Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots may trigger Xbox Live bans, so be careful

Cyberpunk 2077 C 2020 By Cd Projekt Red 02 12 2020 22 36
Cyberpunk 2077 C 2020 By Cd Projekt Red 02 12 2020 22 36 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Imagine my surprise when I receive an email from Xbox Live notifying me of an enforcement against my account. At first I thought it might be a phishing attempt, but no, logging in to the portal does indeed show action taken.

Considering I never indulge in in-game chat or ever send messages to anyone who isn't an actual friend, I'm sitting there puzzled. Until I scroll down and see what it's for.

"Inappropriate screenshot". The game? Cyberpunk 2077.

Source: Windows CentralOh. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

I've no idea what screenshot this is specifically, but it's also not hard to imagine it was something related to either the copious amount of dildos to be found in Night City, or something related to genitalia. I make no lie, among friends we've all been sharing screengrabs of the penis tool in the character creator because we're incredibly juvenile. Or maybe it was Sir John Phallustiff, a suggestive, yet highly capable melee weapon.

In any case it does open a big old box. The game is rated for adults, as rightly it should be, but equally Microsoft is happy to sell it, and indeed platforms like Twitch and YouTube are happy to allow streaming of it. But taking a (possibly) hilarious screengrab could land you in hot water with the Xbox Live police.

I'm not banned, yet, and have no limitations placed on my account, but my reputation score has now decreased. And I expect that if I were to continue screen grabbing suggestive moments in Night City that further, more serious action may well follow. This has happened before, with Xbox Live bans handed out over adult content in screenshots for titles like Metropolis: Lux Obscura.

So, be careful. Heed these words as advice. You might think your in-game genitals are hilarious or impressive, but Xbox, it seems, does not. If you don't have a capture card, then maybe take more photos of the scenery and less of the, er, other scenery.

Richard Devine
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