Dead Rising 4 video shows the zombie game going back to Willamette

Microsoft has released a new video showing off gameplay from Dead Rising 4. The upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 zombie action game will bring the franchise back to its original location at Willamette, along with its original main character Frank West.

The video also includes some quick chats with members of the development team at Capcom Vancouver, who state that they wanted Dead Rising 4 to go back to its roots a bit. As with the first Dead Rising game, it is set in a large shopping mall, but it's decorated for the holiday season. There will be tons of different weapons in the game, along with plenty of weapon combos that players can make.

The video also says there will be more than just one zombie type to kill. In addition to the standard undead, players will have to deal with ones that have just turned from being human, and thus are much stronger and faster. There's another type of zombie that's actually more intelligent, and it will be able to jump and dodge attacks,

Dead Rising 4 is due for release on December 6.

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John Callaham