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Connect to devices on your home network with the Nokia Device Hub Beta

The number of "smart" hardware connected to home networks is increasing, with televisions, storage, video game consoles, computers and more all able to communicate with one another and provide a more rich experience. There are those of us who understand how all the technology works and how it can operate, but what about consumers who doesn't have the foggiest idea what's happening? This is where Nokia Device Hub comes into play.

The app, currently in beta, enables you to get the most out of nearby hardware through the discovery of services and by taking full advantage of connectivity and support between hardware, without having to dive in and battle technology jargon. The app is pretty easy to get your head around and the interface is designed so anyone can use the solution, regardless as to how technically sound you may be.

Once the app has been fired up, you can search for hardware connected to the home network (be it via wireless or cable). If your hardware supports the ability to connect to and talk with other devices, they'll appear in the list. Once you've got the device on the list you wish to connect to, simply connect and then you'll be able to view the apps you have installed which can use the target hardware in some way.

If you have no apps on your phone that can do anything with the connected device, swiping to the right will reveal a list of apps you can download from the store that will work with the hardware. A good example would be a remote control app for a TV or services that connect to the Xbox. Really neat. This section of the app can be pinned to the Start screen for more convenient access to control multiple devices.

You can download Nokia Device Hub Beta from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only), but be sure to be a part of the beta program (opens in new tab). Head on over to the Nokia Beta Labs for more details.

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Can't imagine how many devices there must be to make one need this app.
  • Seems more like a discovery tool. If this becomes preinstalled on their phones, users can discover the cool features of their devices if this is triggered immediately after a Tutorial of device features.
    For isntance, right now DLNA is a sorely underused technology as a standard when the majority of new TVs and Set top boxes support it, yet Apple's ability to market AirPlay and Google marketting ChromeCast pushes those to the forefront. Then people think Microsoft's devices don't have this support, when in truth they do.
  • +820. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Couldn't have*
  • Clapping! Well put..
  • Are you really? Lol
  • Well in a study room, so I'm clapping in my head.
  • Reading WPCentral when studying; for shame.
    JK, I'm just having some fun with you. I am also guilty of staying away from studying.
  • I can't seem to do much on my PC other than photobeamer
  • I really hope that Ms runs nokia as a seperate unit.  I feel like they move faster adding features than trying to bake them into the os.
  • I feel the same way.  For a while its seemed that Nokia is the one truely driving WP.  My hope though, is now that MS has acquired several thousand Nokia employees, they will have no choice but to invest a more significant amount of resources into phone.
  • 8====|> (0) :
  • Is what I think is happening in your comment actually happening in your comment?
  • Does that mean we can play games using Xbox controller?
  • Will this support sonos?
  • Yes, but only through "Phonos" (a 3rd party Sonos app). There isn't a Sonos app on WP.
  • Onya Rich downloading now
  • Will all these exclusive apps still be exclusive once MS acquires Nokia's devices business?
  • I have read that no.
  • That makes a lot of sense since Nokia is already dominating.
  • My HP printer has an email address that was created during the setup process. To print, all I have to do is send an email to the printer.
  • Personally, I see this being added when Windows RT and Windows Phone merge using the Devices Charm for access, then it would work across all Windows devices, but that unfortunately wouldn't be until Windows 9.
  • "If you're hardware supports the ability....." If your ;-)
  • Is that AirPlay on the list? I didn't know there was any support on WP for that.
  • An air print variant would be nice.
  • Cannot find my Smart Tv (Samsung...)
  • Where did you leave it?
  • Great idea, but it's only showing my Bluetooth devices, nothing on my home network (Xbox, Windows 8 PC, Windows 7 Pc, satellite set top box).
  • I wish Roku would make a WP app.
  • Someone please help. I downloaded the application, copied it on the SD Card. When I go to Store-->SD Card  it looks for interned and cannot find the nokia-device-hub-beta.xap file!!!!! From my windows 8.1 PC the phone is connected with cable and can see, read and write the SD Card on my Lumia 1320. Is it to be located in a particular folder? I am going crazy with this.... Regards