The Culling is coming to Xbox Game Preview in June

The Culling, a brutal battle royale-style game of survival, is getting an exclusive console launch through the Xbox Game Preview program. Already available in Steam Early Access, The Culling will make its way to Xbox on June 2.

In The Culling, you're thrown into a battle for survival against other players as you try to avoid death at the hands of others as part of a brutal game show. From Xbox Wire:

In The Culling you're dropped into a twisted game show inspired by the big screen. You and your fellow contestants have 25 minutes to scavenge, hunt, trap, and kill each other. There is a huge arsenal of tools at your disposal, from sledgehammers to sub-machineguns, from poison gas grenades to steel punji sticks, from dynamite to chainsaws. The action is up-close and personal: you'll stare your opponent directly in the eyes and know that one of you isn't going home.

Once you succumb to fate in a match, you're out for good; there's no respawning at all. That said, there are plenty of rewards to pick up, including player customization items and more. If you want to check out The Culling now, you can grab it on Steam in Early Access. The Xbox version will be available in Game Preview on June 2.

See The Culling on Steam

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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