Cooler Master GS750 headset stand review: The definition of bang for your buck

Headsets are essential accessories for any PC gamer, and it's great to have a dedicated place to set them when you're finished playing so that you don't risk them getting scratched or knocked off of your desk. Headset stands fulfill this purpose perfectly, and over time, hardware designers have figured out how to build other functionalities into them, too, such as adding USB ports. Cooler Master's GS750 headset stand offers this and much more, and when you consider its excellent build quality and the fact that it comes at a reasonable price, it's easy to see why this headset stand is a cut above the rest of the competition.

What you'll love about the Cooler Master GS750 headset stand

The GS750's Qi wireless charging in action.

The GS750's Qi wireless charging in action.
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MaterialsAluminum, hard plastic, rubber
CablesOne DC (power), one USB-A to USB Micro-B (computer)
PortsTwo USB 3.0
Other featuresQi wireless charging, RGB lighting, cable management rungs

The thing that makes the Cooler Master GS750 stand out is the fact that it's capable of charging compatible mobile devices wirelessly with Qi charging. All you have to do is make sure the stand is plugged into an outlet and then place your phone on the base, and it will begin to charge, even through the thickest phone cases available. The rate that it charges is fast, too, and it juiced up my iPhone 8 from 6 percent to full battery in about an hour and a half. This is useful if you like to charge your phone while playing games on your PC, as it will save you from having to use one of your rig's USB slots for power.

The Cooler Master GS750 Headset Stand does it all and does it well.

Everything else about the headset stand is incredible. It comes with two USB ports (one on each side) for use with peripheral accessories, and when connected to your PC, you can use Cooler Master's software to customize the stand's RGB lights, which are located on the base. Also, if you plug your headset into the stand while it's connected to your PC, it will transform your computer's standard audio into rich, immersive 7.1 surround sound and then feed it through to your headset. This works flawlessly, and if your headset isn't capable of 7.1 surround sound on its own, this is a great way to improve the quality of your sound. Lastly, the stand's physical design is perfect. It has two rungs on the back for wrapping cables around, which are great for keeping your desk organized. In terms of materials, it uses hard plastic and a pad of rubber for the base and strong, sturdy aluminum for the arm that holds headsets. Even the most massive headset out there won't topple this stand, and it will take a lot of punishment before any part of it breaks.

What you'll love less about the Cooler Master GS750 headset stand

The Cooler Master GS750 Headset Stand itself is perfect, but one small issue I have with the full package is that the connection cables are a little disappointing. Both the power cable and the one you use to connect to a PC are four feet, and while this may work for some people, it's not going to be enough for folks who have huge desks and a large number of accessories for their rig. Extension cables are plentiful and cheap to get, so this isn't really that big of an issue, but it's something worth noting.

So should you buy the Cooler Master GS750 headset stand?

While the Cooler Master GS750 headset stand is one of, the more expensive gaming headset stands on the market, it's an excellent deal when you consider just how much value is packed into it. Qi wireless charging is incredibly useful, and between the phenomenal build quality, two extra USB ports, and the ability to channel 7.1 surround sound, this stand is the cream of the crop.

The cables being a little short is disappointing, but it's hardly anything that takes away from the quality of the GS750. If you're looking for a fantastic headset stand and don't mind paying a little extra for perfection, this accessory is a must-have.

Brendan Lowry

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