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The Xbox One is still a pretty new console, and so gamers don't have much in the way of controller choices. If you missed out on the Titanfall Limited Edition controller, you're pretty much stuck with the default black controller until the camouflage design comes along in the fall. How boring is that? Just think of everybody getting their controllers mixed up during Rayman Legends sessions.

Luckily, controller modification specialists Controller Modz are on the scene. The UK-based retailer offers a wide variety of customized controllers for the Xbox One and other consoles. These controllers aren't third-party knocks offs; they're official Microsoft controllers that have been professionally recolored with the customer's choice of design.

In celebration of Controller Modz's latest design (themed after UK gaming site Invision Gaming Community), users can even get ten percent off of their order. And yes, they ship internationally.

Controller Modz Xbox One controllers Invision One

Invision Controller

The Controller Modz "Invision One" Controller for Xbox One comes in a fetching lime green color with chrome finish, evoking the look of the Invision site. Green has always been an Xbox color as well, come to think of it. The controller's green color comes from professional airbrushing and a glossy finish. On the left side of the controller you'll find the Invision Game Community logo and a cute drawing of its mascot.

The sticks and most of the buttons on the Invision One come in different colors than you'd find on a stock Xbox One controller. The analog sticks are white, while the face buttons are black and unlabeled. That would be a disadvantage for someone who doesn't know the button layout very well, but I doubt anyone so noobish has much of an interest in controller mods. As for View and Menu (Back and Start), those are the default black with white labels.

All told, the Invision One offers a very cool alternative look for the standard Xbox One controller.

Controller Modz Xbox One controllers Invision One

Choosing your controller

The Invision One is one of 19 predesigned Xbox One controllers that Controller Modz offers. You can check out its product page here, or see the full list of designs here.

If none of those designs feel quite right, Controller Modz also allows customers to mix and match components in order to design their own totally unique controllers. You can even add your own logos, text, and LEDs!

Custom controllers don't exactly come cheap. These things start out as retail Xbox One controllers before going through the professional modification process. UK-based customers can opt to provide their own controllers in order to cut down on the price.

Assuming you don't send in a controller, the Invision One rings up at £79.99. UK customers get free shipping, while shipping to the US costs £8.00. Controller Modz currently offers a ten percent discount on the Invision One if you enter "invision" during checkout. That brings the total to £80.98 for US customers, which equals $136.93.

Having done a little arcade stick modification during my college years, I know how much work can go into changing a controller's appearance and/or adding features like LED lights. The Controller Modz modified controllers aren't cheap, but they look beautiful and seem like very high quality controller mods. I'll try to get my hands on one so we can bring you a full review soon.

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