Customize your HP Elite x3 with these Noreve premium leather cases

If you're on the lookout for some stylish protection for your HP Elite x3, you may want to check out these premium leather cases from Noreve. The French label has a few different options available, and the prices aren't bad if you're into slapping a layer of leather between your hand and phone.

Along with a traditional leather case with a vertical flap to protect the screen, Noreve also offers up a horizontal wallet-style flip case and a slim pouch-style case the covers the whole phone. Perhaps most intriguing, however, is the level of customization you get with each case. More than 10 colors are available for each option, and you can even select the type of grain and leather you'd like. Of course, some leather types come with a cost, but it's still nice to have the option.

If you're into custom leather cases, Noreve's options are certainly worth a look. Prices start at $36.66 for the pouch, $45.83 for the vertical flap case, and $50.41 for the wallet-style case.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Very nice
  • That picture really doesn't do it any justice hehe. They actually look much better on the site.
  • I need to know if can use with desk dock before I buy
  • That stand thingy when the phone is vertical is interesting, or am I just seeing things. I have an Incipio case for my 640XL that I keep with me and only put it on when I am writing at a cafe. I use my fold-up MS keyboard. Love it. So funny to see people using laptops with them running out of battery, unpacking and packing up and then lugging them off 😀. I need only my phone and cover with a stand. I do wish that the main screen of MS's OS would turn the apps to use vertically.
  • When will hp elite x3 be available to buy in Dubai ??? Eagerly waiting...
  • No cheap cases for the Elite X3 seem to exist...
  • Need someone to make a holster and case/holster combo for the hp elite x3