Cortana will eventually be able to communicate with Universal Windows 10 apps on Xbox One

Cortana on Xbox
Cortana on Xbox

Beyond being restricted to the US and the UK, Cortana is missing quite a few of her signature features from Windows 10 PCs and phones. While she does have an exhaustive list of capabilities, she can't set reminders, yet, and she can't interact with other apps on the console. Thankfully, it looks as though that's set to change in the future.

In a conversation with Xbox's Cortana lead Zach Johnson, he confirmed that Microsoft's virtual assistant will eventually be able to hook into apps on Xbox One.

On Windows 10 PCs, you can use Cortana to call taxi cabs in Uber and send tweets in Tweetium, and soon that functionality could extend to UWP apps on your console.

I've mentioned in previous articles about how much potential Cortana has on the Xbox One when it comes to applications and services. Imagine an Insteon hub on your Xbox One, complete with a UWP app with Cortana integration. Cortana can already turn on your Xbox and your TV, but with UWP, soon she might be able to control your thermostat, connected lighting and who knows what else. The future of Xbox could be very interesting indeed.

See our list of Xbox One Cortana commands in the link below, and let us know in the comments what Cortana features you would like to see hit Xbox One!

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