Coca-Cola also adopts Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia has announced that Lumia Windows Phones will be used by select sales teams at The Coca-Cola Company in Vietnam and Cambodia. The hardware will be utilised on a daily basis by sales associates in the market for order processing, equipment validation and market execution improvement. The reasons behind the switch are a familiar story.

Access to Microsoft Office on Windows Phone 8 enables easy synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office 365, not forgetting Outlook. These features allow employees of the company to work flexibly and remotely with secure access to corporate data and backend systems.

The company states that a main requirement is high level security, which includes secure boot, hardware-accelerated encryption and remote device management. Should a Windows Phone be misplaced, corporate data will not be compromised. 

Javier Polit, Chief Information Officer of the Bottling Investments Group, The Coca-Cola Company had the following to comment on the deal:

"Our collaboration with Nokia and Microsoft enables us to utilize our sales automation and market execution tools on two very progressive platforms. We will be able to activate our teams with capabilities that enable us to further improve our execution and customer services by obtaining actionable insights. The Nokia Lumia and Microsoft platform fit our enterprise landscape well."

It's a superb success story (and a major brand) to add to Microsoft's mobile portfolio. The Coca-Cola Company joins the likes of KONE and Mall of America. Stephanie Mosticchio, enterprise sales manager for North America at Nokia added to the press release:

"By combining the Windows 8 platform with eye-catching design and innovative technologies, we have created smartphones that ensure Coca-Cola employees can operate flexibly across multiple geographies and time zones and still remain fully productive. Providing seamless synchronization with Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Office, Nokia Lumia smartphones enable Coca-Cola employees to work as effectively on the go as they would in the workplace."

It's become a growing trend, one which we trust will continue.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Another day and another enterprise picks up a Nokia phone for their employees. I like this a lot.
  • +1
  • Seems like only Nokia is doing all the hard work. People were complaining about HTC getting no love? Here's another reason why.
  • ^THIS!
  • Yea no Nokia love for me for not trying hard to release Lumia 920 on Verizon. My 8x was available from all 3carriers.
  • what will you do if it releases a 920 variant then, maybe even slimmer and sleeker with all the features intact?
  • Good for whoever is getting one. I had to get 8x because my phone broke. I'm pretty sure there were thousands of Verizon customers who wanted the 920 last year but had to get other devices due to the not available issue. Got one in December, happy with my unit. But I could've been a happier customer :]
  • Jc, I know exactly what you mean. I was one of those customers. Had unlimited data on Verizon but no Lumia 920. Since Verizon pulled a big time bush move in not letting you keep your unlimited data unless you paid full price for a phone (really, Verizon?), I decided to jump ship to att. Sold my unlimited data for 200 on eBay and in the process saved 250 by not paying etf fees. Have not gone over my 3gb allowance. So I'm happy now.
  • This is cool news. I love coke! ;-)
  • Be sure to drink it. Lols! kidding.
  • Word!
  • Ha ha
  • News like this is always great! Hopefully WPD will spread throughout the corporation like a epidemic,, eventually making its way through Europe and the US operations..
  • A small guess, they will use red Lumias? ;-)
  • Haha yer bet they will.
  • Nokia should make custom shells for enterprise sales.
  • Haha thats why they wont choose bb or apple cz there is no red variant..... Joking
  • Hope they don't use EAP-TLS wifi like my university, they'd be SOL 
  • This is potentially HUGE!
  • These sorts of contracts make it even more pressing an issue for Microsoft to ensure that quality applications are being published and that updates are flowing out at an acceptable rate to patch for security, add features, etc. These sorts of deals are beneficial to everyone involved in Windows Phone. Keep it up Microsoft!
  • Yay!!!!! In Cambodia, the iPhone supposedly is the shit. Hope this propagates outwards and shit on the shit.
  • "Hey! That's a lot of shit" :D
  • I would switch our phones to the Nokia phone if it had a Push to Talk feature.  We have 250 couriers that are stuck with a Verizon phone that I would gladly ditch.
  • Good news !
  • Too bad their staff will have access to Exchange... Except their voicemail. :(
  • This is actually a really good thing though. I'm stoked to hear another company taking the plunge.
  • Cool, I was just at  World of Coke last weekend.  They'll definitely be using red ones. :)
  • I think for sale associates, lumia 620 is good enough in most companies. In vn, they're selling it at $250 no contract.
  • Nokia is doing great! Nice!
  • Coca-Cola has been a Blackberry company for years and it's a natural progression for companies like them to move both to Office 365 Enterprise and then, inevitably, to Windows Phone as it is THE phone that naturally integrates with Office 365. With iPhone and Android, you give up both security and features/functionality when it comes to Office 365. (Man that feels nice to say). ;-)