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Cortana is being prepared for a Korean release

Microsoft's EVP of Artificial Intelligence and Research has reaffirmed that the company's digital personal assistant, Cortana, will soon be arriving in Korea.

Initially revealed at the Microsoft's Computing in the 21st Century Conference held in Seoul last week, the company outlined Korea, Japan, and China as its primary markets in Asia. Speaking at the conference, Peter Lee, corporate vice president at Microsoft Research, referred to Cortana's Korean debut as 'imminent', although no firm date was provided.

Harry Shum, EVP of AI and Research has since reaffirmed the release via Twitter.

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Cortana is currently available in thirteen different regions, spanning eight different languages. Available in both China and Japan - a Korean release is a natural step in the assistant's rollout over the region. If previous releases are of any indication, we can expect a release in the coming weeks.

Are you looking forward to Cortana's Korean rollout? Let us know in the comments!

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • I guess it will be not the full blown version like it is in the us?
  • Well there's not really a full blown version anywhere aside from the US. Most countries have odd parts removed from it.
  • Yeah, there's a lot of features in the US release not available anywhere else. It doesn't seem like they ever will, either. But adding big languages is still a good step forward.
  • Yeah! I'm Korean! Thank you!
    Sort of... Microsoft in the past said that they will release winphone in Korea and about several months they left the korea's market. I am worried whether they will do well this time... Cheers.
  • The worst part is that Kakaotalk's support is to be pulled from Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile soon, while everyone in Korea is using this app :( To make matters worse, they don't even provide the UWP version of the app. The current desktop app is very difficult to use with touch in my Surface.
  • It's indeed sad that KakaoTalk pulled their app, which basically translates like this W10M platform in Korea is at risk totally. Unfortunately there is nothing we can really do about it. Microsoft with their "retrentrech strategy" is super risky, more so than Windows 8 "bet" (which at least paid off that Windows on tablets is pretty much alive and recognizable). They jeopardize with this move toning down too much that it cause domino effect as if the platform is "dead" to the masses. This makes whatever their "next big thing" on mobile is becoming more and more difficult to come back. Surface brand and innovation can only do so much when the platform it supposed to represent is tainted and starting again virtually "zero". They are focusing way too much chasing to whatever the next innovation is, something that people may not necessarily needs anyways. For us who invested to this platform even these dire era, what does it means for us when the company itself feels like they are only okay with this situation, only giving an okay try and not much passion about it. This is why I'm excited and looking forward on 2017 if they will finally give something worthy on the table and finally giving a da*n. The more they leave a gap, the more people leaving this platform and the developers barely even care. Posted from alternate universe
  • I also think that their so-called "retrenchment strategy" hurts this ever-shrinking platform. I wouldn't bet too much in the prospect of Windows 10 Mobile in 2017.
    A little recap: In 2014, people said that Windows Phone 8.1 would save the day, and it didn't. The launch of Lumia 930 with its lack of key features (glance etc.) didn't really help. In 2015, people said that Windows 10 Mobile would save the day, and it didn't. The launch of Lumia 950/XL with their less-than-inspiring design also didn't help. And now, in 2016, they promised that Redstone 2 and 3 were to be focused in Mobile (an excuse because AU focused heavily in Desktop), however besides the improvements in Continuum, I don't really see any new exciting features for Windows 10 Mobile in Creators Update. Again, they will focus in Desktop.
    While Microsoft will undoubtedly try to convince you that Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are indeed one platform, they might be true, but it is not the entire truth. We know that Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are both built on OneCore, which enable them to run UWP, but that's as far as the "one platform"-ness. Everything else to the front-end is different. Heck, even the Start Screen, the face of Windows 10 Mobile, is different from the one in the Desktop version. (although they tried to make it more similar, but still)
    Sure, Myerson said that it would be "very, very difficult" for them to restart the development of Windows with cellular connectivity and ARM, and that they will keep developing Windows 10 Mobile, but what does it really mean for existing users? Does it mean that the platform will be in zombie state; the platform will not be totally dead, but it will not be actively developed with new features, either?
    Ultimately, when the time comes and they release the Surface Phone, or whatever it would be called, wouldn't people get turned away by hearing "Windows 10 Mobile"? Just like they did when they heard "Windows RT tablets"? And that's why I wouldn't bet of Windows 10 Mobile in 2017.
  • awesome news. we need more regions
  • Very cool! Not in Korea or Korean, but I do think Cortana needs to do a better job with expanding into more markets.
  • So... Finland will happen.. When?
  • And Estonia, at least in English... It works well here if you set region as US, but then store stops working and its sad. If it already works OK here, why not make it official? Plus (it will not happen, but for the sake of argument) if it will be in Estonian - I still need to use it in English, as I don't speak Estonian... There shuld be an option to choose in which language you want it...
  • I agree. There should be an option to use Cortana in English regardless of your region.
  • And you can! But it's only possible if you have installed the Anniversary Update, just search for Cortana's language from Cortana's settings.
  • Without changing your region?  So, in other words, no matter where you live in the world you can use Cortana?
  • Yes, this was one of the bigger changes to Cortana when they released anniversary update a few months back.
  • You are wrong.
  • No
  • Yes you can. Just click search icon > setting icon > Cortana language > English (US)
  • I have Anniversary Update, but there's nothing in the Search/Cortana settings except for 2 switchen about remembering your serach history. No ability to change the language at all. It's as if Cortana is not there, so there are no Cortana settings either.
  • Just set language to a supported one and you'll be able to download the supported speech packs and she will appear. :)
  • Some Insiders can. But not production build.
  • Anniversary update is the update that enabled this, and has rolled out to production.
  • Problem is that you can't access cortana's settings in unsupported regions. Lol. It is not showing at all in the app list.
  • Yes you can. Just click search icon > setting icon > Cortana language > English (US) I'm not on insider build or preview build and not in the US but you need AU.
  • You are wrong
  • submit in the feedback hub, post the link and folks can upvote this
  • Cortana's Latin American spanish version sounds like being constipated. And Cortana's Spanish version, sounds like a soul less person. Don't know why they make them sound like frigid rocks. I use my Lumia, or even Windows in english so everything looks warmer. 
  • Even Indian english seems funny hearing from cortana. Hope they optimize it.
  • They are localizing for India. I see everytime it says about Indian festivals, Indian Dances when you interact with. Also, Jokes are Indian regional jokes.
  • So, one new language a year. Guess I'll be seeing Cortana in Danish sometime around 2045... Just in time for retirement!
  • You... Don't know how much work is required to add a localized AI, right?
  • What a bs. Google can support the whole world with any service in a matter of months/few years. Microsoft needs 10 years.
  • Exactly! Fanboys cant see MS incompetence. Google assistant beats cortana
  • First off, no... Second off... Google has your data, they steal everything about you which makes it really easy to do these things. And last, googles assistant has been out for about six years, Cortana has been out for just about one... And they are almost equal. The fact that Google doesn't have a better product even when they have stolen all that data about users is appalling.
  • The privacy thing has nothing to do with language and region support. Google simply cares much more about regions outside the US. You never see them release products or services that are US only. Oh and your argument that MS is late to the game says it all. Lol
  • It has everything to do with region support... If you collect and store and profile everybody in the world,its easier to roll out. Like I said... Google should be miles ahead, and they're not even im the race.
  • WAKE UP. MS also collects.
  • Their usage collection is opt-in, googles is obligatory. Microsoft doesn't sell their data, Google only makes money on selling data.
  • Right, that's why their services are most often supported in only 10-20 countries.
  • I bet Google Now/Assistant cannot say in localised English/native language and i'm pretty sure it can't say properly word that does not has English equivalent. Cortana (US English) obviously cannot. She still can't say my name properly let alone saying something that don't have English equivalent wording.
  • Cortana can do nothing outside US even if supported.
  • Sure it can.
  • Quiet hours hahahaha. And you need Cortana for that. What a bs!!!!!
  • We want cortana in hindi also
  • Yes please.
  • When in Dutch??!!
  • Nooit!!!  Rare jongens die Nederlanders.
  • Wanneer in't vloms?? ;-)
  • Ik weet niet wat vloms is maar het klinkt wel leuk.
  • So I suppose she'll sing me a K-Pop song when I ask her to sing something :P
  • But when you ask K-Pop in India it will sing something from Indian region.. Funny localization..!
  • I'll change my region to Korea. Simple! ;)
  • demand more region
  • Cortana is coming in Korean and the most popular messenger in Korea is cutting their support on Windows 10 Mobile. What a coincidence! Huh?
  • True, it is so sad to see Kakaotalk's to-be-pulled support from Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile
  • Typical MS! Cortana, Cortana and Cortana!
    Who needs Cortana!? It's funny the first 40 times you use it, and then you get tired of it... It's like Siri... Totally pointless!
    MS should concentrate on working to close the appgate...
  • They can do nothing about the app problem.
  • Asking questions to the assistant is only a part of the whole Cortana experience. Pretty sure the goal is for Cortana to actually anticipate and pro-actively do things for you. And the 'appgate' (we call that thing the 'app gap' you know but sure) fix isn't (fully) up to Microsoft. You are better off complaining to the developers that actually quit the platform because of <random reasons to justify them never updating a app ever>.
  • Random reasons? Like MS announcing every other week that they missed mobile n wont compete anymore
  • So? Even far before that a lot of devs (mostly the big companies) never updated their apps ... what was the <random excuse #5> at that point in time? Just dumping their usually half baked app on the platform hoping it sticks. These apps have like half of the features the iOS/Android version gets and are twice as buggy ... and then they wonder why their app has low usage (relative to the platform size). /rant   
  • Is it just me that feels like Cortana has stalled? For something MS was heavy on introducing, feels like its been ages since they've added anything real and useful to it.
  • Basically all the people who were translating software and supporting other languages was fired in the same time Cortana was introduced, they now use google translate to localize apps. It was never backed with a real team to spread across the world.
  • It's not even global spread, its the usefulness of Cortana in her existing regions. There's been nothing new to improve her really.
  • Can't wait for cortana to be available in New Zealand
  • When in Finland?????????
  • That was not confirmed after all. Not coming.
  • Anneyonghaseyo Courtanayo! ^_^