Clutter, your Windows Phone guide to television

Do you need to sort out all the details on your favorite television series?  Clutter is a Windows Phone app that hopes to bring a little order to your television viewing.  In many respects, a TV Guide for your Windows Phone.

Clutter includes information on your favorite television series and shows that includes cast line-ups, episode summaries, links to TVDB (opens in new tab) and IMDb (opens in new tab), and plenty of downloadable images.  Clutter is a healthy entertainment app that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

Clutter Main Pages

The main pages for Clutter break down as follows,

  • Home Page: Here you will find tiles to view a list view of the television series, view the popular series, view your favorite series, and view your television watch list.
  • Recent Page: This is where you can find any content recently viewed.
  • Popular Page: This page highlights the popular television series.

Along the bottom of Clutter’s main pages, you will find four control buttons that will refresh the page, send you to the app’s settings, launch a keyword search and view your browsing history.  Clutter’s settings provide you with several options to show or hide content and access the lockscreen settings.  Up under the three-dot menu on the main pages will provide links to the About screen and a link an Ad Deals website.

Clutter's Settings

Information on a particular series is spread out across a series of pages that includes a general information page, an actor’s listing, an images page, an episodes listing and a comments page.  From the control buttons on the television series pages you can share the series, pin the series to your Windows Phone Start Screen, tag the series as a favorite, and add it to your watchlist.

One nice feature with Clutter is text to speech that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  If you just don’t feel like reading the text or are in a position where you cannot direct your attention to reading the content, a text to speech button is available to have the text read aloud.

Clutter's Series Pages

Venturing up under the three-dot menu on the series pages you can find options to refresh the screen, view the series on IMDb and view the series on TVDB.

Drilling further down into the Clutter app, you can tap on an individual episode for a series and pull up information specific to that episode.  You can also tap on an actor to pull up biographical information, acting history and images on that particular actor.

Clutter contains a lot of information on the most popular television series currently on air.  The only thing I can see that is missing is video clips and show schedules.  I like that you can save the images to your Windows Phone and the lockscreen support and text to speech features are nice touches as well.

Clutter is a free app that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  You can find Clutter here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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  • Looks cool! ^.^
  • TVshow is another fantastic one
  • I love TVShow.. definitely the best TV show tracking app, but Rudy hasn't updated the app in ages (except lately with maintaince update I'm assuming).  Would love to see it become more faster, have a refreshed UI (i mean that intro screen with the blue/purple gradient needs updating ASAP) and needs proper sync.
  • My sentiments regarding TVShow, exactly. I would add the one most important still missing feature for viewers outside of the US: An option to manually offset (or turn off) the automatic time adjustment. Come on, Rudy, this app, as good as it is, could/should be so much more.
    As for Clutter: It is an interesting app with some potential. However, I find myself frequently frustrated by freezes and/or crashes. Still very much in a beta state, imo.
    With the demise of Prime TV, the only real contender for TVShow now seems to be Series Fan. Still a bit rough around the edges, but unlike TVShow, the developer of Series Fan provides frequent feature updates.
  • I would also be interested in something like you're describing. None of this apps handle any type of scheduling outside the US. I get that the devs can't possibly have access to every programming schedule in every country, but I would be happy with them letting me tell the app at what time X show airs the next episode and then the app would notify me and know what is the next episode based on the ones I've already watched. That would be awesome to me!
  • +1 for TVShow
  • Nothing can beat TVShow. Just needs a little more support.
  • Ya, TVShow needs cloud sync. Setting up my shows every time I reset or get a new phone is really tedious.
  • You know you can save your shows on Skydrive and import them back when you get a new phone or have done a reset.
  • Was going to say that. If you have bought the app, you have the ability to export your list to SkyDrive.
  • + 920 for TVShow!!!  One of my favorite apps! 
  • Fast TV Listings for me.  Both TVShow and this are for TV addicts - far too much menuing and digging around for info.  I just want to know what's on right now in a nice simple grid.  That's all.  Fast TV Listings is perfect for me. Then again, I watch maybe... 2-3 hours a week and only have broadcast tv.