Here's a neat compass app for your Windows Phone. Compass VO is a mango app that uses your internal digital compass as well as your Windows Phone camera to guide you around the great outdoors.

The compass display has multiple themes that include:

  • Orienteering
  • Digital
  • Cardinal Rose
  • Metro Graphic
  • Night

In addition to multiple themes you can tap into your Windows Phone camera to take a photo of your map and use it as the background to the compass display. With the multiple themes and camera integration, Compass VO is a nice compass app for your Windows Phone. The only issue I encountered while testing out the app is calibrating your compass.

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When you run Compass VO, you will be prompted to calibrate your Windows Phone compass by holding the phone in front of you and moving it in a Figure-8 pattern. Sometimes calibration kicks in after the first lap while other times your arm just about falls out of socket trying to achieve calibration.

All in all, if you're looking for a compass app for your Windows Phone Compass VO is worth a try. It's a free Mango application and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.