Meet Clatter, your new favorite all-in-one Windows 10 messaging app

Most people in 2017 are on multiple social networking platforms. Keeping track of all of your messages usually takes a combination of multiple apps and web browsers. Clatter aims to streamline all of this with an all-in-one app for your messaging needs.

The app is available on Windows 10 as well as HoloLens. It's free, but some features are only available if you purchase the premium version of the app for $1.99.

There are multiple web wrappers within the app. While some might turn their nose up at web wrappers, the app makes using multiple services more convenient and adds quick reply functionality to WhatsApp and Telegram if you opt for the premium version.

The app supports, Discord, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, MatterMost, RocketChat, Skype, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

Clatter does a good job collecting all of your apps into a clean interface that still looks unique depending on the service you're currently using. Because it uses web wrappers, WhatsApp looks like the WhatsApp web version you're used to, as does Skype, Discord, and all of the other supported apps.

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How it's better than using a browser

Clatter isn't a complicated app. You login to your various services and they work just like they would if you used them on a browser. But with the app you gain some benefits that you can't get in Edge, Chrome, or other browsers.

For example, you can easily login to multiple iterations of the same services using different accounts. If you have a work account and a personal account for Google Hangouts, you can login to both and easily switch between them with just one click.

The app also supports quick replies for WhatsApp and Telegram if you pay for the premium version of the app. This is especially handy for WhatsApp which doesn't support quick replies on any Windows devices.

The app's page in the Windows Store says there are more features to come but doesn't specify anything that's on the way.

Clatter customization

While people use multiple messaging apps, they might not view them all equally. Clatter lets you customize services on an individual basis. This means that if you always want notifications from one service but not another you can do that easily.

You can also click and drag services within the settings menu however you'd like.

Wrapping up

Clatter is a big time saver if you use multiple messaging apps. It takes a few seconds for everything to log back in, but once it's there it's easy to jump from service to service.

Quick-reply support for WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as the ability to customize the app, make Clatter a strong candidate to replace the army of apps that you have to use for each individual service.

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Sean Endicott
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  • Looks promising. Does the Skype video conferencing work well (if that one exists on the web that is, always using the client app myself).
  • So far so good... I understand this might be a web-wrapper... but the speed of the app outclass the browser and the "native universal" facebook messenger beta app / whatsapp app is impressive. It also appears the notifications pipe through to the windows system. Good first impression here.
  • Quick reply for whatsapp and other services is going to get my money.🙂😍 technically this is essentially a web wrapper so it will not be eating too much space on the hard drive
  • Awesome, need text and email support and I will have a BlackBerry Hub on my PC!!!
  • The app itself is a big web wrapper... They could have made it available for Windows phone 10..... Shame😞
  • Most of these services don't have mobile-friendly web versions.
  • Why release apps for a dead platform?
  • You're a dead platform. lol
  • On the contrary, it's not releasing apps what makes it a dead platform. There are users of mobile who would use the app, and frankly, with the whole UWP thing they've been hammering on this site it's clear to anyone that if they develop an UWP app targeting desktop, they could easily port out a mobile app. It's basically one of the main ideas behind UWP.
  • This looks really cool. I honestly haven't used any sort of unified messaging application since Trillian (back when MSN Messenger ... errr Windows Live Messenger and AIM were still all the rage), but I might have to try this tonight.
  • I'm STILL using Trillian for Messenger (Facebook) and Google Hangouts - on Windows 7. I haven't tried installing it on Windows 10. I think I'll try this new app on 10 since it supports Skype.
  • I'm still using Trillian too! Ha ha! I'll give it a try. My AIM will go away it sounds like. No big loss there.
  • I'm using Franz right now, which is free in Beta. A little buggy, but it has all of these and a lot more. I have my GroupMe chats and Steam chat all in one place there too, even though I also have desktop/win10 versions of them. I'll check this one out though as well.
  • Please please please, hire a UI artist Microsoft! Why does everything new have to look like ****, be slower, require more ram, and have fewer features?
  • So far I've tried only Facebook Messenger and notifications don't seem to work (they're on in the settings).
  • Hm. What about us poor Joes, who can't upgrade to W10? 
  • Franz, Rambox....
  • Totally trying this ASAP. Quick replies for whatsapp are something that's very valuable to any user. A shame this is still not available for mobile, where it would make a lot of sense.
  • <p>Is there any app like this on Windows 10 mobile Because WhatsApp and Camera360 Sight are not working on latest public release Windows 10 mobile </p>
  • Is there any app like this on Windows 10 mobile Because WhatsApp and Camera360 Sight are not working on latest release of Windows 10 mobile
  • There are many all-in-one messaging apps, Clatter is one of them. But there's also an app like One Messenger. Why the preference of Clatter over One Messenger?
    The one thing I'm missing with all these Messengers is some kind of unified inbox where all new incoming messages can be seen in one conversation or dashboard. Reason: real world global use of default, assigned, cultural choice or personal choice of messaging varies greatly. It is difficult to keep up and use multiple messaging platforms, even more so when you want to collaborate.
    I would like to see a developer to take on the challenge of being able to combine all or most of the popular messaging platforms into one all-in-one messenger app and to be able to make a unified group inbox where all users from different messaging platforms can be combined into one group session in one dashboard thread, no back and forth between social messaging wrappers. Irrespective of which messaging platform you are using, texts, emojis and files will be sent, received and synced within that group. That would be a high quality app for me. I would want that app over any current social messaging app today.