What's in your pocket besides the phone?  Mine going in and out of jeans, shorts, sweats, etc. with nothing else in the pocket is flawless.  If they can rub a key across it with some pressure and not scratch it, you must be hitting it with something sharp or something.
  • You have rocks in there, or a handful of diamonds. I dropped my phone multiple times on concrete. The corners chip off a bit but 0 scratches on the screen. 
  • Seriously?  This is like putting a case on a case... Why on earth would someone ghettofy their phone with this kind of shit? :P
  • I never understood this as well, that thing is build like a tank.. Why put a case around it.. ?
  • I dropped mine from head height on the first day and shattered the screen.
  • God that's ugly
  • Nokias are already tough and hard to scratch. And being the 920 size I would not want to add any extra milimeter to it.
  • way to make a beautiful phone look horrendous 
  • This is so stupid, people are so gullible and will buy into ANYTHING.  If I buy something beautiful I don't want to cover it in SHIT.
  • What's stupid is idiots that think that their opinion is the only one that matters and that it is impossible for anyone to have reasoning to use a case.
  • Preach!
  • calm down. it's just a phone, it's not love.
  • Right.... he calls anyone who buys a case gullible and say they will buy ANYTHING, and calls the case that they may like SHIT.  But I need to calm down.
    My point is calm... it's that people should understand that their opinion is not the only one on this planet that matters.
  • We appreciate you leaving comments Nooryani, but please try to think a little more before you hit the Submit button.
  • Nice Paul....A polite way to say "don't troll"
  • The 920 is so tough, I'm surprised it doesn't break this case.
  • The Nokia 920 is so tough the Boogie Man checks his closet for the Nokia 920 before he goes to bed.
  • Chuck Norris uses the 920 as a weapon.
  • +1
  • Check that. The 920 uses Chuck Norris as a weapon.
  • I have this cover and really like it. One thing that worried me was how it was going to work with the wirelee charging plate and stand I had coming. Well I recieved them and the phone charges on both without removing the case cover.
  • I would think most cases would work with the wireless charger. Here is a story WP Central did on charging through a table.
  • Like putting a plastic cover on a very fine sofa.
  • Too bad the colors suck. I have been wanting something in a Cubs-like blue, but no luck yet (and I'm really waiting until after Christmas to get a case). I'd settle for another decent color (non-light green, or example), but these color choices are weak.
  • The blue version is quite nice I think. Unless you are looking for opaque?
  • There is no blue version. The one in the article is the clear case over a cyan device (and I don't like cyan for my phone). On the site, the blue-ish one is listed as purple, meaning you probably get a case with a color resembling the California Blue (which is rather purple) on the 8X. The site doesn't list any blue, and I want a blue that isn't for girls (which I feel like cyan is, along with California Blue, which really is rather purple).
    I'm a Cubs fan. A blue like that is what I want.
  • Check eBay... There is a nice shade of darker blue available. You will probably have to get it from a HK seller, but they are like $4 total including shipping... Just have to be patient.
  • These cases are so easy to put on and off and so cheap from eBay you can get several and switch them out to match your accent colors. I think I can use a hole punch to clear the top mix... But I haven't tried it yet.
  • Just wanted to give you props on the hole punch to create a hole for the top MIC idea. That area being covered was holding me back from buying this since I want the audio during video recording. Now I have a neat, quick and easy solution.
  • I like.
  • The 920 requires a case?
  • I only put a case on when traveling.
  • I bought a couple different colors under the Fosmon brand, off of Amazon.  Can't be beat for $3.50.  And to answer the questions above, it substantially imrpoves the grip of the phone.  Without a case, the phone has slipped from my hand twice now, onto carpet, thankfully.   The 920 PCB is too slick for me.
    I eventually cut off the thin little strip by the USB port, as it did deform as in the picture above.  That didn't affect fit at all and I have to wonder why they bothered with that feature.
    I have a cyan Diztronic case on the way for my cyan 920, but I may get a clear Cimo too, since they're so inexpensive.
  • I have this case. Grips are nice, but is does cover the top mic. I do have to remove top of the case to use my aux cable. WORST PART: and this was not mentioned in the review, but the case interferes with the flash. Pictures have a ghosting around them. Dies not happen with the case off. Returning ours.
  • Whoa, I didn't think about the flash.
  • The flash issue doesn't make sense to me... How could that be? Mine doesn't seem to have a problem.
  • Since it is transparent, I image that stray light hitting the case from the flash will be transmitted to the len like a fiber optics cable.
  • Had to come back and update... I just tested and you're 100% correct, it does affect the flash. With the case on, flash shots have a purple hue to them. Shoot! I really like this case...
  • One more update... I had already ordered a few more in diff colors. I originally had purple. One of the ones I got is Smokey grey and I see no flash issue with that one.
  • I didn't think of that. Will test and update the review.
  • same to me, i can confirm
  • What color is your case? I have a clear S case. I just took a few pictures with and without the case (with the flash on). I did not see a ghosting problem.
  • Bah...I don't need no stinkin case.  That's what insurance is for. 
  • And $199 deductibles for a refurbished phone. Yuck.
  • Not a huge fan on cases that warp around the front of the phone...
  • Especially when the screen melts into the phone itself. I love how when i swipe, my thumb just curves with the glass and falls off the side
  • I've bought a blue one but photos with flash come out bluish
  • The high gloss units are more slippery, clear doesn't cover up the look or color, the back has been shown in test to be very scratch-able, (especially micro scratches).
  • Terrible case, I bought the clear one, if taking a photo with the Lumia 920 the flash or focus flash is seen in the pics. Reflects off the case. Definitely not good with photos, especially in the dark. A dark picture will have bright light around the edges
  • Had my black 920 on top of a pizza box as I was carrying it in house and as I put box on table phone slid right off on to ceramic tiled floor, dropped about 5 feet and made a horrible noise. My heart sank, I picked it up quickly and looked for damage. NOTHING! Not even a scratch anywhere! This phone is a little tank. I might've gotten lucky and it landed just right but this boost my confidence in build quality as is for sure. Don't think I'll be getting case, looks too good without it.
  • My wife has this case. She has a clear one and you can still see the beautiful color of the phone quite well. I ordered one for myself. I like how it's easy to take off. So I can do that if needed. But I know that the most common way that people break their screens is by dropping it so that the phone lands on a corner at just the right angle. This helps cushion against that angle.
  • Does the case make it more difficult to pull out of your pocket. I had a phone case once and it would always get stuck in my pocket.
  • It doesn't make it any more difficult for me. :)
  • I don't feel like I need a case for protection, but gosh, if it adds some grip I'll take it! The 920 is so difficult to deftly flip around in one hand.
  • Tried a case for my 900 but ended up tossing it, because it took away from its looks
  • I had a smilar clear case (albeit from a different manufacturer) for the L900. The seperate flash and camera cutouts have an issue with night time photography. If you try to take pictures at night with the flash, the light leaks into the case and onto the camera lens making the top portion of the image completely white and casting a whie glow on the rest of the image. Unfortunately, I dont have any of those pictures on my phone to share but it isnt hard to replicate. I would recommend a case that has a common cutout for both the flash and lens.
  • Does anyone know of anything similar with a kick stand?
  • I have a Gray case!!! It's awesome and now I have the Gray Lumia 920 !!!
    It's super thin and light and doesn't add any bulk to my phone!!!
    It also comes in other colors for 7.99  free shipping with prime!!!
  • We might review that one soon too, even though the seller wasn't cool enough to provide a review case.
  • I have one of these quicksand cases too... It's nice quality, but I can't stand the feel of the texture. I feel like my fingers are dry and need to be moisturized when I pick up the phone. I was expecting it to be somewhat softer... Unfortunately, it's not.
  • Better get some lotion then. This case is great! The Lumia 920 is so slippery, I've already dropped mine and got some indentes in it. So I needed some sandpaper. :)
  • I much prefer the rubberized texture of the case reviewed here... and the sides of it are very "grippy" with the texture they added.
  • People saying that you do not need a case do not understand how varied the human race is. For me personally, the phone is ruined if it touches a dirty table or oily fingers. I wouldn't let ANYONE, including my GF, touch it without a case. For OCD people like me, which there are plenty, a case is absolutely 100% mandatory.
  • And another thing a lot people don't think about-being able to sell it on eBay (after a couple years of course) and describe the phone as "mint condition". You definitely get more $$$$. Phones that are scratched, gouged, dented etc get far less..THAT is why I use a case.
  • Does the wireless charger work with the case on? I just got the wireless charger and love it! I dropped my yellow 920 the first day as I wasn't used to how slippery it was... It hit the hard wood floor and (thankfully) was fine...
  • Yes, it charges fine with the case on.
  • When I got home, the Diztronic case was waiting for me. ;-)   Even though at lists @ $12.50, I like this case much better than the Cimo/Fosman case.  
    It has a matte texture on the case itself and is smooth all the way around.  While it feels a bit slick, it provides good grip.  I especially like the cutout for the power button, which makes it much easier to find than the Cimo case.  The translucent cyan color is also a very good match for the Nokia cyan.  My only complaint is that it covers up the top microphone.  The only case I've seen so far that doesn't cover the top mic is the $40 Speck case at the AT&T store.
    I havent taken any pics with it on yet, so no idea of it will cause relections or not.
  • Thanks for the answer Paul! I will definitely get a case if the wireless charger still works...
  • Got this from Ebay and am very happy with it. Not having claimed my wireless charger yet though, I suspect case won't work with charger but happy to 'pop' it off to charge when required. Love case including side grips. Yes, buttons need to be pressed a bit more but am now used to that.