Lumia Cinemagraph Beta is now available to download with new sharing options

Just yesterday, Microsoft detailed some changes coming to Cinemagraph's backend through OneDrive and today, that updated app is now available. Labeled as Lumia Cinemagraph Beta, the app can be downloaded through the Store though currently the link is not searchable (so you need the app's direct link, found below).

The biggest changes in this version affect how you share Cinemagraphs detailed in the Beta release notes.

"Now cinemagraphs are shared directly as repeating video clips through the normal sharing steps. As a result, there's no longer need for a separate upload step or user account and all the normal sharing destinations supported by Windows Phone are available.""The newly shared cinemagraphs will be available in the Shared Cinemagraphs folder on your device. Note that there's no longer a Shared view for online cinemagraphs in the application. If you need to access your previously shared cinemgraphs on our server, please use the Lumia Cinemagraph (non-beta) application still available in the Store for that.""Please note that Lumia Cinemagraph Beta is only available in English."

Certainly this makes taking and sharing Cinemagraphs much easier without the Nokia account.

For those who have never used Cinemagraph, the app creates an animated GIF like file using your Lumia's camera. They are perfect for capturing moments where part of the image is static, and something else is moving, creating a mini-looping video file.

Grab the beta version of Cinemagraph and remember to leave them feedback to help improve the app for its final release.

Source: Microsoft Beta Apps for Lumia

QR: cinema

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  • Doesn't fit my app list nicely. Unless they shorten it to fit in the app list screen, not installing.
  • Wow. That is the dumbest reason I've ever heard.
  • Whooaaaa... I know right!!!!! LoL
  • Fits my 1520 just fine thanks!
  • Don't ask on a 520
  • Fits my 930 fine too. All good tho, your loss!
  • I don't install any apps when the name contains vowels
  • Lolzz... Hahaha
  • I refuse to install apps if the icon contains the color purple LOL!!!!
  • Could you be more moronic? :P
  • Really?
  • Most more
  • What's wrong with testing apps?
  • What do I do with the old app? It's going to sit there and collect dust (virtual dust)
  • Hmm hmm hmmm.. It is mandatory to leave a comment? Because so much people comment for no reason.
  • is it* 
  • Good catch!
  • In the "Read more" of the beta app it is written that you still (only) need a Nokia account. I assume this is a typing mistake?
  • No it's not mistake..public version also demand for nokia account signing in
  • Is there something that creates a single image, with multiple motion shots? Like how the skateboarder looks in the intro to cinemagraph, which makes the app confusing because you think you are going to get a single image, not a GIF-like file.
  • Nokia camera smart sequence mode
  • According to Nokia Conversations, the 'normal' app will be updated in January with the same sharing options. More info here:
    Hope it'll eventually be integrated into the Lumia Camera app.
  • Because it is a new features that need to be tested. Anyway, why too much complains?
  • They should update the panorama instead
  • Agreed!! It's pretty bad in comparison to the standard iOS panorama mode
  • I'd like to see these features come to Blink. Sharing on Blink is a pain.
  • I was able to make an MP4 file and able to email it and looks like able to put it on FB also.  But how about animated GIF?  I tapped on "export GIF" and it seemed to have gone somewhere but where??  How do I access the GIF to put on FB or email?
  • Use files app
  • Thanks, I saw it using Files app but it converts it to jpg before sending by email/mms/fb...
  • The exported .gif is found in 'Pictures/Shared Cinemagraphs' folder in your device or SD Card, what u selected to save ur images on. But as dumb as MS can get, u can't share gif by email or any other method. Only JPG is shared. Although u can extract it to ur PC via USB or Wi-FI
  • Seriously, tired of these gimmicky things that only exist on your phone. Figure out a way to make it viewable on popular social media sites.
  • Thanks for the tip!  I see it now.  It's one step closer but is still useless if it cannot be done without a PC.  If I was using my PC, I might as well just take a regular video file and convert it to GIF.
  • The store description with What's new is providing wrong info. May be they just copy paste the description from regular app
  • GIF support please
  • Am I the only one who can't share anything?
    I have no option for sharing.
    How to proceed?!?!
    When I have my cinemagraph ready, I have it on full screen but I have no menu and buttons.
    When I a we in the cinemagraph gallery, a long press on thumbnails didn't do anything too
  • So if I understand correctly, they're not shared as gifs?
  • You read a post people say there is no support in Windows phone.
    You came in this one and see a platform changing, getting better and making things right.
    What a difference...
    I'm downloading right now Thanks for the tip
  • At some stage, it would be nice if Microsoft developed this app into a mini social network like Instagram, Fhotoroom or Vine; a place where all Cinemagraphs could be viewed, admired and shared... probably not going to happen because of exporting and thus sharing on Facebook etc, but the app has always seemed to be the Beta of something better...
  • They don't seem to share as gifs, only 10 second videos in mp4. They need to be able to be shared as gifs! I think they messed it up.
  • Windows Phone does not support GIF sharing at the moment (all GIFs will be transcoded into JPEGs). You have to exprt the GIF from Cinemagraph, and transfer the file via USB to PC for upload.
  • Is there a way to transfer cinemagraphs from Nokia memories to your phone/onedrive?
  • Download manually from the server & transfer yourself.
  • We need GIF support  for Windows Phone 8.1.