The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has (maybe) been outed for Xbox One

From random Crash Bandicoot Xbox store listings, ambiguous messaging, and the refusal to deny the rumors have at least left the door open for Naughty Dog's classic platforming series to eventually hit Xbox One. Today, we may have (very maybe) got confirmation.

Until Activision itself offers an official announcement, take this with a grain of salt (or a huge pile of salt if you're a PlayStation fanboy), but one of the game's interface artists recently showed off the game's menus with Xbox controller button prompts, rather than PlayStation ones. Oops.

Update July 30th, 2017: The video showing the button prompts has been taken down, but we got some screen caps beforehand, see below.

You could argue that the button prompts are placeholders or for use by developers building the game on PC, but I doubt they would bother adding support and artwork for Xbox controllers if there was no plan to support the platform eventually. Crash Bandicoot has done extremely well on PlayStation thus far, and Sony by no means owns the franchise, despite the association. Crash, of course, was a PlayStation 1 launch title

Crash Bandicoot hitting Xbox One is effectively free money for Activision, in an age where porting between consoles is far easier than it used to be. Xbox didn't even exist in the PlayStation 1 era, and many gamers of a certain age have fond (and frustrating) memories of Crash Bandicoot and the game's punishingly hard platforming world. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug, and indeed, a catalyst for printing money.

As I said earlier, take it as a rumor for now, but who knows? Maybe we'll be ragequitting and smashing up our Xbox controllers in anger along with PlayStation fans soon enough.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Just one more reason (perhaps) to buy an Xbox One. Or One X
  • I'm not fussed if it comes to Xbox One or not, but I'll sure as hell buy it again if it does!
  • Same here. I know my wife will be happy too. She doesn't really game much at all but there's a few games like the classic Zeldas and also the original Crash Bandicoot that she does like
  • Isn't it more likely a sign that it's coming to PC rather than Xbox One? After all the de facto controller for PC is the Xbox 360/One controller so all modern PC games have those prompts. Following the author's logic I could say Street Fighter V is coming to Xbox One because it has Xbox button prompts on it....
  • Very salty as he said.....
    Relax and enjoy if is released....
  • Smh that logic, just saying but Seeing Xbox buttons does not mean PC first and automatically. On The business side it makes more sense to release on Xbox one next rather than PC and gain more $ from it. As playstation Ireland said, The game is for PS4 and PS4 pro first.
  • I am holding out hope for a TLOU Xbox release.
  • Sony own the rights. It's their game. Like Halo is MS. It has 0% chance of ever happening.
  • No they dont .. Activision still owns the rights to the franchise... It has been rumoured that "Crash" has been bought by Sony serveral times .. but it hasnt .. Activision owns it, and Activision does multiplattform games. . they want to maximise their profit of course ..  BTW,  Vicarious Visions, Inc. made Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy , and they are not owned by Sony either. 
  • I was answering the guy who said he wanted TLOU to come to Xbox One.
  • It'll never come on XB1. Just buy a PS4 or PS3 if you want to play that masterpiece...
  • Ok. Let's have a bet. If it does you never post here again. If it doesn't ill never post again. I'm 100% confident with the leaks this is hitting Xbox.
  • It's a ps4 exclusive, that's sony's mascot.
  • No Crash is not Sonys at all. Crash has appeared on Xbox in 3 games before. Crash will be on Xbox very soon. It's a timed exclusive
  • Crash Bandicoot Mind over Mutant came out for Xbox 360!
  • It's a ps4 exclusive, just like god of war. It's sony's mascot since the 90's
  • Crash appeared first on psx, but sony never owned the ip they only had a publishing deal, crash and spyro ips owner were universal interactive studios, also both naughty dogs and Insomniac had a contract with a limited number of games, when they finished it universal started to publish new games in the other consoles like xbox, gamecube, and game boy advance
  • Mate Sony doesn't own Crash. The last 3 Crash games have been on Xbox. So yes, this will undoubtedly hit Xbox One this Xmas.
  • Crash was a mascot established by fans for PS back then. Not by Sony themselves. They used the character in advertisements here and there for a short while but never declared him a mascot. When PS and Xbox came into the picture, gamers were used to companies with a mascot with Mario and Sonic being the face of Nintendo and Sega. If I were to guess, I would say because Sony and Microsoft were known in many other markets (i.e. Sony in electronics and Microsoft in software/enterprise), it would make sense that they might not have wanted a character to be a representation of their company so no mascots were ever officially established.
  • No they are completely different. God of war is a Sony exclusive first party game. Crash has always been a 3rd party game and has been on both Nintendo and Microsoft consoles over the past 15 years. Crash was only considered an unofficial mascot in its ps1 days.
  • OMG this would be awesome !! Loved to PS1 and GBA games.
  • Please come on PC too!
  • It's worth pointing out that all PS exclusives say on the game box Playstation Exclusive. This game has never advertised that on the box. So it should be obvious its a timed Exclusive. Same way Rise Of The Tomb Raider never said Xbox Exclusive on the box.
  • I actually made a joke to my PlayStation friends that this was also on Xbox, looks like that joke might become reality!!! I'd definitely buy it if it came on Xbox, just like I plan to buy Tails and Super Mario Odyssey when it comes out, I am a big fan of Shoot em ups, but love platformers too, it all started with Mario for me!!!
  • I so hope for a Pc version, crash has been on near everything in the past, xbox, xbox 360, gamecube, gameboy, wii, ds and even android, so judging by that id expect a xbox one release but i also hope pc is added to the list, iv had all crash games on ps1 and ps2 but im now a pc gamer, aint going back to consoles, prefer pc as its always backwards compatible