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Both Cut the Ropes and Ice Age Village for Windows Phone updated

With all the big news about Halo: Spartan Assault and Jetpack Joyride popping up this week, we’ve gotten slightly behind on our coverage of Xbox Windows Phone game updates. Now that things have slowed down a smidge, it’s time to discuss those patches.

Both of Zeptolab’s Windows Phone games Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope: Experiments received minor updates only a few days ago. It might be tough to tell what changed on your own, but we’ve got the details! And Gameloft’s Ice Age Village got its second and most welcome update. Head past the break for the full story on all three games!

Cut the Rope (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Price: $.99 Download size: 37 MB Store Link - Review

A few weeks ago, Cut the Rope received a sizable update that added three new level packs to the game. It also overhauled the menus, adding a new section with links to YouTube cartoons starring lovable series protagonist Om Nom. Quite an update.

Well, the version 1.3 update doesn’t bring any new levels to the mix – we’re already caught up with the iOS version there. It does however bring new content to the Cartoons menu. See, version 1.2 only listed the first 13 cartoons in the Om Nom Stories series. This new update adds the latest two cartoons to the list, including the one shown above.

As for the save data loss bug that has plagued some users of the game since the very beginning, readers have reported that it remains alive and frustrating in version 1.3. You might want to avoid this update in hopes that Zeptolab finally squashes the bug in a future patch.

Cut the Rope: Experiments (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Price: $.99 Download size: 29 MB Store Link - Review

Disappointingly, the Experiments update does not add the missing Ant Hill level pack to the game. As such, our version still lags behind the iOS game.

However, the update at least fixes a little bug that had been snaking around, nibbling on the food the game left out at night. Whereas the first game lacked narration, Experiments introduced a scientist who makes little comments during gameplay. He adds a little pizazz to the game, but sometimes you need to quiet things down without adjusting your phone’s main volume. Prior to the update, toggling the voice in the options did not actually turn it off. Version 1.1 corrects that.

Ice Age Village (Windows Phone 8)

Price: Free! Download size: 73 MB Store Link - Review

Ice Age Village launched in a fairly buggy state. Not enough to ruin the game, but the social features didn’t work properly.

After a couple of weeks’ time, gamers also realized that one of the game’s Achievements was broken. If a player attained a 5-star village rating, a different Achievement popped instead of the intended one. Not only that, but the game bugged out after that, forcing players to remove objects from their village in order to lower its rating.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that the version 1.2 patch actually fixes the ‘Most Famous’ Achievement, making it attainable to all. Well, not attainable to people like me whose Friend ratings have bugged out, but I could reinstall to fix that. Despite the generally high quality of Gameloft titles, their games are often plagued by broken Achievements. This marks the first time that the publisher has actually fixed a game so that its full 200 Gamerscore can be unlocked.

The gift icon at right did not appear before the first update.

As for the social features, Facebook integration has mostly worked since the version 1.1 update. Connecting your Facebook account provides the benefits of being able to send gifts to friends and the ability to spam your Facebook wall with messages.

Fine things, but you can’t actually add friends FROM your Facebook list. The only way to add people you know (as opposed to random players) is by connecting your Gameloft Live account to the game. And ridiculously, that feature remains broken. You’d think that interfacing with their own online system would be easy for the game’s devs, but apparently not.

Still, outside of the broken Gameloft Live integration and the general friends list randomly disappearing, Ice Age Village remains a fairly high quality city building game. I still play it daily.

Thanks to Guilherme and TNT Judbud for the tips!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Why does Ice Age Village not support fast app switching, which was introduced in 2011?
  • Because it has to recalculate the time and what should have changed within the game whenever you come back to it.
  • Ahh, thanks. Had the same guestion :D
  • Played Age of Sorcery? Its implementation is superior.
  • ice age village isn't on wp7..
    (barely any wp7 support..sob! :P)
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  • Whoops! Fixed.
  • Yea, don't update cut the rope. I lost my data with 1.2 and again with 1.3. No problems with experiments however.
  • I was about to say "I've never had any issues updating" as it kept my progress going to 1.2. I just checked and it's all been reset... I was at 100% for everything too :(
  • Any news on Cut The Rope Time Travel?
  • Unfortunately, Zeptolab is the opposite of forthcoming with information. I did ask! But we do still expect it to come to Windows Phone this year.
  • Let's hope it will be a WP8 ONLY   game!
  • It better be. Otherwise I'm not going to purchase it.
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  • When i went through lumia storage check, Cut the rope and Cut the rope expt showing size of 192 MB and 144 MB respectively. Why does these games consuming such a huge space?
  • If you reinstall to fix the friend likes bug do you lose all your progress?
  • Yes, and that sucks. I recommend doing so only after you've completed every other Achievement in the game. Or just wait until you get a second WP8 phone like I am planning.
  • Why oh why don't more devs use the cloud progress saving feature which as far as i know is an available feature of WP8. oh well will just have to suffer through it.
    I have been thinking about getting a Lumia 520 to use solely as an mp3 player, Ipod touch idea.
  • Would be nice, but I think Microsoft needs to work on getting a system backup in place so that we can do a hard reset and restore all apps settings and game saves. Cloud backups just aren't enough, considering it doesn't backup settings properly.
  • Now only if they would fix the real soccer 2013 and real football 2013 so you can get in game cash without having to pay for it to get 2 of the achievements.
  • Is there a way of getting the save game data back in Cut the Rope?
  • Cut the rope free on android & paid on window phone !!
  • Many Android games are free but riddled with adds or In-App Purchases because piracy is such a big problem on that platform. If you can't afford 99 cents for a quality game, you should worry more about improving your life than smartphone games.