Command Line on Your Phone?

Dave Beers of Pikesoft is apparently working on his own little cross platform command-line interface for mobile devices. To which I say "Yes Please." Basically the idea is that we're doing too much drilling down and menu selecting to do what we want, when most of what we want to do is generally just a simple "Noun, Verb" sort of action. WM's voice command actually goes a long way towards achieving this with audible commands, but I'm imagining something more like the Mac's OS's Quicksilver, but on a phone. So is Beers, apparently:

You: "cj"Device: "Call Jane Doe or Call Jim Beam?"You: "a" (second letter of Jane's name) or "d" (last name initial)Device: "Calling Jane Doe... 719-555-1234"

The entire essay is worth the read, especially if you're skeptical about this. I am not - I want it now.

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WC Staff