Cortana can now help you find the best prices while shopping in Edge

Microsoft is starting to roll out a pilot feature to Cortana that could save you some change while shopping in Edge. Currently rolling out to everyone on the Windows 10 Creators Update, the feature lets Cortana help you find cheaper prices on items you're shopping for by automatically comparing retailers across the web.

Cortana can now help you find the best prices while shopping in Edge

The way the feature works is fairly simple. While you're shopping online, a Cortana display notification may pop up in the address bar alerting you that it has found other retailers with cheaper prices for the item you're looking at. Click on the Cortana icon, and the right pane will open up to show you the various options.

This is similar to another online shopping feature available in Edge, whereby Cortana will offer up discount coupons for certain items on a given site. It's not hard to imagine that most will find the new comparison shopping feature a little handier, however.

Currently, this is only making its way to users in the U.S. Further, the feature only works with a total of 14 retailers at this time, but some big names like Amazon, eBay, and Home Depot are on board.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Noticed this while surfing Amazon yesterday and am not in the US
  • Great for people in the USA, I'm happy for you.. It does seem strange that such a massive corporation so often releases things only for the USA.. It makes Microsoft appear so provincial compared to many of the other tech companies.. Strange..
  • I totally agree with you Microsoft need sort this out, we are also Microsoft users as well
  • And thats y google beats MS in consumer space
  • They are definitely much quicker at getting things rolled out to other regions than MS
  • It's especially bad that regions such as the UK (where the language is so similar) takes so long to get new features. There should be minimal manual localisation needed for new Cortana features at this point - I like how the article says it's rolling out to everyone on CU, then at the end says it's US only.
  • Cortana will not help me find anything, even if i was using edge as i killed it outright, Cortana do not even run in the background.  
  • ok.
  • /hands you a cookie and pats your head There there now... go back to your happy place...
  • This is a neat feature.  Maybe it can help me save up to upgrade my SP4 to the new SP.  Need that extra battery life!
  • They might want to make a add-on for FF and Chrome also. Not everyone likes Edge.
  • You have to like Edge, you are not allowed to like any other browser, you have to use edge, otherwise people on here will cry. 
    I can not believe you got voted down for that, oh yes I can. some people are so sad.  
  • They've got the shopping assistant elsewhere, but I could definitely see a Cortana extension coming to other browsers at some point. It could even put Cortana reminders etc. into Chrome OS that way
  • Looks to me like spam. But, it's for the US .... so ....
  • I just tryed it. Typed in firstick in Amazon, and TIL that Target also carry them. I have been going to Bestbuy to get them, while I could've just have been going to a much closer Target store.
  • Cortana has some cool new tricks indeed, but it's been what? Three years we haven't seen a new region that supports her? Microsoft should take care of this too. I know we are on a race against google.
  • Not many new regions, but also few features make it outside of the US. The UK did just get Wunderlist integration, just so happens it became available to us the week the To-Do preview went public and they officially announced WL will be replaced eventually lol
  • As long as they are not capable to treat the rest of the world the same they will keep losing.
  • American Cortana gets all the cool stuff
  • Include price tracking and you've got yourself a killer feature.