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Create your own poetry with auto complete in Windows Phone

Something's in the air. Well it has to be if I were to send what's written in the above image to someone from my People Hub. "I believe it will take you home now babe and cuddle me in Central Europe with their respective constitutional amendments." It's the foundations of a real piece of art, I tell you.

Phone poetry, that's what I'm getting at here. Phoesy as it's referred as on the website ( is the creation of poetry through nothing more than auto suggested words on a mobile phone. But why, you ask?

It's a good laugh and surprisingly fun to see just how quickly a humorous (or creative) poem can be crafted, relying on the auto suggestions on a Windows Phone. The idea with Phoesy is to start with a word (or topic) and after that you're then restricted to selecting words provided by the system to create meaningful sentences. So again, you ask why?

"The idea behind Phoesy is to express yourself in a relevant way by using the limited amount of options given to you by your smartphone. The auto suggested words are a combination of your vocabulary used when communicating with others, as well as preset suggestions created by your phones software."

Here's one published on the Phoesy website:

Phoesy Example

It's unpredictable, yet the system is tailored to how you use the keyboard to communicate with contacts. This can help add that personal touch when creating magic. If you still have one eyebrow raised, check out this neat video on how to go about this - and it's on a Windows Phone, which is an added bonus. There's no excuse not to give it a go (and who's to say many of you haven't already done so?)

What's more is if you tweet the Phoesy team (@phonepoetry) your work, they may add it to the website. Be sure to let us know some gems you've created in the comments.

Thanks, WindowsPhoneGuy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • definitely gonna try this out!
  • "A few things are just too good for us at least in this world, so we need not worry bout it and we'll find a way."
  • What was the first time you see the point of having your phone in my heart. Bam phone poetry.
  • I was actually writing a poem and saw this pop up lol weird
  • "When it comes out in public places and I don't care what anyone thinks about it." 
  • That's deep. 
  • Damn it Sam, I just read that was was 4000 levels of done lol
  • "Does it include the word that is proprietary information from our site with permission, from their previous versions of songs by adding another way of making up with your friends."
    Did that make any And I used the words off screen as well by scrolling the suggested words.
  • In this world of twitter followers who are interested in learning more than just being honest with strangers on the phone... We are all about sharing.
  • "Love it when she starts ignoring my femur". Lol...this is fun.
  • "The day after tomorrow night and the average family size was not only the second time you visit our website."
  • "respective constitutional amendments..." funny end to what I thought was a love poem, LOL!
  • Does this work on Windows Phone 7.8? I've tried this in the messaging hub, in Gleek, MeTweets and the me tile where you post a message and I never once had words suggested to me like that.
  • I remember it being there in 7.5 before I upgraded. No words appear in the bar above the keyboard when you're typing?
  • Only when I'm in the middle of a word, for auto-correcting. I'm on build 8862 if that makes a difference. I also tried the 'official' Twitter app and still nothing. Is there some option that I need to enable that I might be missing?
  • Try it in the comments section here and see what it does...I'm not sure how different it is from platform to platform and from one build to another. I suspect no two poems are alike. So whatever you have please post away! :)
  • Tried it from the WPCentral app and still no auto-suggested words.
  • I'm pretty sure that's just a WP8 feature.
  • If that's true, that's really disappointing.
  • I don't think that's true. I think you have it off, somehow. Check it
  • I've looked through every option I could think of on my phone. Nothing I've seen indicates that it's off. Still nothing. Is this a Nokia thing or what? Maybe 7.8 is more bugged than I realized?
  • Had it on my htc radar with 7.5, but in WP8 it is so good to predict what I'm going to write, it's sometimes a little scary... ;)
    Did like WP7.5, but WP8 is a whole new world :)
  • I don't see any option to enable it. Either it's bugged in 7.8 or it's not on the Trophy for whatever reason. Oh well. 
  • It doesn't work on my Lumia 710 either. I am disappointed :(
  • I get auto-suggest on mu Lumia 710 after entering the first letter. However, on my fiancees Lumia 920, the auto-suggest is even better where you enter the first word and it comes up with auto-suggested words and you can actually complete a sentence without typing on the keyboard after the first letter..
  • 1)  [Settings] > [Keyboard] and [typing settings] , what's your choice of language?
    i think the only supported language, for complete WP 7.5 suggestion is English(any).
    2) [Settings] > [Keyboard] > [typing settings] > [Keyboard 'tap to change']
    activate [Suggest text and highlight misspelled words]
  • This is a wp8 feature, I remember Joe Belefiore showing this off last year before the release of wp8.
  • "Oh yes we will find that you think about this time
    of day and night with my life."
    Ok that's rather's a new one...
    "What? is it that obvious that I'll be your best friend to the new galaxy far away and never let you go..."
  • I actually like the second one more. Its like a new language...suggestive, but interesting. :)
  • Being in the late response to the gym and a few weirdos to be sure.
    Typed via the HTC One 
  • "Love and support your PDA and then they will never forget how much money you have." Here's mine.
  • That's just solid advice right there ;-)
  • LOL!
  • "And we were kids from your phone screen with her head coach to have your preferences" - Google
  • "I'd rather be a good friend who lives on in my head, than a second chance to get some money." How interesting, lol..
  • "Birds are chirping in chains of Mississippi in a relationship between you and recreational drug use."
  • Funny thing is I actually did that a while back with the predictive text lol.
  • A few days ago went by so fast that I have been used as well with you.
  • "Writing about my life on this day as if she said she wanted me to do so. Why did my best friends become strangers to a new day?" lol
  • Wow that's deep.
  • Deep man
  • "if I could see how far away and leave the battery for approximately million years in prison, sentences like this song was performed by my phone."
  • This technique is an American professional development of a new day. Yea about that...
  • "A network not need anything about me. As if I need more sleep. Well what do you think." Clever.
  • What is the best of luck to you and your family are doing well and I will be a good day to all the time of the most important thing in the world to me that you are a few days ago.
  • has anyone tried this?? type a word and then keep tapping the first word suggestion on the bar above? interestingly, it loops after a few words.. check this out, i typed 'what' and then...
    "What is the best of luck to you and your family are doing well and I will be a good day to all the time of the most important thing is that the only one who is the best of luck to you and your family are doing well and I will be a good day to all the time of the most important thing is that the only one who is the best of luck to you and....."
    LoL :D
  • "Myself and others who have been used as an example in this world of difference between being one with you will find themselves"
  • Ok so is this an app in lost here
  • I can't find the app. (UK)
  • "I'll have a good time with your mom". I typed this using the suggestions only lol
  • Ok. Been visiting the milf places?
  • Today and tomorrow is the best way to get my hands on the appropriate discussion to use it as a friend of yours and not just a few days
  • Music from the cat with my own personal experience is the closest thing to me.
  • Certainly the most confusing comment tread ever... ;)
  • Lol yess
  • No love for WP7.x? Im tired of WP8 only stuff. Sorry had to do that. No article is an article without that comment ;)
  • Now that you are going
    back into the world
    and I don't think you should
    follow him with your life
  • Enter into this new time
    and place it on your mind
    when it comes from within
    your own words
    can describe how much they mean
  • Ok I'll stop now, lol :)
  • "Our app is the first thing that can help me with my own mind of being tied up with you"... terrifying, and also very telling that the word 'app' comes up immediately after 'our' for me!
  • Can you please provide QR code for it? Can't find it in the store :|
  • It is not an app. You basically come up with random stuff using auto suggested words on your WP8 phone.
  • When the sky is falling apart from your life with her just watching the first time since we left off and die.
  • Roses are red violets are blue I lost my stinky ol' shoe. 350z- 2013
  •   When oceans collide with my life As they violently rip off my mind To make me feel free of people And to make sure I understand why I love you
  • I don't get it... I never get suggestions for the next word, only for the word I'm currently writting, and when that word is written, there is no suggestions until I write at least one letter. Am I doing something wrong or is my phone not working properly!?
  • Are you using WP 7.5/7.8? Cause suggested words is there only on WP8.
  • Wp8 suggests several words. Am I restricted to picking the first selection, or can I choose any of the suggestions? Cause like someone else said, it loops after several words if you just keep picking the first suggestion.
  • Here's one:
    "I think it was just about every other girl that I have been made to get my hands on."
  • Now roses are red, violets are purple. Sugar's sweet, and so is maple syrple. Now I'm the seventh of seven sons, my Pappy was a pistol and I'm a son of a gun.
    Dang me, dang me, they ought to take a rope and hang me. High from the highest tree. Woman would you weep for me? Hmm. My phone is channeling Roger Miller.
  • To be honest this is rather stupid!!! Make a damn app! This has nothing to do with a web site. I really do think this is a cool thing but not worth it if there's no site to view them all. Submit and hope! Naw!
  • I love this phoesy app
  • Something about the way you want me on my phone calls for the throbbing kind and not just for fun with them.
  • i'll try this out..but i prefer writing my own like i did yesterday about my coworker.. he wasn't amused.
    Mike the Romanian Deadlifter
    Mike the midget, the gino from Mississauga
    Bores us to death with his ‘gymbro’ sagas
    “Oh, look at me, I flex like Flex Wheeler”
    Even though I’ve got a gut of a casino dealer.
    I waddle through the office like The Penguin in Batman
    But don’t you dare call me that short little fatman
    Just blatantly lie and blanket me with affection
    Or else I’ll order a hit with my Romanian connection.
  • My wife and I have been doing this since winphone7
  • I do this to some of my friends just to screw with them.
  • Attempted to create poetry: I'd like to see you in the world
    If you want to be a good day
    Some of the world is not known
    What do you have to say
    And then we will get a chance
    To be the most amazing
    Do you have a good place
    Don't think that I am going
  • Please help me get a life.
    What is the problem with this.
    How do you get the best thing.
    Who are you talking to?
    Part of it is not what you want.
    Sometimes the app is not responsible.
    How are things with you?
  • I'll get over this issue.
    This happens to us all.
    Let me tell you what.
    I know that there is nothing wrong with me.
    Still the same way, I feel free.
    Don't get mad cause I'm not perfect.
    Writing about this is not an easy task.