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Credit Karma now a universal app on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

Besides new apps for Windows, we love apps that are also on Windows Phone, utilizing Microsoft's new 8.1 developer tools. Early this morning, Credit Karma became yet another app to add to your dual collection.

Credit Karma ( (opens in new tab)) has been available as Windows 8.1 app since mid-September, but now the Windows Phone version of the free credit-checking app is available, sharing the same features.

The app and service check on your credit score, keeps track of changes and gives advice. Although the service is free, you do need to register within the app for the service to leverage all of its function. Those features include:

  • Truly free credit scores
  • Free on-the-go credit monitoring
  • Notifications when something important changes in your credit report
  • Credit report card, which tells you about factors influencing your credit score
  • Free membership. No credit card required.

Overall, it is great to see another major brand take advantage of the Windows/Windows Phone app paradigm. Hopefully, this pattern continues well into 2015 ahead of the big Windows 10 shift.

Thanks, Alex L., Steve C., and Dylan S., for the tips!

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Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Excellent. Would be nice to get, too, though the web site works well
  • Anyone knows what is new with today's facebook messenger update?
  • Yes... The Credit Karma Universal App fixes all FB Messenger issues.
  • Now just need Quizzle and Credit Sesame too.
  • Not for my icon
  • I got it on my Icon! Looks good and my credit score has improved!
  • How I can get
  • Keeps saying "not available for my device"
  • Works with Windows Phone 8.1 Running Preview for Developers?
  • Works on my Icon with the 8.1 Preview. It won't work with 8.0 is my guess, as most high profile apps these days seem to only work with 8.1.
  • Cool! Definitely good seeing another service come to Windows!
  • glorious!
  • OMG. This is so sweet. Been using their service for about 2 years now. And those who look for a credit monitoring service, this is IT. It really is free forever and works phenomenally well.
  • I can second this comment. Been using it since mid-year. It is truly free and a very nice service to monitor your credit.   UPDATE: Really nice and smooth app. Not a web-wrapper like most. And I really like the pin feature. Login once and then use a 4-digit pin for access after that.
  • How is this service free?
  • Majority of credit monitoring services give free trials after which you will pay either a yearly fee or monthly. This is 100% free for life, I think their revenue is based on advertising.
  • Advertising and probably profit sharing on the credit card and loan offers on the site.
  • As long as they aren't selling my info it sounds good.
  • CreditKarma is paid by debt collectors. People sign up for credit monitoring and it flags the dumb ones that have skipped out on their bills, allowing creditors to catch up to them. Nothing in life is truly free.
  • One does not need to sign up for getting flagged. So your point is moot. I am using CK for almost a year now and it is pretty clear that they sell advertisements to make money.
  • How does this compare to Quizzle..? I am open for suggestions to help me and my discover card comes with free FICO.
  • Quizzle uses Equifax while Credit Karma uses TransUnion. I use both as well as Credit Sesame for Experian monitoring.
  • Nice! I always use that site. Welcome aboard!
  • Hope to see app gap irrelevant by next year this time
  • Nice
  • I'd have more apps...if Verizon wasn't such ass.
  • Its not all their fault its because among other things both them & sprint had to adopt better 911 tracking due to fcc(nsa) rulling in 99 I believe via GPS
  • Can't be installed on SD!  Not a good start.  It also doesn't show up in the store for me when I search for it...only the direct link works...anyone else?
  • The search part is normal. Apps that are new to the store take a day or two before they are indexed by Bing. Re: SD Card, that is usually something that comes later once they get feedback on the stability of the app. Adding SD card compatibility out the gate complicates telemetrics. That and the is app is a tiny 4 MB...
  • Good to know...its my little 8XT Daniel! ...I need to watch every MB until I can upgrade to something with more on board storage.  (Assuming Sprint ever gets another WP...but that's a whole nuther issue!)
  • The SD card constraint could also be a security measure since the app will have your social security details
  • Yes!!!
  • Download it just to show it's worth developing!
  • It works beautifully on my 520
  • Says not available for my device (928)...
  • Works with Windows Phone 8.1
  • Just downloaded it on my HTC 8x, and it works flawlessly. I absolutely love this !!!!! Checking in on Windows Central pays off again !!!!!
  • It won't let me sign in. NL1520.. All apps on that phone sucks. I always get crashes etc..
  • Works fine on my 1520. 
  • That sounds like a you problem. I have it on my 1520 right now, and I can't remember the last time I had an app crash.
  • No it sounds like a WP or Developer problem. This is a brand new phone and almost every app crashes or hangs.
  • As I said, they ask work for me. So the devs code works on my 1520. It also works on many others without issue. So it's a you problem. You either have a defective phone, or you did something to it.
  • As I said it's a developer or a WP problem.. It may work for you on your but that doesn't mean that it works for every one on their phone, it doesn't work for a lot of people in sure. I guess you chose the phone that works good for you only forever phone that no one else has.
  • I chose the Nokia Lumia 1520, exact same phone you did. So same developer, and same phone. The variable is the user.
  • Man shut up.. It's idiots like you that make us Windows Phone people look bad. Same phone yes, but different outcome so kick rocks you numb nut!
  • I would suggest you to reset your phone if you see apps crashing all the time. I am using L1520 for a year now without any problem. Try resetting followed by an update. Dont forget to backup :)
  • See now this is very receptive, I really appreciate that man. You tried to help me instead of criticizing me unlike someone on this thread. Thanks and God bless you! I will try that. :)
  • Awesome news. Used this app quite often when I was an Android man, nice to see it officially here.
  • More and more apps and games arrives on our favorite platform!
  • Et tu, WPCentral?
  • Now for capital one... And family fued
  • Yes!...I need a Capital One app to access my 360 checking and savings and also a Sharebuilder app for my stocks...Soon I hope!
  • Where is VLC?
  • VLC is bundled in with the Credit Karma Universal App. Downloading CK gets you VLC preview.
  • Credit Karma is great, but it is really only a snapshot. I've been using it for a year or so and it still only lists half of my credit. The score is not a score used by any lenders either, just a way to gauge approximately where your score is.
  • I was going to ask is it your actual FICO score or some proprietary measurement that approximates FICO, but isn't your actual credit score.
  • Consider getting a Barclay credit card. It is a community credit card that you can interact with them and contribute ideas to make the program better and then they have a profit sharing as well, not to mention a low apr of 8%. They show you your FICO score when you login as well which is cool.
  • Am I the only one getting the can't connect to Credit Karma right now message???
  • Hasn't worked for me at all either
  • I keep getting a Cannot Connect Right Now message as well. NL1520.2 on ATT, DP8.1.1
  • Not available on my Lumia 830 :(
  • Works on mine.  
  • It's about time!
  • :off topic:
    What about the vlc release? It was supposed to released next week and that's what is it. I think Soon™.
  • No No. That's completely on topic. You need the Credit Karma App to submit your financial suitability to VLC developers. It's a new release method.
  • Awww not available for Canadians :(
  • Off topic
    What happened to VLC player I think it should be released in this week but there is no sign about it.
  • Perfectly on topic. By asking here, you create a magic portal. Check your phone. It now has VLC if you download Credit Karma.
  • Awesome!!! I was happy to see it on Windows 8, but it was only a web wrapper.  Glad to see a true app now.  And Windows Phone finally!!!
  • Scratch that, Windows 8 is still a web wrapper.
  • Huh. I have it on my Icon.
  • I have accounts in both & creditkarma. I personally like better because it provides the expenditure statistics very well. Both mint & credit karma can show the credit score but this score doesn't need to be 100 accurate. I vote for
  • Week is almost over and still no updates abt VLC player
  • VLC is bundled with Credit Karma. Download one and get both.
  • It's so nice there's no credit card required to check your credit rating. ^.^
  • I'm slightly worried about giving these Karma people access to my info for this credit report.
  • It indicated that there was already an account with my information and asked me to try again. I got nervous and deleted the app
  • Excellent app.
  • So why does it require your "phone identity; owner identity; music library; media playback; phone dialer; movement and directional sensor?
  • Dose it work for Canadians too? Or is it only for US citizens?
  • Says can't connect try again later. Am I the only one?
  • I can't login? Can't connect to the server!...
  • Americans really trust these companies? Damn..
  • I keep getting an error message can't connect to credit karma try again later. 1520.3 dp tmobile
  • Same exact thing here on my 1520.3 dp TMo
  • Ditto. 1520.2 w PfD 8.1.1
  • Is it just limited to united nation ?
    As for me it is perpetually showing"network error"
    Though I'm connected to 4G.
  • How accurate is this thing?
  • Unable to sign in. Anyone having this problem and find a way to get past it?
  • Waited for so long for this app. With mint and this I dont need anything else to manage my finances.
  • Does not work in Canada as you need a Zip Code whatever that is.......
  • Translates to Postal Code for my northern friends.
  • I commented earlier that, after creating an account and trying the app, I was repeatedly met with a "Cannot connect right now" error. After waiting a few hours, trying again, uninstalling the app, signing in via the browser then logging out, and downloading the app again, guess what? App deleted. Moving along now, nothing to see here.
  • I just have an issue with giving my personal info including SS number to any  phone app.
  • Yeah there's no way I'm typing an SSN into a phone app.  People should get an automatic credit score downgrade for doing that.
  • Not working anymore keep saying this version no longer supported.
  • It appears Credit Karma no longer is supported on WP. You are no longer able to login. The reviews of the app echo my statement. A reply from their Facebook page is ambiguous at best.
  • I'm having the same problems.