Contra: Rogue Corps goes up for preorder (update)

What you need to know

  • Contra: Rogue Corps is an upcoming top-down shooter from Konami.
  • It's the next installment in the fabled Contra franchise.
  • The game launches in September and runs at 4K resolution on Xbox One X.
  • You can preorder it for $45 through the Microsoft Store.

Updated October 4, 2019: We've been playing Contra: Rogue Ops for many days now, and we've waited for patches. Unlike what Konami says on the Microsoft Store page, the title doesn't appear to be running at 4K resolution.

Everyone knows that Contra is a legendary shoot 'em franchise from Konami. While the company may be more interested in pachinko machines at the moment, it hasn't stopped it from working on the next step for the franchise. Instead of the regular 2D levels, Contra: Rogue Corps is a top-down 3D shooter. While that may not sound that appealing, early previews say that it's a lot of fun.

If you want to play Contra: Rogue Corps, be sure to preorder it through the Microsoft Store. A listing by the name of Contra Rogue Corps with Season Pass is going for $45 at the moment. Luckily, the wait won't be too long to play it because the game launches on September 24.

Contra: Rogue Corps will be somewhat of a treat for Xbox One X owners. The game runs at 4K resolution on the system and even features high dynamic range lighting. Konami is going all-out for this game it seems. It even features player vs. player and player vs. enemy multiplayer modes!

Several years after the events of the Alien Wars, Contra: Rogue Corps follows a former military group living on the fringes as bounty hunters and treasure finders in the Damned City. Survival requires fast reactions, powerful weapons, and the occasional cybernetic augmentation.

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