Cortana's available in more places in latest Windows 10 preview for phones

Cortana was pretty restricted by location in the first Windows 10 preview for phones but with the latest build it looks like she's opened back up to more people. We're seeing it on our devices in the UK, though at the time of writing there's no apparent official word from Microsoft on exactly where.

Cortana has had a visual makeover as with many other parts of Windows 10 when compared to what we're familiar with. And although there have been teething problems getting this latest build onto devices, we're opening it up to you, the Windows Central readers.

Until we see something official, hit us up in the comments below and tell us where you are if you're seeing Cortana when you've got the preview installed!

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  • Clippy, in your face. Next build please.
  • Good
  • Brazil?
  • That's what I'm asking you!
  • Finland & Finnish!
    The Lumia phones are designed in Finland!
  • Canada?
  • That is what Richard is asking u!
  • Me too? Will install late tonight.
  • Installed she isn't working in Canada for me after the update.
  • :( damnnn what gives!!! Thanks for posting with an answer sir much obliged
  • Same thing I thought. but I do remember this is a Pre-Release. Not the final.
  • also quiet hours is missing in action in canada probly part of cortana??
  • Yes quiet hours is part of Cortana. I understand its a tech preview, but we have Cortana already so I dont understand why the TP doesn't have it. Oh well. Next build
  • odd didn't they remove quiet hours from cortana in a previous build possibly update 1? I am unsure of this now.
  • Cortana in brazil ? Still server error for me :(
  • Read the whole article!
  • Clearly this is asking other brazil people.. Already said they can't install because of the server error
  • Argentina please!
  • Argentina pls?
    thats LATAM  really :)
  • Read the whole article from top to bottom!
  • Argentina has Messi
  • What's up with the border around search field and microphone button? Uglyyyy
  • Agreed. I don't like the UI changes to Cortana on W10. It should be 8.1 or Halo look only.
  • Please tell me you can choose a black theme rather than this awful white one?!
  • That's probably just his theme choice..
  • I didn't do a thing to it. Just opened it. Nothing changed from previous build. Everything in Windows 10 is seemingly moving away from black. Look at the rest of the apps.
  • True. But in the latest windows 10 for desktops build, there's now a black theme available. So they're just implementing dark theme later... Kinda like how they did with office. You can look at Microsoft's other products to predict what they plan to do with phone. Goes along with their one is to rule them all strategy
  • It's gone completely❓❓
  • Moving towards grey❓❓❓
  • I believe MS is still working on dark theme. *crossed fingers*
  • Dude, that sounds racist against Cortana.
  • SMH
  • I second SMH, lol
  • What race is Cortana anyways❓
  • Chinese ? Perhaps Indians even Pakistanis, definitely not American, hahaha....
  • That's a bunch of races, and nationalities, mixed together... Lol.
  • Shut up, Cortana is from Jupiter, LOL
  • Cortana is the cloned perfect human female.
  • Server error still persists here
  • Server error.. Server error... I think I should sleep now. Its 0200 here. will tell if cortana is here tomorrow
  • Lol.... Sucks, but now that I know you can't open office documents, and there's no solid ETA when we'll be able to, I might have to skip this update.... Sadly
  • I've changed my phone region and I use Cortana in Greece. If Cortana was available for Greek region as well I would be 100% satisfied from my Windows phone.
  • What I really want is for the Start Screen to operate in Landscape mode...
    Also, the Task Switcher, and generally in more places throughout the OS..
  • This!!!
  • I don't see a point of having landscape start screen, can you me explain me? What's wrong with current start screen? I have to admit, I love that feature on tablets but on phones... really?
  • In the car, landscape is very usual. End of.
  • Exactly... Exactly... Exactly....
  • Nothing is wrong with the current screen at all... There's just times where either mode is appropriate...
    If you leave an app in landscape mode you shouldn't have to switch back to portrait when going back to the start screen... You may not notice, but we spend a lot of time flipping our phones around.... If someone from the 90's saw us they would wonder why we do this❓ Why can't most things be in the same position❓... But, especially like dude above said.... When you're in a position like the car Landscape is necessary depending on your vehicle.... It's all about ease of use...
    We aren't asking for a change, rather a addition..
  • According to the blog post about the current build, landscape mode for the task switcher is supported, and the limit to the number of apps is up to 15 (likely RAM dependant). I'll confirm in about 5 mins, by which time the update will be done on my device.
  • Lol... My device won't let me update.. My battery is at 29%.... Says it will update when i get mo juice.... Guess the Denim update added that...
    Dumb it won't update plugged in.
  • But sadly you can hard reset even if your battery is around 20%.. Got my phone stuck in an infinite loop of nokia logo and start up black screen the other day... Had to connect it to my PC to charge it as it wasn't charging using the charger while resetting ...
  • Different stroke for different people. Some might prefer to use their phablets in landscape mode.
  • Mexico, come on!!
  • tienes cortana dispinible en mexico? :O
  • Creo que más bien está pidiendo que ya lancen una versión para México.
  • It's 22:29 here in NL hopefully it's ready before I sleep
  • Op mijn 920 instaleerd hij nu. Yeaaaah
  • I've had spinning cogs for 30mins with barely a hint showing on the progress bar. #NL1020
  • Whoa, as soon I posted that the progress bar jumped to 50%    getting closer
  • No love for Armenia , and bing maps isn't available yet. Heh
  • Got that chick open
  • When in Somali? We are really excited here about it.
  • Wen in India?
  • Run away from here please.
  • Not available in India.
  • Taken 4hours to install
  • Ok, quiz question: You have 50 readers of the article, How many actually read the article title AND the whole article before commenting here? I mean, seriously people, read the F-ing article before post any comment which is already answered in the article. LOL
  • get use to it.
  • I'm trying :)
  • Hier ook yes!
  • Canada finally? Still installing right now lol
  • no luck on mine in canada... You?
  • Is it only previous cortana beta regions, or alpha regions too? Anyone installed in Australia yet?
  • E o Brasil como sempre de fora,Microsoft esta de brincadeira só pode
  • Todos são de zoa com o br.
  • Inclusive os próprios brasileiros.
  • Microsoft dont support Latin America. We are always the last in this kind of services.
  • When in India
  • Cortana is not working on NL735 after updating to build 10051!
  • I'm in Chicago and don't see Cortana at all and the search button at the bottom doesn't work?
  • Not in INDIA yet!!!Happy to hear it's in UK 'cuz den comes Australia,India and Canada
  • Still hate that i have to switch to usa to get full cortana in canada. Works perfect once that done for everything in my city so no reason i should have to do that.
  • no cortana available here in IRAN
  • Netherlands?
  • No love for México...
  • Not available in Australia.  Changed settings to US, as when Cortana first became available, and she fired up.  Might switch to UK settings to get proper spelling if that supports Cortana.
  • Cortana for Indonesia please...:(
  • Have you asked Cortana ? You would think that Microsoft would know which regions Cortana was released in.  But Windows 10 team seems pretty haphazrd these days.
  • I agree!!!
  • How do you base your decision to make Cortana available in countries or regions? Do you base it on population, purchase power, legal limitations o language? Cortana is great and I would like it to be available in Mexico in both, English and Spanish since those are the two most spoken languages here! Thank you