Create great clips in minutes with a year of FlexClip Video Maker for $29.99

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From promo videos to social media posts, video is a powerful marketing tool. FlexClip Online Video Maker allows anyone to create beautiful clips using simple controls. You can currently get a one-year subscription for just $29.99.

Studies show that video is the most appealing kind of online content. By next year, the average person will watch 100 minutes every day. Whether you are an aspiring YouTuber or trying to build a brand, it makes sense to jump on this trend.

FlexClip is the ultimate tool for creating video content with zero editing experience. Accessible via any browser, this platform gives you access to millions of stock photos, royalty-free videos, and music clips.

When you find something you like, you can easily add content to your video and make cuts. FlexClip also allows you to play with dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated elements.

With visual effects, voiceovers, and other great features, it's easy to see how FlexClip has earned 4.6 stars on Trustpilot.

One-year subscriptions are usually worth $95, but you can get yours today for just $29.99.


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FlexClip Online Video Maker: 1-Yr Subscription (Plus Plan) – $29.99

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