Cortana for Android now lets Windows 10 testers manage notifications on a PC

Microsoft has released an update to Cortana for Android, which enables the support of notification synchronisation between Google's mobile OS and Windows 10. As noted by WinBeta, should you be rocking Cortana on Android, the app will now allow you to have notifications synchronised to both the smartphone and a Windows 10 PC or tablet with the ability to interact with them on both platforms.

It's a pretty neat update for those who enjoy using devices and software from multiple ecosystems but feel they're penalised for not going all out with a single platform. Tom Warren over at The Verge expects to see this functionality released to the public come summer as part of the upcoming Anniversary Update.

Should you happen to own an Android handset and be a Windows 10 tester, be sure to grab the update to the Cortana for Android app (opens in new tab) from the Play Store. Let us know in the comments if you've been notifying yourself on your PC and Android phone.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Why is Cortana for Android still ONLY available in the US...
  • Because MS thinks the rest of the wold doesn't exist outside the US?
  • Haha :P
  • They know that outside the US there is this thing called "India" Nadella keeps talking about, and not much more.
  • Yeah.. anyone know how to download it from Europe? Im fine with using it in english
  • Just download the APK from a trustworthy APK download site and sideload it. I use APKmirror for that.
  • Thanks man got it now Weird that I couldnt download it from Play when my phone is set to the US, while I could download US apps to my Lumia when it was set to thee US..
  • There is more languages on earth than Microsoft staff allocated to Cortana. That is why
  • It will be expanding later as MS learns that the World is round!
  • But... in Android you can't change the Region and get Cortana like we can do in WP/WM?
  • No, at least not as easily, but you can sideload apps. I know you can do that on Windows as well, but it's much easier to find app packages to sideload in the first place on Android.
  • Because MS is teaching Cortana slowly and carefully. They have found all sorts of interesting things as they teach her new languages. There's just one Cortana AI and they don't want to have to reset her.
  • How does that explain that in many countries, Cortana is available on Windows but not on Android?
  • THIS, to do any less would be horribly irresponsible... Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Cool, thanks for the explanation :)
  • If you understood how it works then you would know...its about localization, this is important to them for some reason, but not you I guess. =\ Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Cortana is still not available in other regions for android why only in us
  • Microsoft don't understand the difference between location and culture.  They can't seem to imagine a US born person living in another country.  You're in Germany? You MUST need a German language assistant with German only news.  Pathetic.
  • The Verge is known as supreme authority on technology. I really love laughing and my doctor says it's good for my health
  • Oh, you mean iVerge galaxy? it's a good site.
  • Hopefully by the time the Anniversary Update arrives Cortana for Android will finally become available outside the US and China.
  • I know now that Android could be Microsoft's Biggest Test community for smartphones!
  • Just tried it. Works well. Good for ​Microsoft for adding this. This is another '+' for Microsoft in my book. Long live Android ^^
  • So when I get a message in messenger I will get 2, one from my windows phone and the other from my messenger app in the android phone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • you can change what notifications you get ;) (& I think they will filter dubble notifications)
  • Of course Windows 10 Mobile doesn't get it first.
  • Pretty sure what they're describing has been on WM10 RS1 for a bit now.
  • Nokia Android is tempting. All the apps of the world including the ones of MS. No brainer to leave Dead OS 10.
  • Then why not leave?
  • Good question. I can't think of any reason to stay with burning platform. Trying hang on with my L1520 & WP8.1 until Nokia's start shipping.
  • Funny, I cant think of a reason for you to stay either... you should TOTALLY leave.. that would be so awesome, people would be SO excited that YOU, vhyr ACTUALLY moved to Android... If I were you (and for the record im happy im not) I would RUN not WALK to the closest store and buy a <insert one of 100 Android phones here>
  • I see it's hard when you are on the losing side of the war huh while the others are shouting to burn even harder :p
  • And why would you turn to android? I'd be going to iOS way before I'll ever touch another android again
  • Cortana on Android??,,,didn't know about that......
  • I didn't know about Cortana being available on Android......
  • And yet it won't sync with wp8.1. Yeap, we are all beta testers for the real Microsoft's customers: Android and IOS users.
  • Sad...but true!
  • I support Microsoft taking products cross platform. It especially makes sense with Cortana. One thing I really can't defend is the lack of sync with Windows Phone 8.1 - That has been a big disappointment ever since Cortana was available on Insider Previews
  • I like Cortana is crossing platforms.
  • I knew that Cortana on Android would (in at least some ways) move ahead of Cortana on W10M. Being an app on Android gives it a distinct advantage when it comes to rapid updates. However, it obviously has it's downsides and there's things that mean the experience overall is better on Windows 10 Mobile. Surprised there's not been more comments here proclaiming that the Sky is falling, as I don't think this is possible on W10M right now (I'm on latest Insider for both). I use the Android Emulator in Visual Studio for development (and Prime Now orders lol) so may see if there's a version of the Emulator that can support the Cortana APK and give it a go to see how well this works. From what I've read notifications from MS Apps are routed through Cortana to enable this or something like that.
  • Your assertions that "it is better" is your opinion, I can do the same w/ Windows to windows...just doesn't have to do it the same, only one of them. I don't feel as if everyone truly has the full understanding of this. Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • That phone looks beautiful
  • Sniff, Sniff, - you smell that? Smells like Microsoft isn't giving any fu*ks about windows phone :(
  • You are correct, they don't. Windows Phone is being left to die. Windows 10 Mobile, on the other hand, seems to be coming along nicely. Posted via my MotoE2
  • You kidding? They haven't even released a new mobile build since yesterday! They clearly care nothing about mobile.
  • It is increasingly looking like Microsoft will kill Windows phone at one point.
  • sorry but how the hell did you come up with that conslusion... based on that logic, "It is increasingly looking like Microsoft will kill Windows desktop at one point" because, you know... they have Office on OSX... serious...
  • That would undermine the whole idea of W10 being universal across form factors. They're just trying to give the best W10 experience to the majority of customers - many W10 users will use Android on their phone. Cortana on W10 Mobile will still get some a higher degree of integration. These features are known to be coming to phone, and they're most likely going to be more complex and integrated.
  • What undermines Windows on everything is the complete lack of sales in mobile. Why spend time on a platform that no one is buying? Those resources could be better spent. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think they should also consider expanding cortana to other countries 
  • Ummm Cortana on Android sucks. You can't dictate messages by voice. You can't set reminders. You can't set it as your default messenger response app or have it read or ignore incoming messages according based on your voice response. It's horrible. At this point it's just a stripped down version that should not even use the Cortana name. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Running Cortana on my Moto E (lollipop), and I can dictate messages and set reminders just fine. Posted via my MotoE2
  • You're goig to have to explain to everyone else how you are doing that because cortana on Android (gs7edge) is useless if you've ever used the real version on Windows phone. Yes you can set reminders but it intermittently actually reminds you. Notifications are random at best and there is 0 voice interaction. And the hands free implementation in the car over Bluetooth is a disgrace (but that goes for Google now as well). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am not able to see cortana in Indain region play store... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just found this was happening between my LG G2 and my Windows 10 PC. Amazed and confused. This happened as a result of loading Cortana on my Android phone recently. I didn't know this was a side effect. Ha Ha.    
  • What I found was a message on my PC in my Windows 10 Start notification area was a Cortana section with my description of the phone call I received last night. It allowed me to type a text and then sent it to my phone which then sent it to the caller.
    Wonderful new integration!