Cities: Skylines gets Natural Disasters and Radio Stations expansions on Xbox One

Today, Paradox Interactive released the Natural Disasters expansion for Cities: Skylines on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The content has been available on PC for quite some time now.

The new expansion adds new systems for disaster alerts and response, and of course the disasters themselves, which can occur randomly, or be triggered deliberately. Also added for free are three new in-game radio stations. In addition to Natural Disasters, Paradox also released an additional musical add-on for the game's new in-game radio feature which gives them more variety.

Management games, such as SimCity, are often very complex. Not only are you managing the game itself, but also the various overlapping menus that govern the game. As such, the preferred input method has been mouse and keyboard.

Cities: Skylines has proven that controllers can be a worthy input method for this type of game. It has set the standard for city-building games for years to come, as EA famously flubbed SimCity's 2013 version, forcing users to participate in an awful online experience that would go on to kill the franchise almost entirely.

In our review, we were "resoundingly impressed with how well the control schemes have translated to a controller, and it gives me hope that we could one day see more complex management-type games hit Xbox One, now that Cities: Skylines has shown us the way forward."

Cities: Skylines is currently available as part of Xbox Game Pass. The subscription costs $9.99 each month and provides you with Netflix-style access to over a hundred games.

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Asher Madan

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