Dead Rising 4 now available on Xbox One and Windows 10

If you like nothing more than bashing zombies over the head at holiday time then Dead Rising 4 is now available to scratch that particular itch. It's not an Xbox Play Anywhere title, but it is available for both Xbox One and Windows 10.

From our review:

Throw in the enhanced photography and investigations, and Dead Rising 4 is an unusually deep and well-rounded game built around zombies. Forget the zombies, though. The real monsters are those who won't give Dead Rising 4 a chance.

If you're a keen zombie-masher, grab it for your chosen platform at the links below!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Why isn't this title available as Play Anywhere?  I guess the Play Anywhere concept is already dead. 
  • To quote our own Jez Corden: "Capcom hates us."
  • Realistically, It never was going to be alive outside of 1st party & indie titles.
  • Some publishers just find it hard to see value in it. They'd rather have you potentially buy the game twice than give you 1 free extra copy. And it makes a lot of sense business wise, Play Anywhere is pure fanservice. Only indie games and first party titles will support it. And maybe some exceptions like CD Project RED, they tend to be very pro gamer.
  • The big AAA publishers (activision, ea, ubisoft, capcom ect.) will probably never support play anywhere. Giving up the revenue of the 10 people that buy games on both platforms is too much of a risk in their eyes.
  • It's sad but you have a point.
  • So generating revenue from their product is bad now?
  • There is a significant large group of PC gamers that have no need for an extra Xbone copy, yet they are expected to shell out the console price to get their PC copy. And there is no alternative to get a better deal than what the Store dictates, neither physical retail disks nor legit key resellers. Of course those users are seeing right through the whole "Play Anywhere" scheme as a blatant attempt to artificially screw up PC prices to the console level. And since they can not buy it cheap(er) or wait for a pricedrop (which is very rare on that Windows Store), the PC community stops caring about your game altogether. That is lost revenue and indeed a big risk. Therefore no publisher in their right mind is stupid enough to even try. Well, except for Microsoft.
  • What you just said makes no sense. New PC games have the same price as console prices. Therefore play anywhere is a better value. At least at launch. It's just that console prices drop slower. When PC games tend to drop 2 or 3 months after release
  • Sorry to beat a dead horse but let me get this straight. This game is only being released now for the xbox one and PC and it's a 90 day timed exclusive on the pc and 1 year on the xbox. And the only way to get it on the PC is through the windows store. Wow, this is one screwed up game release. Makes it even more curious as to why this isn't a Play Anywhere title.