Cinemagraph beta

Like other Microsoft Mobile apps, Cinemagraph comes in two flavors, including regular and beta. A beta version is the more independent of the two, offering standalone functionality to make it more useful for social sharing.

Today, version is available at the Store and with comes a detailed changelog, including some core changes in sharing.

Cinemagraph beta

  • cinemagraphs shared directly as repeating video clips
  • no separate server upload or need for Nokia Account
  • no Shared view (no access to previously shared cinemagraphs; please use the Lumia Cinemagraph application for that)
  • shared cinemagraphs are stored in the Shared Cinemagraphs folder on the device

That video clip sharing means that Cinemagraphs are the popular MP4 format, which allows your repeating GIF-like creations to play anywhere that supports MP4. Since MP4 is quickly becoming the defacto video format these days, that means you can email or post to Facebook your new creations.

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At least on our phone, we do not have a Shared Cinemagraphs folder per se, for existing 'graphs. Instead, they show up under Other Pictures. Likewise, new creations just appear on the Camera Roll. Perhaps there are still some quirks in addition to SD card support needed.

Either way, grab the latest beta if you would like a more sharing-friendly Cinemagraph experience.

QR: Cinemagraph beta

Thanks, Stuart K., and others for the tips!

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