The CyberPower Trinity, and its three-blade case, is one strange looking Windows 8.1 PC

Gaming PC maker CyberPower may have created one of the oddest-looking cases we have ever seen from a well-known OEM. The CyberPower Trinity is a Windows 8.1 machine with three blades connected to a central spoke, with each blade containing parts of the hardware.

One of the three blades contains the graphics cards, while the second has the main storage and power supply. The third blade contains Trinity's processor and motherboard. The case itself can be placed on the ground with two blades at the bottom or just one, with CyberPower claiming the steel case can handle the stress.

Besides its unusual shape, CyberPower claims that the Trinity case is actually better for the PC components, as parts that are normally forced tight inside a regular case can now be separated and thus prevent heat build up issues. CyberPower is taking pre-orders for the Trinity now, with prices beginning at $999, although it will certainly cost more if you get high end processors from Intel and powerful graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD. Shipments will begin on May 4.

Source: CyberPower

John Callaham