Cuphead allegedly coming to Xbox Game Pass (update)

Cuphead (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Cuphead is an old-school run 'n' gun game.
  • Netflix is developing an animated show based on the adventures of the main characters.
  • Xbox Turkey posted an image of Cuphead coming to Xbox Game Pass then deleted it.
  • You can purchase Cuphead for $20 on the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

Updated February 7, 2020: Microsoft reached out to us and said that this was an error. A spokesperson for the company added, "We're aware of this tweet and can confirm it was removed as this was in error. The team is investigating more details."

Cuphead is a brutally-challenging platformer and shooter rolled into one. The game features visuals that are similar to old-school cartoons, but the animation is much smoother. A few days ago, the team reported that Cuphead sold over four million units across all platforms. It even launched on Nintendo Switch, but that's not where the story ends.

According to a few posts on Reddit, it looks like Xbox Turkey leaked that the game was being added to Xbox Game Pass. As always, take this with a grain of salt until we recieve official confirmation. It may have just been a misunderstanding on the part of Xbox Turkey because the tweet was immediately deleted.

Have you played Cuphead? What do you think of the game? Let us know.

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  • It coming to Game Pass is great. It's a good game. Just a bit overrated, other than the great art the gameplay itself is too much like old retro console games. This is read by the new generations as "it's good because it's hard", because they hunger for differ t experience. But if you've been around the block, you won't find anything new in this title.
  • Art style, atmosphere and soundtrack was more than enough for me to make this one of the most enjoyable 2D platformer this generation for me.
    I'm curious what for you is a GREAT game? I mean there are very few games that are truly innovative. For me the atmosphere itself was a great innovation because I don't think it was ever done. We see recently companies trying to copy the art style. And I think that's a sign of success.
  • Fantastic title. One of the best 2d games of this generation. This and Ori. Absolutely worth all. Of its accolades. If you love 2d games, this is by far a must play. Awesome gameplay, Visuals and sound.
  • If you enjoy those, play Hollow Knight.
  • Yes! I've heard that too so I've already bought it and it should be my next game.
  • Yeah I enjoyed Hollow Night. But it isn't in the same class as Cuphead and Ori at least for me. Still a good game though.
  • Did you play Hollow Night on Steam, PS4 Switch? Did you finish the game?
  • To me HK and Ori are hard to decide a better game. Of course Ori looks much better and the music and story is great (probably making it the winner), but HK has such a better combat system that keeps it right there in competition. Honestly I never completely finished HK, I only beat it once out of the three required. It's one of those games you should never stop playing because it's quite hard to get back into. My friend who is a huge platformer fan actually likes HK better.
  • Cuphead is a different style to the other two games so I couldn't compare it to them. I agree that I prefer Ori to Hollow Knight, mainly because it has a closer gameplay style to the original Metroid games. But Hollow Knight is no slouch (and I am in agreeance with AoA, its combat system trumps Ori) and I don't think any platform lover would be disappointed with any of these three.
  • This seems to be an ongoing issue with Xbox accounts that aren't on the main US account. Maybe we should blame this on the lack of proper globalization of the company (not just Xbox)?
  • Last time it was Spencer who said that Control was coming to game pass during the holiday season. Only to be denied by Remedy little later.
    Maybe they are just to eager to promote their renting service and end up making these "mistakes".
  • I was referring to the Xbox South African post of a Game Pass video showing a game I can't currently remember, but yes that was also an issue.