Cliff Bleszinski regrets not bringing LawBreakers to Xbox One

LawBreakers (Image credit: Boss Key Productions)

What you need to know

  • Cliff Bleszinski is one of the creators of Gears of War.
  • He founded a studio called Boss Key Productions a few years ago.
  • The team released a first-person shooter called LawBreakers on PC and PlayStation 4.
  • Now, Bleszinski wishes he had brought the game to Xbox One since it's the platform where gamers knew him.

A couple of years ago, Cliff Bleszinski, one of the creators of Gears of War, launched a game called LawBreakers for PC and PlayStation 4. The title never made its way to Xbox One and at the time, it seemed like a curious omission because every Xbox gamer is familiar with the critically-acclaimed Gears of War franchise.

Now, it seems like Bleszinski regrets not bringing the game to Microsoft's console. He said on Twitter, "when people follow your career from a beloved series such as Gears on Xbox, might have made sense to put the new game on said console." You can read the thread below.

It's important to note that while Xbox players may have been more receptive to LawBreakers, it didn't do well on PC either. Boss Key Productions closed down shortly after that. While there's no way of knowing if it would've become a sensation on Xbox One, it certainly wouldn't have hurt its chances.

What did you think of LawBreakers? Did you play it? Is the 76 Metacritic score justified? Let us know.

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  • It was a glaring omission, for sure. But if the install base of PC and PS4 can't keep you afloat, you'd need to hope for some considerable Xbox fan loyality. Not sure the game deserved it.
  • Maybe this is a sign that he has gotten over the "I am a rock star game designer god" attitude that he had for so many years... but I won't hold my breath. The few times I met him in person I was not impressed.
  • Probably right.
    Cliff of Epic games, burned in Fortnite for 2 or 3 billions dollars.
    I wonder why Cliff didn't inject code in back.
  • Much of it had to do less with Cliff and the platforms he released the game on, and more so the game itself and where it was trying to go in the market. Lawbreakers more or less was an arena FPS. At the time, the biggest Arena FPS that was, and still IS sucking all of the oxygen in the room for that Genre is Overwatch, which was already giving a then struggling game, which I liked more, like Battleborn, a run for it's money. Even though development started before, there was already the perception that Lawbreakers was copying off of overwatch. We talk about the success of Fortnite, but we forget that Epic essentially rebuilt the game from the ground up as an entirely different game, because as a tower defense and survival game, it flopped, and they added the Battle Royal game as a free mode, and then it exploded, and companies have been Aping that model since, with games like Apex Legends. Even Cliff's game's studio tried to a make a BR game to capitalize on the success and that floundered too. It just seemed he kept trying to chase "the next big thing" and was always a day late and a dollar short.
  • The game was just not very good and releasing it on Xbox would not have saved it...but I think we can also file this tidbit under "No ****, Sherlock."