Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed to September 17

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 (Image credit: CD PROJEKT RED)

What you need to know

  • CD PROJEKT RED announced that Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed.
  • The new release date is September 17, 2020.
  • The game is in a playable state, but the developers want more time to polish the title.

Developer CD PROJEKT RED announced on Twitter that its upcoming sci-fi RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, has been delayed until September 17 of this year. The original release date was April 16, but it turns out that date doesn't give the developers the time they need in order to launch the game in the state that they want to.

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In the announcement, developers Marcin Iwinski and Aadam Badowski had this to say about the reasoning behind the delay:

We are currently at a stage where the game is complete and playable, but there's still work to be done. Night City is massive — full of stories, content, and places to visit, but due to the sheer scale and complexity of it all, we need more time to finish playtesting, fixing and polishing. We want Cyberpunk 2077 to be our crowning achievement for this generation and postponing launch will give us the precious months we need to make the game perfect.

While the news of the delay is disappointing for fans who were hoping to get their hands on the title as soon as possible, I think it's ultimately a good thing that the game is beind held back until the developers feel it's perfect.

Cyberpunk 2077 will (hopefully) be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC come September 17, 2020.

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  • Me: Sad panda.
  • I'd rather have a polished game! We've been waiting years already, so what's another 5 months.
  • Exactly. I hope this isn't because of this MP mode that is also being added. I would rather have a great SP title.
  • I agree I love single player games
  • Nah the two modes are being developed separately. I imagine it's exactly how CD Projekt put it, the game is playable but they want to polish it up before launch and try and nut out as many bugs as possible. And let's be fair, when it comes to open world games bugs are generally quite plentiful because there are so many different scenarios that could happen. It's the advantage of being their own publisher though they have no one to answer to but themselves.
  • you're in luck, it's polish
  • That is two months before the Xbox Series X drops. I hope there is an update for the Xbox Series X. There were rumors that Cyberpunk 2077 would hit Xbox Game Pass Day One. 🤔🤔🤔
  • Why would they do that? Why go on game pass day one and potentially lose millions in sale?
    I just wonder if there is some kind of strategy to spread this type of rumour to make game pass more appealing. I remember how Spencer talked about Control going to game pass. And how so many people where saying oh in that case I just won't buy it and wait for it to come on game pass.
  • It's not a strategy, it's just people not thinking. Cyberpunk won't hit Game Pass day one, there is literally zero reason for CDPR to do that.
  • I'll wait and just play it when it comes out for next gen consoles.
  • Yeah, it's fine. Quality of the game should always be the priority. I rather see devs doing this rather than rush games on a platform and try to fix the mess later (by adding content or bug fix...). Deadline should not define the content of the game. It's the other way round.
  • Shame, not so 'breathtaking' news. But so long as it's the best it can be, take your time.
  • worst news since unsliced bread...