Comscore September '11 Report: Windows Phone still hovering

comScore has released latest data, which shows us how platforms are doing in the US with regards to marketshare percentage. Microsoft has been losing market according to previous charts (opens in new tab) but this is not to be taken lightly. The total number of users is increasing quicker than Windows Phones are being sold (the platform fell by 0.2%), and this September data is still before the month Mango devices began rolling out. 2012 will be when the platform begins to gain ground and keep up with the growth of the iPhone.

Let's wait and see what the next chart will show once Nokia's massive promotion campaign is included.

Source: comScore (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • we'll see if mango and nokia can save wp7. I'm skeptical. I recall back in feb that it seemed everyone around here was saying the combination of nodo and verizon and sprint were going to make wp7 take off in popularity.
  • I don't remember a huge marketing blitz either when NoDo came to Verizon. Weird how that had such little impact on these scores.
  • Also, back a few months ago there was virtually no marketing going on. Nokia and HTC have really ramped it up for the next wave of phones. It should begin to creep up once the old WinMo devices are weeded out.
  • Considering no new Windows Phones are on sale yet, and people aren't quick to buy year old devices I think the static hovering marketshare is a given.Once WP can get a more steady flow of new devices out the better it'll grow, having one big release once a year isn't enough at this point, that only seems to work for Apple who does a new device basically every 6 months.
  • Does this still include Windows Mobile?
  • Nokia isn't selling phones in the US until sometime next year. Since the report is on US Smartphone Subcribers and all of the Nokia advertising is overseas (I would imagine until release here), it will be a while before we see any real effect of "Nokia's massive promotion campaign", won't it?
  • the verizon effect would have only helped with good hardware and a marketing campaign, both of which never came with the cdma releases. i don't expect to see any major growth until holiday times when a majority of gen2 hardware is out and nokia, htc, and samsung are going with their marketing campaigns.that being said, hovering is always better than the nearly 5% decrease RIM is seeing. ;)
  • Pretty ironic that it's not hovering in Europe, it's beginning to sell well during pre-orders. This is because carriers there are promoting WP7; Unlike here in America and to think one of our motto's is, "Equal Opportunity". Who here in America thinks WP7 is being advertised equally by carriers? I'm so tired of hearing about iPhone 4s and Android on fox 26 news every morning, it's unbelievable!
  • I like this site but what is it about the ComScore numbers that the authors cannot seem to grasp. The ComScore numbers include Windows Mobile (which is falling rapidly as evidenced in the NetMarketShare numbers) and Windows Phone which is slowly rising.The following quote is wrong, misleading and amateurish: "The total number of users is increasing quicker than Windows Phones are being sold (the platform fell by 0.2%)".Edit: The NetMartketShare numbers are about web traffic but it is still indicative. Also noteworthy in the NetMarketShare numbers last month is the Windows Phone moved ahead of both Windows Mobile (as expected) and Sasung OS (not expected this soon). The fall of RIM, Symbian and JaveME was substainal last month also--RIM's drop is scary.
  • I am blown away by the fact that WP7 can't outsell Android to women. Android is butt-ugly. It is the most un-user friendly thing I have ever seen, meanwhile WP7 is chic and pretty. In the latest ShopSmart magazine, a Consumer Reports mag geared toward women, they had a bunch of phone recommendations. WP7 was not on the list. Simply unbelievable. I guess Words with Friends is that big of a deal.I am not as optimistic as you guys. I think WP is pretty much dead. It's a great phone and will continue to have a hardcore following, but it will never gain traction in the mainstream. It's too little too late. Sometimes great products just don't win.
  • It's not too late. MS, HTC, and Nokia are behind the platform so it will eventually succeed. Look how long it took Xbox to gain traction. Also look at the Ford Explorer. I remember Cadillac coming to market with an SUV something like 7 years after the Ford Explorer. I remember thinking it was too late for them at the time, but now they are doing just fine.Microsoft always does their best work when they have fierce competition. History also tells us that they usually hit a home run on version 3. So, Mango will get the platform noticed, but expect big things from Apollo this time next year.
  • I can't justify getting or upgrading to any of these new Wp's when MS already mentioned they will support dual core processors, HD screens, and camera upgrade in the near future. My HD7 though old has and does everything for me that these new ones can do. bought the first it came out for tmo and still love it! So will wait till next year for anything new.
  • near future is most likely when windows phone 8 (apollo) comes out, which is not going to be before end of Q3 next year.while it's not that far away in calendar days, it's a long time in tech days. the new hardware isn't a huge leap from gen1 hardware, but it is far more attractive in design than gen1 and should be appealing (with a decent marketing push, as well as sales people who aren't actively trying to persuade customers away from the platform) to new and potentially new users to the platform, since the geneeral consumer doesn't care about specs, they care about how the device looks, feels and how fast it operates.well, that and APPS, the general public would marry apps they love them so much. :P
  • Thought I read Apollo was in March of next year or something?Anyway, until something comes along to tempt me to upgrade from my Dell Venue Pro that I have only had a couple of months then I am staying with it :)
  • tango will be the spring update, apollo will come out around the same time as mango did this year, windows 8 should be out around summer of next year.
  • I stopped by a Tmobile store in San Antonio a few days ago to touch and feel the HTC Radar. The phone was elegantly displayed under a light stand (first time I have seen that in a store). Plus, the store rep mentioned that she just underwent sales training on the WP phones and even had expressed excitement about the Radar. That threw me off in a good way :) So, I think Microsoft's marketing push is paying off already on the vendor-front. Recently, I saw that M$ is providing app gift card money to new customers for $25. That is another excellent idea (should've been done earlier). I think the effectiveness of this two-pronged marketing approach, along with visible commercials and a growing number of useful apps in the marketplace, could equate to a positive shift in market share within the next 2-3 months. Let's take a more critical and balanced look after January or February! :)
  • Just quick thoughts for me to vent on:Without Mango support on Verizon and Sprint, it is simple math that WP doesn't have a prayer of getting much over 10% in the U.S. market. That is what- a total of 160 to 170 million customers that do not have an updated handset? Even 10% would be hard- that means AT&T is selling more WP handsets each month than they did all last year combined. Nokia will help if they hit the shores in 2012. But, there is no time frame for that. Would love more gossip on the supposed CDMA LTE Nokia we hear about and that 900 model that has me drooling...Worldwide market is more important than the U.S. market, just due to Nokia. That could easily hit 10% - 15%.Lastly, the WP8 devices that will hit Q2 or Q3 will be the really appealing ones, especially if they get it to work across all platforms like their PCs and future tablets. I also hope they incorporate more Word and Excel programs to get more businesses interested. That seems like a no brainer to me.Okay, venting done. We now return to your regularly scheduled threads...
  • In case anyone did not notice Microsoft is making the same mistakes it did with the first xbox. they are focusing on the wrong things... What really sells a smartphone nowadays is not the crappy ocasional apps like WildWest and other junk apps. What sells is the real big league games... Take apple for exemple they begun the iphone empire with just one terminal but it came with those hardcore games and they keep bringing them to us they even have GTA 3 now.. And the android they did not look at any expenses and they are not afraid to take risks so they don't fall behind. But the guys on Microsoft keep sleeping in the dinner plate. Stop promoting things that no one cares... Start focusing on the young minds and believe me they are the ones who promote things to their parents... Keep up with the big games and apps otherwise you've got one more year tops and the wp7 will fail.. I'm from Portugal and i can assure you that nobody cares for the wp7 because it has nothing "fun". But what do I know, rigt?