The CyberPower Trinity, and its three-blade case, is one strange looking Windows 8.1 PC

Gaming PC maker CyberPower may have created one of the oddest-looking cases we have ever seen from a well-known OEM. The CyberPower Trinity is a Windows 8.1 machine with three blades connected to a central spoke, with each blade containing parts of the hardware.

One of the three blades contains the graphics cards, while the second has the main storage and power supply. The third blade contains Trinity's processor and motherboard. The case itself can be placed on the ground with two blades at the bottom or just one, with CyberPower claiming the steel case can handle the stress.

Besides its unusual shape, CyberPower claims that the Trinity case is actually better for the PC components, as parts that are normally forced tight inside a regular case can now be separated and thus prevent heat build up issues. CyberPower is taking pre-orders for the Trinity now, with prices beginning at $999, although it will certainly cost more if you get high end processors from Intel and powerful graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD. Shipments will begin on May 4.

Source: CyberPower

  • Kinda
  • This or the area 51
  • I just want the case and motherboard. I'll put my own guts in.
  • I want this, for bragging rights alone
  • Yeah this is awesome looking!
  • Its nice to see PC makers finally go crazy on the designs. Like with the Area 51 and MacPro(the trashcan)
  • It's nice to see lady on sites like this. lol
  • I can share your sentiment just because it looks interesting as hell. But what if you want to SLI or Crossfire? Doesn't look like there's much room in that case for it, or watercooling for that matter.
  • Wow, still more functional for the power user than the Mac Pro coffee can. 
  • I'm not entirely sure on that.  While you do have some upgrade capability, I'd say that for a prebuilt rig, the Mac Pro offers much better packaging.  I'd love to see an Windows PC maker match Apple in packaging. 
  • The Mac Pro looks sleek.  But it is made for working PROFESSIONALS.  And each industry has different hardware needs and requirements, so customization is important.  But the Mac Pro loses it's customizability.  So you go from a nice looking self-contained Mac Pro box, to a super sleek black coffee can, with a huge spider web of peripherals and devices cluttering the whole desk surface.  A regular consumer doesn't have a need for things like 6 extra hard drive bays, BD writer, card readers, etc etc etc.  But us working pros do. 
  • That makes alot of sense... I wonder how wide it will be though.
  • I think it's neat!! Liking the 'Out the box' thinking. See what I did there??
  • Goodbye to changing your motherboard, cooling system, disc drive, Sound card, or any components other than the CPU, RAM, or GPU. All of which are anyway limited by size... Completely stupid design. It's just a marketing thing. Exactly like the alienware area 51.
  • Agreed. Long live ATX.
  • And I'm damn sure that the specs are not worth the 1000 bucks... It will be like spending 1000 bucks just to make fun of oneself :D
  • Why did anyone downvote this. The way it's specced, I could build better for $1000 myself.
  • I see your reasoning, and i think true, but couldn't the "I could build it cheaper myself" idea apply to almost anything? For example, I could build a SB Chevy 350 from the block up with more horsepower for cheaper than buying a crate engine. Im not saying your wrong, I just think that most people would buy it because its easier than building it themselves.
  • Amateurs look at parts pricing. Professionals include labor costs.
  • That was part of his point, and I agreed. That's part of what makes it cheaper. Labor is expensive.
  • That's a pretty generalized and dumb answer. There are plenty of professionals that do build what ever they are building for the joy of it. I love building PCs and for friends and family, I'm happy to do it to save them money and have a good time doing it. When I build for clients, I charge labor. So am I an amateur when I build for myself and a professional when I build for clients?
  • Wait, are you talking to me about generalized and dumb answer? I got your response in an email, but I think it would go better for novron. Not trying to p*$$ anyone off here.
  • Im just going to assume you meant to send that to novron
  • Yes I did mean novron. The reply notification system needs a lot of work on here. Not a fan of peoples work being called amateur when it is far from it.
  • Ok, and idk why he even said what he did. He said "professionals include labor costs" when he responded to me. I was talking about building something for myself, what does he want me to do? Send myself a bill for building my own engine? Haha, some people......
  • I think there's a major difference though. Building an engine takes a lot more time and money to invest. A computer can be built in an afternoon. There's also a lot more room for error with a PC. It's hard to cook a PC, but an engine can easily have permanent damage. So while you're correct, many things can be built cheaper, convenience isn't the only factor to consider.
  • True, I guess I was just trying to say many people choose the convenience. It definitely can be done cheaper and better without too much effort. I come from the "buy it premade" side of things with computers, but I would like to learn more someday so I could build my own.
  • Totally agree. I could build my own ...but instead I make money at a job so I can have others do that for me.
  • If you had read then link, you would have seen: The Trinity is compatible with mini ITX motherboards with both Intel and AMD chipsets
  • In this day, all the parts of the PC age all tohether at the same time, so there's always new in each part everytime. SO when you upgrade, you don't upgrade only the the CPU, or the graphic cards, or just add on your memory, but you may want to upgrade the whole machine and give your old one to your grandma. I think, pre-built PC will now pick up faster than before.
  • They already have, we call them laptops and all-in-ones.
  • Suck on that Mac Pro!! #want
  • Smells like soldiered on gpu
  • Reminds me of a Colonial Viper Fighter from BattleStar Galactica.
  • So say we all!
  • I was thinking imperial shuttle...
  • Strange looking indeed
  • Lovinnn the one of those Star Wars fighters
  • Looks cool, but I'm not buying the cooling concept at all.  A good standard setup will net amazing results, and likely come out with more room for expansion.  Sure the standard crappy OEM case from Dell is going to give you cooling issues with gaming hardware, but a dedicated case with more than a single exhaust fan should more than serve the hardware offered.  They just split the various compenents up into three different parts.   Naturally the entire system is overpriced for the specs offered.  Also weight is kinda high.  30 plus pounds for just the case?  That's pushing into full towers there.  My In Win GRone weighs in at 24 pounds empty. 
  • Better looking than this!
  • This is one cool product. To bad it will probably never reach mainstream.
  • Shame you can't get SLi in there and I'd imagine you're pretty limited on MB options...
  • We need more cool stuff like this.
    Wish someone would go all out with a crazy WP design...
  • Wowsers!
  • Looks amazing, almost art tech.
  • Mean while on an alien ship...."SOMEONE STOLE OUR TRASHBIN!"   It's an interesting design but for 1k? And limited customizability? I don't like it.
  • While it looks cool, a nice full size tower provides ample enough room for components to breathe. And you can make your own with better parts im sure. I guess if you want nifty and don't want to build then go this route.
  • Looks sexy!
  • The FUTURE!!!! Hahaha I love it! Halo anyone? Lmao. I swear this is a sweet machine. Hope this catches on to other companies. Curious to see what Lenovo, MSI or even Alienware would do.
  • Looks cool. I have been wanting to experiment on my desktop PC, since the XPC (small box) came in 2000. But I dunno how to chop mother boards into pieces and put them in small cases like a honeycomb! LOL! Then put graphics card in one cell, and the processor in the other.
  • Well, I've just found my next gaming rig! :)
  • I find this computer neither appealing or practical. I just don't get stuff like this. I understand having a different looking phone, or something you take outside... but a desktop should be a box by your desk, using space efficiently.
  • I have all of my internals in a Node 304 case.  Thinking about upgrading to a GTX 970, and yes, there is space :O Cooling is not an issue either, so I have to wonder why anyone would want the Trinity.
  • My first thought was "Cool rig".  My second thought immediately after: "That's alot of surface to dust". :-\
  • Hehe, you get it!  
  • Anything wrong with my chassis?  Think the Trinity is downright gaudy
  • Fractal Design make some of the best cases with their often combined use of steel and aluminum. 
  • The footprint is wild.  The modular Razer Project Christine seems more practical as far as far fetched designs are concerned.
  • Are there fans in each blades?
  • Good question.  I would like to see an airflow diagram if they had one but the website has pretty neat views without the cover on in addition to the backside view.
  • Looks very cool, now we need some innovation in the phone market
  • Nokia N9, 808?
  • Project Christine of Razer FTW!