What does the 'death of Windows Phone' mean for Windows Central? An editor's response

Earlier this week we highlighted a fascinating question posed in our famously large and passionate forums: what, if anything, does the decline and Windows on the phone mean for the site?

I only ask because a quick look at the comments statistics on articles reveals that they go through the roof on most Windows Mobile subjects but sometimes barely raise an eyebrow on other more general Microsoft matters. It shouldn't be forgotten that up until a couple of years ago this website was essentially devoted to Windows Phone and only started diversifying when they saw the writing on the...


I wanted to take a few minutes try an answer from the vantage point of the editors of Windows Central.

As I've been a forum member going back to 2007 and part of the initial launch of the front page "blog" in 2009, I have a vested and tangible history with the mobile community.

There is little doubt that in Spring 2017 the "death" of Windows on the phone feels more real than ever. Sure, Microsoft is continuing to work on Windows 10 Mobile, but even there, its future gets murky.

Most of this concern is the fault of Microsoft, of course, who have not done the things they said they would e.g. create phones if their partners are not, or even have a plan for tackling smartphones going into 2018.

I've argued they should talk about this at BUILD next month, but I have little confidence that they will.

Planning for the future (in 2014)

A few years ago many of us who run this site began to see a significant downshift in the Windows Phone market. Luckily, at the same time, Microsoft was launching Windows 10. We took that opportunity to do an overhaul both in our name and goals for the site.

No longer were just focusing on phones, but expanding to PCs, laptops, Surface, more on Xbox, and even HoloLens.

Come October it will have been three years since we shifted from Windows Phone Central to Windows Central. Interestingly, many in the community still refer to and think of us as the former, but even for the last year, our daily coverage is 90 percent non-phone news.

Not only did we change because of the tenuous situation in mobile, but also because there was much more on Windows 10 and the growing Microsoft ecosystem we were leaving on the table. It became increasingly hard to not talk about Surface regularly, or what OneCore means for all of Windows.

In that sense, it was a liberating experience for the staff to go beyond just phones, which, to be honest, were becoming a bit stale as a category.

It's never been better (for us)

All that preamble brings to my main point. Nothing will change to this site even if Microsoft came out and canceled Windows on the phone tomorrow.

Windows Central Podcast featured on Xbox.

Windows Central Podcast featured on Xbox.

The fact is, Windows Central is doing very well regardless of the situation in mobile. Here are just a few examples:

  • The site has double-digit year-over-year growth and is doing fantastic regarding search traffic, our YouTube channel, and general mindshare.
  • Our site now has excellent relationships with the companies we cover including HP, Lenovo, Dell, Razer, Alcatel, and even crowd-sourced startups like the Eve V. We're invited to all the major (and even minor) press events, embargos, and product reviews.
  • We've brought on all-stars like Jez Corden and Zac Bowden who are doing what we hired them to do: crush Xbox and Windows news, scoops, and analysis.
  • We have a fantastic staff like Mauro Huculak, Cale Hunt, Richard Devine, and Rich Edmonds focusing daily on popular how-to guides, best-of advice, and more.
  • George Ponder, who has been with the site as long as I, still publishes daily reviews and deals on apps and games especially for phone users
  • Our forums have over two million posts from nearly 400,000 members globally, making us one of the largest Windows and Microsoft communities in the world.
  • Microsoft works with us now on many levels for press for all their products, announcements, and releases giving more access than ever.
  • We have successfully shifted from quickly re-published news and uninformative app update articles to more in-depth editorials, analysis, and guides.
  • The site now has a full-time managing editor with Al Sacco, who ensures the trains are running on time, to the right location, and to the quality that we and you expect.
  • Thanks to Dan Thorpe-Lancaster we have still have our regular stream of daily news and critical updates that you expect.
  • We successfully re-launched the Windows Central Podcast with Zac Bowden and me after a multi-year hiatus; it's now the top community-focused Microsoft podcast with more than 60k listeners a month.

As far as articles focusing on the phone getting more comments than others, this is not a good measurement of anything. On almost any day our most-viewed and top-searched articles are often the "help and how to" ones.

While the hardcore fans come for the nitty-gritty news bits or OS update news, regular people just want to know how to get the most out of their new PC.

So, readers and fans of the site (and Microsoft), do not worry at all about Windows Central. We are on track to have our best year ever with or without Windows 10 Mobile. We have a lot of smart people working behind the scenes, and our goal is to keep getting better for years to come.

And despite the continued decline of Windows on phone, Windows Central will still cover it as long as there is something to report on. This is what we do, it's what we love. You have our promise.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • You cannot talk about the DEATH of something when it is very much ALIVE...
  • On life support :)
  • Like I've always said; in a coma, on life support, and we're waiting by It's bedside hoping it will wake up........
    Daniel, and his staff, may not think so, but I love the work they do here, and I appreciate it. Although I wish WP could be a part of this sites success, I understand the dynamic..... I only hope mobile news (positive news) comes back one day.
    But, I have my 950, and I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here until the end.
  • You're right, and have been right all these years.
  • It's sad..... But, I still have hope.
  • Yeah, it could have been so much better than what it is now. Only if Microsoft put more effort into it, and stupid developers would have given us a chance. I'm waiting to see what happens at build, if nothing then I'm getting me a Note 8 sad to say. I hope they throw us a bone or something.
  • Right.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😬😭😂
  • Exactly.
  • Don't worry, folks. I'm sure Microsoft will come out with some other "me too" product that they will fail to market that will waste our time and energy in new and exciting ways. Windows Phone may be dead... but Microsoft's incompetence and ability to screw things up will live on! Stay strong!
  • Why do most of you people immediately fly to Samsung and then complain about Android being laggy when you picked the king of lag in the Android world? There are so many others to choose from.
  • *sniff* Why do I have Kiss From a Rose in my head now?
  • I hear Guns & Roses "November Rain"... Lol
  • "Why the decline of Windows Mobile won't effect this site." Oh but it will. Microsoft is a dead man walking. You just don't realize it yet.
  • Lol So the world will be converting to all apple products and chrome books when???
  • IKR? People who think the notion of ipads and chromebooks running the worlds economy is remotely viable, or even in the home, I don't know what they are smoking.
  • The US DOD has windows devices numbering in the 10s of millions alone, not to mention the rest of the government which probably brings that number, when you include state, local, and municipal - well over 1 billion machines.  They almost exclusively use Microsoft products.  You're not going to run a NIPRnet , let alone a SIPRnet on chromebooks.  I'm not going to get into the particulars here, but Microsoft products provide, from ground force to command, end to end completely encrypted satellite communication and data transfer capability in real time. Chromebooks can't do that.  The radiosets we use are purpose built to function with those protocols. So even if Microsoft got out of the consumer market, their government and professional contracts are more than enough to keep them around. Your claims of their pending demise have been greatly overestimated.
  • Like zombies, dead but somehow still living 😂
  • Microsoft 'Mobile' will live as long as Microsoft is around. Full stop.
    Looks like another re-start with ARM running 'full' Windows 10.
    That's is well under progress and it will happen by Q1 2018.
    Then (only then), we will see new hardware from Microsoft and partners running the 'new' mobile version of W10. Whatever you want to call it. Sure, MS might come with some fancy name. Of course Surface Phone will appear shortly after that. I am actually exited about that.
    Please stop with that 'death' nonesence.
  • When this site is saying it is dead, it is time to take the hint. WoA might be compatible with 6" devices but we don't know what that experience is going to be like and we don't know if they will support smaller devices. Until that time comes, if it does, Windows phones are dead.
  • This site doesn't have the influence or channel of communication to anyone at Microsoft.
    Microsoft have never invited WC to any public launch or given them devices to test.
    If anything, WC know as much as a mean in the street in Sao Paulo
  • You are arguing that Daniel doesn't have contacts at Microsoft? Really?
  • I'm saying it yeah. Unless you can show me an article where Microsoft responded to a question by WC.
    They post twitter feeds of three employees we all have access to on twitter.
  • They recently had a podcast with Dona Sarkar invited. Useless anyway because she dodged every question related to phones.She went with the same pathetic explanations: what is mobile? we are all creators...etc POS anwsers to simple questions that Dan asked her.
  • ahem... Microsoft had even arranged for Windows development team members to frequent the forums and communicate with the Windows fans... They do not do that even on their own community websites. :P don't be silly. 
  • @Bleached Dead for you, perhaps. Dead for me? Certainly not the case. I don't think there are many sheep in the Windows Phone camp, so attempting to claim a universal opinion isn't likely to be very representative. Heck, the less people have a Windows device, the cooler they become right? No plans for dropping my Windows devices. Heck, I'm a techno-horder so I have a Pocket PC in the draw with my L820 (so I can keep using the ace WP8.1) and L930. ML950XL is my current and new device, so it won't be dead for me until 2019 when I'll be looking for another. If MS are STILL retrenching by then, I'll just stop using a smart phone and use a tablet instead. Windows of course. Unless something better turns up (so not likely Android which gave me a horrific experience when I tried it before my L820, and I'm not replacing all my devices with an Apple ecosystem unless I win the lottery), Windows will cover my mobile needs. I'm not giving up the coolest phone in the office that easily. I'd rather write the apps I need myself.
  • Sounds like end of June it is dead for Microsoft as well... https://mobile.twitter.com/thurrott/status/857692748719300610
  • Err, in note 13 of the 10-Q filing, it doesn't say they are winding down the phone business. Just says they expect to complete the Phone Hardware Restructuring that they started in 2015, & mostly completed in 2016, &expected to have completed fully June end
  • I'm THE biggest WP fan in the world, and I appreciate your enthusiasm... With that being said, you are EXTREMELY delusional in almost every point you made.. Lol... Either way, let's hope MS comes with mobile devices in the future, and hope they keep updating WM until then... That will mean It's not dead.. But, no.. Even super WP fans like myself don't praise, or wish for, a super niche market for WP. That's ludicrous, and support by MS, developers, OEM'S, and, carriers, and the press, would be horrific.. That's the problem we're facing now, and to sugarcoat, or glorify, the current situation is ultimate naive fanboyism.... You're obviously smarter than that. Snap out of it! 😂
  • Oh Rodney...there you are....look everyone...i found him....yay.....
  • Everything you've stated, other than the existence of Windows on ARM, is pure speculation and has no factual basis. It's just a wild guess on your part.
  • Microsoft specifically said 6"+ devices in an interview with Mary Joe Foley.
  • Microsoft has specifically said a lot of things. I wouldn't hang my hat on a promise from MS, let alone a comment.
  • You think this is the first time for Microsoft to under-promise and over-deliver?
  • Sure, MS have pulled off some great surprises as we all know. Problem is, they can't market for toffee and they're as likely to scrap a good thing as a bad one. You just never know what they'll do next. All you do know is, whatever they say they remain mercurial.
  • You are assuming marketing is the issue and not the product. A great product doesn't require great marketing to sell it and marketing cannot make up for a poor product. The Surface Pro is a great example. Even though the marketing was poor, the product spoke for itself.
  • I think you'll find there are significant differences between the phone market and the tablet market. To assert product quality as a key factor is rather brave considering Nokia's impressive and deserved reputation for producing quality products. And they did sell well. Just not in the US. You think the US got lower quality versions than the rest of us? No? Well, must be something else at the root of the issue then. Also, lots of Surface marketing went on here. I was even accosted by an MS rep at PC World. That never happened before or since. Certainly not with a phone... Mercurial.
  • I am guessing you weren't around for the WP7 days. The commercials were on TV non-stop. They just didn't have a product to back them up. https://www.engadget.com/2010/10/18/microsoft-to-spend-one-billion-dolla... Surface is a PC first and foremost. It replaces a laptop and can be a tablet too. They aren't really tablets though and you would be hard-pressed to find someone using a Surface without the keyboard. I think your point is even more valid due to this.
  • No marketing has always been poor, and inconsistent.. Airing everyday for a month on 3 months off, isn't sufficient..
  • Not true. Marketing was very heavy in the early days, especially when Nokia was helping. It was later when Microsoft stopped advertising. It wasn't helping and they could no longer justify the expense. Like many people on this site you are grasping as straws trying to shift blame from anything but the truth: Windows Phone was an uncompetitive, unmarketable, mediocre platform.
  • Your idea of heavy is light... Marketing at any point was never anywhere near up to par with iDroid marketing..
    You cra cra
  • Of course it wasn't. Android wasn't a locked down, feature lacking, carrier and manufacturer hostile platform. Google barely had to advertise it. Samsung, Motorola, Verizon and all the other manufacturers did the heavy lifting because Android gave them the power to create their own platforms, to have their own stake. Why would they spend time on Microsoft's platform when they have their own? I don't know how many more billions you wanted Microsoft to spend on marketing especially after it proved to not help. Would it be worth 3 billion just to maybe reach 5% of sales while selling $30 phones? Windows was just a poor platform for the time. Microsoft thought they could emulate Apple and be successful. They were very wrong. Marketing certainly was​ not the issue. It was bigger than that.
  • They barely had to advertise it?.. Not true. Android gained popularity because of relentless marketing.... You don't understand the power of marketing. Do work for MS? Hahaha😂
  • Read it again. Google barely had to advertise it. Their strategy was much stronger than Microsoft's. They made sure to court carriers and manufacturers so they would take over marketing of the platform. Android had tons of ads because of Google's​ strategy, not because they spent tons of money on marketing. Microsoft's strategy of fighting against the carriers and manufacturers turned out to be a bad one. Who would have guessed that? But, it is Nadella's fault Windows 10 Mobile failed, right?
  • Doesn't matter... MS should've done 80 times better marketing and they would be better off in mobile... Either believe that, or you work for MS in marketing.. End of story. Lol
  • So Microsoft just had to out market a team effort consisting of Google, Samsung, Verizon, T-Mobile, HTC, Motorola, LG, AT&T, Sprint and basically all the other manufacturers and carriers around the world?On top of that, through those carriers is their only access to the market. Those are impossible odds! Do you really think that is possible? Do you believe Microsoft is magic?!
  • To summarize this article:  Azure Central is still a few years down the road. lol
  • ROFLMAO. To the clouds!
  • Lol. Mobile First [to go,] Cloud First [to pay the bills.]
  • Where do I go to read your comments then?
  • So you're still in denial I see. Don't worry, you'll soon move on to a different stage of grief.
  • I wouldn't bet on that, DJCBS. Myself, I'm still in denial over 'Dick Barton - Special Agent' being removed from BBC radio to be replaced by 'The Archers' and so I regularly listen to my old DB recordings (now in MP3 on my L950XL) to keep the dream alive. Move on? Nah. Never give up, never surrender!
  • (This comment was censored by the author before an invisible hand re-writes it as it did on the post above.)
  • yeah right...another fanboy riding a poney in his fantasy world
  • You just don't take hints do you? 
  • Death sux
  • Yep. Life is wasted on the living. Give the dead another chance.
  • Although win central has a lot of insider info that they can't share, this is clearly their attempt to tell us mobile is done.
  • Ms already wrote about some WC rumors about wp/wm death...
    It's not the 1st time they give out wrong informations
  • You're safe for another couple of years, but if MS don't do something about their image and improve the Windows Store then Windows 10 will be dying just like mobile and then you'll have to switch to Android/iOS articles (like Paul Thurrot has already done).
  • The most used desktop OS on the planet isn't dying anytime soon. Where is everyone going to go? Mac? Linux?!
  • And number one gaming platform
  • Android and iOS! They will cover most of peoples needs for computing. Windows will be used by professionals and hard core gamers. I have seen this happening already in my own family. Tablets and phones for most Internet interactions and gaming.
  • LOL. The day I have to use Android and iOS, is the day all my tech goes into the trash and I move to a cave.
  • Yes, the same for me to but we are already in a minority. Most internet surfing is already done on Android.
  • Me too :D
  • Typical response I hear all the time from people who only ever spend time watching youtube videos or staying on facebook all day long. Ever wonder how the real world works?? Like how these Android and iOS toys are actually made? I wonder how we'll develop the next set of devices and apps anyways. On Android phones? On iPads? Or maybe we'll develop our next gen games and consoles on iOS. The Windows desktop is not going anywhere anytime soon. Except the world reverts to the stone age or something...
  • Wow how ironic that I had to swich from Edge to Chrome to just reply to this message...  Surely you're not saying in order to build the next generation of products you have to already be using the next generation of products? Although I agree that desktop computers are more useful to me personally than an iPad or Android Tablet, there is no reason why the next generation of tech can't be designed on those devices. The risk that Microsoft has is that the next generation coming up now, are use to using iOS/Android and the web. I also believe Windows as an OS is going to fade because Microsoft made one fatal mistake many years ago by not offering free development tools which pushed devs to other platforms.
  • It isn't going anywhere but it isn't going to be mainstream. It will likey become a niche platform for professionals.
  • Glad that you agree with me. Desktop for proffesionals producing content and Android and iOS devices for consumers haveing a lesure time.
    Guess who is in the majority, producers or consumers?
  • Maybe to something that doesn't exist at this moment. It's time for some shifts and the current big players may not lead that charge. At one point, that was Apple...remember when they were a "dead" underdog? They were close to actual, bankrupt dead, not the hyperbolic dead that people on this site throw around. But that underdog became the catalyst for changes on computing, the music industry and the mobile product category. It happens all the time, but many people adhere to the "what is true today will continue to be true" fallacy.
  • Are you talking about Windows or Android/iOS? It makes more sense for Windows since it has been around longer.
  • Chrome OS running Android apps could quickly become a more complete and cohesive ecosystem than what Windows is providing. Mobile is the centerpiece of modern computing and cannot be ignored. Microsoft is as usual overconfident in their dominance of the PC market. I doubt that Microsoft is going to be absent in Mobile as the segment transforms and evolves (look at the parents for foldable devices) and the effort being put into HoloLens. If I'm wrong and they are going to act as though mobile is just a niche of computing then Windows itself will erode over time. Google is not standing still waiting for MS to get it's act together.
  • The Android apps you are so fond of is not developed on a ChromeOS.
  • You now need to qualify your statement with"desktop". That isn't a good sign. What qualifiers will you need to add in the future?
  • You can't be serious. People are going to throw away their high powered desktops and laptops away and get iPads and Galaxy Tabs? Steam is going to drop Windows and release Clash of Clans and the latest Candy Crush on iOS? GTFOH!!!!!
  • BRB. Buying Battlefield 1 on iPad just in case.
  • ^ i think they said the next update would run the game np on ios lol....
  • Hey Richard, have you heard of the new nice device called xbox? Joking aside, why would the common consumer need a desktop with a consol at their telly and a smartphone in their pocket? I myself will keep my selfbuild desktop and keep upgrading and overclock it but the rest of my family already left that paradigm.
  • I'll let you go tell the millions of PC gamers around the world they should buy an Xbox. Make sure you wear a helmet.
  • I guess that would be so :-) At least it would be so if someone ask me to give up my gaming pc for an xbox but that is not the question/issue/statement in this thread. It was about the risk of having people moving away from Win10 on desktop in the comming years as most of their needs are supplied by iOS or Android (or a gaming console). The PC masterrace is an slowly shrinking part of the gaming comunity as there is so many alterntives. For causal gamin there is iOS and Android, for more heavy gaming there is serious gaming there is the consoles and also Android (Nvidia Shield and its streaming capacity). So what PC have is (IMHO) a better interface with keyboard and mouse giving better precissions for FPS and more options for MMOs and for now much more power. The last will also go away in a couple of years, if your console manage 4K HDR and VR then the Keyboard and mouse will not be enought to sell PC gaming to anyone but a small group that like to build their own machines. Being only needed in the homes as a gaming machine is not a survaliable option for PC. Even in the proffesional enviroment, how many truly needs much more than office and a browser?
  • I would say people will leave the mobile phone for the compact AR devices in the near future ;p
  • Grammar & spelling?
  • Already happened, did you miss Android has overtaken Windows as the biggest OS on internet?
  • 'on internet'
  • That story made great headlines, but is a little misleading. In an environment where a family has a phone for everyone but one or two PCs, not surprising Android would be the biggest OS. It's really an apples and oranges comparison.
  • If PC gaming moves away from Windows to Chrome or an Android OS, that's the day that I quit playing PC games.
  • Won't happen. Android or Chrome doesn't support custom changes like external GPUs and extra RAM. Nothing to worry about.
  • Windows Ten PC Central.....
  • Woohoo 😊. Long live WC.
  • I loved when the name was windowsphone central
  • And that's what still brings me to this site.  To scoop up any phone news.  Otherwise I think Daniel "...doth protest too much, methinks.". :) Don't be fooled this site has some great information, but the singular reason I think most readers come here is to get windowsphone central news.  With emphasis in "phone".
  • I gotta be honest, one of the reasons I still stick around is the community and the staff. It sure as hell isn't for W10M, as my faith in MS has pretty much died off a while ago, and outside the office I don't use Windows all that much. Thank you to Daniel and everyone involved, and thank you to all commentators and forum members, for creating one of the best communities I've had a chance of experiencing in my lifetime.
  • Thank you for being here with us!
  • Thanks the ones that are staying, not too much ones that go away
    Your money come from users like me, are you singing the same nadella song? Bash your users
  • You want him to thank the ones that leave?
  • They didn't leave a forwarding address.
  • Don't worry, most sneaked back under new names ;-)
  • <3
  • I'll never stop using the WPCentral.com url, I refuse to change. ;)
  • I still use it too :D
  • Jason Ward's name left off the roll call... Hmmmm
  • Yeah where my boy at? People love his topics.
  • Though I wish he'd be just a lot more concise and not ramble so much; I do like his articles overall.
  • Agreed. I like Rubio's writing, to the point, no wasted words.
  • I also agree! Great topics, just too many words used to arrive at them. And no, I DO like reading.
  • Daniel theese kind of articles are becoming really annoying, it seems, just a joke, that someone is paying you to do so if you continue on this way.
    I'm bored, really bored, guys
    Of course it's only my own opinion
    I've uninstalled for similar reasons mspu, npu, windowsteca and wbi and never went back...
    I like WC, but i hope that will not become toilet paper like mspu, enough is enough
    I've me too a bad feeling with ms nowadays seeing unfair politics of nadella or ms execs (like sarkar or Leblanc) using iphones..
    Anyway i feel that theese kind of articles are annoying a lot of your readers.
    We know that ms, under nadella, is doing a lot of mistakes that are compromising our beloved windows ecosystem, but reading this kind of stuff twice per day does not improve at all the situation
  • Of course someone is paying Daniel. He doesn't work for free you know. Seems you completely missed the entire message here.
  • That stuff is like a sort of joke, not serious words, i wrote it...
    But, do you feel all theese depressing articles are boring or not?...
  • We work here. How many times a day do you think we're discussing what's actually happening? We can't avoid it, and we may not like it, but it's where we are.
  • A boring work so, sorry :] Sorry my bad English, i'm just saying that reading such kind of articles twice per day is no good for everyone, i guess neither for you I believe also that soon or later relationship with MS will get problems too if you spread so much fud, sorry
    Of course just my own opinion Please don't turn into a copy of mspu
  • You and only you decide what you do with your life, including how much Windows related news to read. No one is forcing you to to go this site and read every-single-article.
  • This^
  • It seems some need to read the same sort of article over and over again before the message that WP is dead finally sinks in!
  • Thumbs up 👍🏾
  • Dan. I am glad you posted this. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys and gals do for the Windows community and the ever growing subjects and tech tidbits related to all things tech, not just Microsoft. I have been coming to Windows Central for quite a while for news and updates and love the consistent effort and high level of reporting from all of you. Keep up the awesome work and I for one love your work. Microsoft can learn a thing or two from you guys on keeping consumers and fans informed! Yeah...I had to throw a jab at MS to end this but I digress...lol
  • Whomever decided to add Windows to the mix in the time of old, thank you.
  • Come on Daniel. No shout out to Jason Ward?? Come on man. What, is he in the doghouse for the Cerulean coverage? That dude can write man. He's responsible for a lot of traffic here I'm sure. Why leave him out?
  • We have successfully shifted from quickly re-published news and uninformative app update articles to more in-depth editorials, analysis, and guides.
    Yeah, right. Like that article on how to use a Linux OS for a NAS.  
    No longer were just focusing on phones, but expanding to PCs, laptops, Surface, more on Xbox, and even HoloLens.
    All your articles about these hardware devices are barely depth. For PCs and laptops Ars Technica & Anandtech does a better job. For Xbox consoles and games, Ars, Anandtech and IGN still does a better job reviewing. In fact, your review for phones were barely acceptable compared to the likes of GSMArena, Pocketnow, et all. This site will be dead in 3 years after Microsoft announces the death of Windows Mobile. Remember those Zune sites. Do you ? 
  • Then why are you here and not at Ars et al?? You don't need to stop by since they barely have any 'depth' do you??
  • Thanks for stopping by.
  • Hi Ricardo. Is there anything in particular that draws you to our site? I'm sure something drew you here😉
  • @Jason Ward Simple. The site is in my Chrome Tabs History. I just scan the news/articles/articles comments and move on to my new (old) interest - Transformers. Sooner or later the site will be removed.
  • Honestly the decline of W10 Mobile affected your app mainly. Slow and crashing
  • That app was so terrible. The Android version works flawlessly btw, lol.
  • when will the funeral be? Windows rt went with a whimper lets not let Windows mobile go the same way.
  • Good guy Daniel saw the death of WP long ago, that's why this site switched from WP-only to Everything-Microsoft
  • Not everything! I hardly see an article covering Windows 7 or 8.1 which are on the majority of desktops worldwide....
  • Those people should move into the future. Or yell at their IT managers to bring them into the future ;-)
  • Well, it's been two years now and with all the MS efforts, ads and promotion that hasn't materialized, has it?!
  • because there are some of them smart enough not to use the latest crap called windows 10
  • and that future is iOS and Android based. Writing on the wall.
  • Not unless they figure out how to make them work on a 20+in screen with a keyboard/mouse. Many things (real games, large spreadsheets, documents, video/photo editing etc) just aren't going to happen on a mobile device.
  • Were... Expecially 8.x
  • Careful. They delete your comments when you call it.
  • The only reason I'm here is because of windows on phone. when I first got a windows phone and wanted to learn more I came across people like our Dan and Rich Woods Winbeta even Mr Mobile back in the day. I am a huge fan of Windows Mobile but windows on Pc or tablet. Nor am I a fan of Microsoft even though I have a surface I do not own anything Apple nor Android. Windows on Pc is something I like but not a fan
  • I feel similar. It was Windows Phone that brought me here. I do read many of the "other" articles, however it's Mobile that I'm primarily interested in. I'm not sure this site will matter that much to me if they completely kill mobile as we know it.
  • I was coming here for the Windows Phone coverage but I can see that the sites new broader coverage is the way to go for the future. It will mean that I will pay my visits less often, maybe once a week instead of close to every day but instead I have moved on to Android Central and mr Mobile so no loss for the larger company :-)
  • Mobile Nations as a company exists to help everyone, no matter what their preference. Makes us all happy you're enjoying the content offered by our other properties as well, even if we'd prefer to keep you all to ourselves!
  • All this site needs is the editor in chief it deserves. Jason Ward.
  • Thanks for the vote of confidence Arnold, but Dan's a great EiC😎. I'm glad you enjoy my and my colleagues work. We appreciate the support!
  • This is why you are great. Gracious even when not totaly honest. No matter what though I still stay on this site for my updates. And Windows Mobile wont fail. 
  • Re: Jason Ward,
    [... my colleagues and my ...]*
  • no daniel is doing a great job, jason is great yes but daniel should still be at the helm
  • Har har har.
  • I think Jason should be the lead or at least the co lead. I will say that Rubino is charismatic
  • Congratulations on your great success!
  • Thanks Dan. I agree wholeheartedly with the progression to the "world" of Windows. Excellent staff, excellent content. Keep up the great work.
  • I miss the old days. I'm glad to know this site will continue to be awesome. I would really love to see Windows on Mobile gain some momentum and market share but until then I'll still be cheering on from the sidelines from the Android section. Thank you guys for your continued work and coverage of the things we still care about and love.
  • Glad to hear it, thank you for responding Dan . I'm enjoying the podcast and the AskDanWindows episodes, along with the articles that do interest me. I appreciate the balanced view of things. The staff is great and the community is great too!
  • Dan, I have one request. Please stop having pages refresh when we post a comment or up/down vote other comments. Some comment threads get very long and there is no way I'm scrolling back through all of them.
  • Yes
  • Any chance you can do a windows on Android experience like Zac did for iOS?
  • didn't they say it's in the works?
  • Last podcast said its coming this week, but maybe next now since its already Thursday.
  • Personally? Don't play up to the fanboys. Mobiles won't be around in their existing form for long. And both Google and Apple will have to change their OS for completely different devices. Just as Windows desktop wasn't ideal for Mobiles. Android is NOT ideal for anything bigger than 7". ( Which is why Windows 10 is now winning tablet market, with even Samsung heavily making windows 10 tablets and Ultrabook's over Android ). MS Windows will always be relevant in the big screen market. ALWAYS. Because they own the business sector and own the PC gaming market as well as Social PC market. Apple has a measily 4% market share in PCs. And Android even less. Less and less people care about Phones like they did in its infancy. Sales are stagnant. And will soon decline with whatever new tech replaces the current touchscreen mobile in the next 10 years. The current phone market is a volatile market where people get a new device every year that should cost £600 up front. But instead pay nothing but a monthly contract. It's not a good thing that an Operating system success is based entirely on Loans. It has the potential through change in technology to crumble very hard. Very very hard indeed. Then where would that leave Android and Google?
  • The AR is already here. Not that hard to speculate it will replace the phone some time into the future.
  • Unless Microsoft figures out how to win back developers and development for Windows, you might want to start the next transition to Azure Central in the next 5 years.
  • In the gaming world all devs are already on Windows and some of them are Windows only too... For gaming world i mean stuff like Sin of a solar empire, not Candy crush
    Of course
  • If it was dead and its not, then finally we would not have to put up with this crappy app and the crappy articles like this any longer! You guys use to be the opposite!
  • Now, if only Microsoft were doing more to expand as well. It's nice you guys have, but it's hard to keep up the Surface traffic when Microsoft skips refreshing that line of products in 2017. We lost the Band coverage as that line died. Lumia's gone, so covering it follows by the nature of the incident. Mobile articles have turned into a bunch of vague "it might be over, but we don't know," to the point they aren't very interesting. That's on Microsoft for its lack of vocal planning, but it does hurt the quality of articles when they are so often predictable and redundant because of a lack of original content to discuss. Xbox has a console going, but we don't know how much room there is to talk about software on the exclusive side. When was the last time HoloLens had real news to discuss? Heck, when did we last get any Windows MR content to dive into? As a whole, Microsoft feels retrenched. Fewer Surfaces, fewer games, fewer phones, fewer IoT endeavors. The rest is so tight-lipped that too many things feel like reckless speculation that I'm honestly not crazy about. That just turns into rumors and disappointing hype (looking at you, "Surface Phone in 2017" articles). Paul's streams might be the only tangible content I find enjoyable at the moment because of how ethereal Microsoft's actual stuff has been of late. I want to see new products and features, but they're making it really difficult. Here's hoping E3 can jumpstart the Xbox content going forward. We need some new IPs to see and be excited about. Maybe May 2nd gives us new toys and VR content to excite us. They sure have the past and potential to make this site loaded with interesting content, but Microsoft's gotta DO something.
  • Most of us are still coming here because of the Windows Phone. This site grew off of a Windows Phone and is the only site, besides MSWinpowerUser with the legit news on the subject. But all these recent whining about the "death" of Windows Phone just got a little annoying. I would say "stop whining", and try to give us more REAL news what's "cooking" ahead. Also keep in mind that a huge base of Nokia fans are still coming here too, myself included. Try to keep them closer to you, because once Nokia releases Nokia 9, and it becomes available worldwide, many Nokia fans will drop Windows mobile platform, but still would probably want to utilize Windows Eco System...because they invest into it.. So, your recent subjects about Samsung 8, "Microsoft Edition" might become really handy for the Nokia "diehard" fans who embraced this platform back in 2011 but are starting to leave now because Microsoft did not want to invest into Windows Phone as much as they did... SAD 😢
  • I will tell you something... There is nothing "cooking" ahead. Just more clouds over the horizon.
  • A little annoying?
    You mean a lot :)
  • You are right.
    I also came from Nokia symbian and that led me to Windows. I believe many others are the same. Interesting to see if Nokia/HMD trust or will work with Microsoft in the near the future.
  • .
  • i seriously miss microsoft phone, i look longingly at my 950xl i miss cortana, to this day she is much more efficent and fun to use than siri. but i can't switch back i just can't, performance is a big factor. my iphone is lightning fast. remember the days when windows phone 8 8.1 was just as fast and they even had contests how fast a windows phone was? not anymore. i need to be able to screen shot , text message , switch apps, send gifs at lightning speed and i just can't with microsoft phone at least not now
  • I don't know why Microsoft is letting Windows Phone die on the vine. If they finally kill WP off then Microsoft will be at the total mercy of Anrdoid and iOS. Both iOS and Android would love to kill off all of Microsoft's apps and have that business for themselves.  For the sake of own ecosystem Microsoft needs Windows Phone.
  • They don't care because they already killed it. I was just reading a forum on Facebook about some 3D printer and someone came asking for iOS and Android apps. Nobody ask about Windows Mobile.
  • Whats the forum? I'll go ask
  • I've only been a member for a few years and being a phone fan, visited on occasion long before that. The reasons I became a member was the increasing diversity of articles related to all of Microsoft products & services. Growth is important to every site. Not just for us readers but to retain great staff as well. Regardless of the phones status, I’m bit concerned of the growing number of phone articles & titles that evoke bitter responses from trolls on both sides of the debate.  Some never owed a MS product and claim they did, while others wished they didn't’t and some like me who will be probably be buried with something MS. God I love the Internet.. I don’t feel current or former fans should feel ashamed to be on their favorite site but can only begin to understand the difficulty journalists have at balancing principals. I’ll never claim to be an expert but hope we can all find some balance because it can drive off the core.   Cheers!
  • Let's be honest. If the app gap were such a roadblock to success of WM, MS could have subsidized the development. Look at the money wasted on the Nokia acquisition and ask yourselves how little of that money could have been used for app development subsidies. I have been with WM/WP since 5.0. I have been cast aside twice now and expect that my Lumia 950 will see the same fate. I don't know what to advise my wife to do when her Lumia 1020 dies. MS has no mobile strategy that I can see, at least not one that would make me comfortable enough to stay. I will, to the very end, of course. But from a loyal customer standpoint, MS has been irresponsible, neglectful, and disrespectful. Just tell us where you are going with mobile, MS, so we know whether you intend to support us. How hard is that to do.
  • AFAIK, there was significant app subsidization in the WP8 timeframe.  People took the money, rolled out the bare minimum, and then did no continuing work, as the market share wasn't there (and the horrible dev platform was on its third (!) major iteration in five years).  
  • To nwnjjim. Microsoft has told us where to go. By selling Samsung Galaxy with Android, in their own store, the message should be very clear to everyone. At some point I'm sure things will change. But if you need a new phone now, it seems that Samsung Galaxy 8 is the way to go.
  • Yep agreed
  • I don't see Windows dying, especially not in the foreseeable future. They are implemented in many things and will continue even more.
    Windows Central will continue to grow.
    I just hope the negativity reduces and people who are either trolling or moved away from Windows/Mobile, either leave or watch silently, as that's where the majority of the negativity comes from.
  • But when first to troll are some tech journalists this is a major issue
  • We all talk that Windows 10 Mobile/Phone is dead, like it is a bad thing. This is true. The fact is it must die to move forward. Microsoft is pushing boundaries and I want to believe the next iteration of devices will become the dream pocket PC. As Mr. Nadella told Business Insider that after the mobile phone, the next category of personal computing will be a "fabric of devices." That is why I still believe Surface - not Surface phone - is coming and will be an array of sizes, including a 5 or 6 inch phone size. All sizes will be PCs that can make/take calls, send/revice messages, contect to displays while supports multiple bluetooth inputs, etc. This was Bill Gates dream when he was still in charge at Microsoft. Push boundaries then to make the Pocket PC. The first small device that could run a slimmed down version of Windows. DON'T lose hope in Microsoft, know that making things like computer chips even smaller isn't easy and requires many trials-and-errors before success can be claimed.    
  • I read an interview with Bill Gates back in 2009. Way back then he was talking about what become the Hp Elite x3. He envisioned a Windows based pocket pc that you docked and it had a display and peripherals plugged in. He should have stayed the course with it, even in light of the Windows Phone os. They could have been developed separately. To think what could have been.
  • That's what I'm hoping for.. It's just so damn far off.
  • You can pick up the hints and traces. Last article i read about an interview with Nadella, he mentioned about having one OS (Windows 10) for all devices. Let see how will this WoARM going to turn out.
  • But even the Surface line is hurting now. I'm begging to think I need to switch back to Android. I don't want to, but thanks to Microsoft, I'm being forced to.
  • Microsoft discontinued my Lumia 1520, Microsoft not focusing Windows Mobile seriously so I will change my mobile to another platform temporary. I know Windows 10 mobile has more future plans for success, After that success i will come back, because I love WP more than any other platform mobiles.
  • So stay and get a 950xl, why not?
  • 1520 is old.. It would've been discontinued whether WP was a success, or not.... It's discontinued with every other Android, iOS, and Windows, device that that came out late 2013... Seriously.
  • Guys calm down. It's all now like WP7.8 but Windows and UWP are here to stay. From now (months:P) it's gonna be just one Windows 10 also on mobile devices. Hopefully this is the final step of Windows evolution with new wave of devices.
  • That is exactly what they said with WP8 and W10M. Now again, they are saying that this time, for real, W10 is going to be the same on each device! I will believe it when I see it.
  • I was drawn to this site because of Windows Phone. I've stuck to this site because of Windows 10. Honestly, it's come to the point that I trust Windows Central more than Microsoft's own sites for Windows/Microsoft-related news. As for Windows on phones in whatever form, everyone's been talking about it being dead. Please. From Pocket PC, to Windows Mobile 6, Windows Phone 7 and 8, and Windows 10 Mobile -- Windows may have never been the most popular mobile operating system, but it predated both iOS and Android, and will continue to exist in one form or another. I use my Lumia 950 XL and other Windows mobile phones before that because it serves me better than Android or iOS, and the lack of shiny new features in the Creators Update, while not adding to the experience, doesn't cut down on it in any way either. I don't know what Microsoft has planned next for mobile, but I'm pretty sure that it's not dead. If anything, they're probably keeping it hush until it's ready to be unveiled. After all, unlike Apple who drives up hype for the smallest incremental (at best) improvements to their product lines, Microsoft never played it that way. Case in point for Apple: Annual iPhone releases that improve only slightly with each generation (and, arguably, every release is actually inferior in specs to other phones already on the market at similar prince points). Case in point for Microsoft: Did anyone see Hololens coming until it was announced? I, for one, am sitting tight and looking forward to what Microsoft may have in store, such as the fabled "Surface Phone". And if that fable ends up being nothing more than rumor and there really is nothing more to be seen from Microsoft on the mobile front, unlikely as that may be, then I transition to Android knowing that Microsoft is there, too. After all, my love for Windows on phones started with Nokia, and with Nokia now back with Android handsets, I'll still be right at home.
  • Nokia will not have anymore one euro from me, they disappointed me too much, far more than nadella
  • I can't blame you. Before they sold their devices division, Nokia was run by Stephen Elop, who was a former Microsoft executive and steered the company towards the Microsoft acquisition rather than to real customer satisfaction. Not many people were okay with that. With Elop gone and Nokia (as well as Microsoft) under new leadership, I'm hoping they've learned their lesson now and with their reemergence, it will be interesting to see where they will be headed. After all, people learn more from their mistakes than their successes. Never close your doors to options.
  • Pretty much summed up everything I was going to post. Saved me from a lot of tedious typing.😀
  • Haha! Glad to know I'm not the only one, then. :P
  • To Overkill_001 You said what I think too. Microsoft is waiting with releasing until they are ready to take the market. In the meantime, if you not find a handset with Windows on, then pick an Android for the time beeing.
  • I'm pretty sure Microsoft's mobile strategy for Consumers was wrong in the last 2 years but this doesn't mean its the end of Microsoft for building smartphones and other mobile hardware (wearables, IoT consumer stuff like drones, connected toys, etc).  Smartphones are here to stay, at least for 13 more years for sure. Until 2030, I see difficult that the next big thing substitutes or replaces the concept as a smartphone as we know today in 2017. Microsoft should reborn in Q3 2017 a new Mobile OS which is not based on Windows, they need to stop using that name because it simply didn't work, and start with something else, like Open Source. Just my 2 cents.
  • Why? Windows on pc & tablets has a good reputation
  • That's right and I think Windows should be kept on 2 in 1 devices and tablets larger than 10" and of course PC's, desktops, PC sticks, AIO, game consoles etc. The problem is Mobile ecosystem and wearables and IoT, history has showed that Windows OS failed due to poor developer support, so its time to learn from mistakes and start a new era with a new Mobile OS. 
  • I'm banned? Why i can't post on the other thread?
  • Not banned, I can see your comment and I think its important to differentiate between what Microsoft has achieved success and what hasn't and you make good points since PC's using Windows is success, but smartphones using Windows is a fail, its time to put our feet on the ground and stop thinking that iOS Bridge will help with App Gap since it won't happen, developers won't take time to port their iOS code to Windows no matter if Microsoft pays money to them, they simply cannot add all that complexity, there is a reason why Android is open source and Microsoft should follow that path.
  • Microsoft discontinued my Lumia 1520, Microsoft not focusing Windows Mobile seriously so I will change my mobile to another platform temporary. I know Windows 10 mobile has more future plans for success, After that success i will come back, because I love WP more than any other platform mobiles.
  • No mention of the dreamy boy?
  • WC used to be my go to for Windows Mobile info but now I come for the all around tech news.  Especially the Xbox news.  Jez is knocking it out of the park.
  • yeb same here I do not give a dam about Xbox news and any games!
  • What about put money together and let build windows phone!
  • your comment fits your profil pic
  • Request: there is XBox the ~platform~ and then there are XBox ~games~. Can I humbly suggest that the degrees of separation between "Windows" and a topic are narrowed, a game is not closely related to Windows just because it runs ON it or the Microsoft XBox platform. If you need the gamer crowd to ensure ad revenue is maintained, I'm happy to pay a $99 annual subscription to this site to rid the WC feed of such gems of utter uselesness like "Best Weapons in Game blah blah blah". Same goes for "How to clean a mouse pad". Or "The Latest in VR porn!".  Or "Microsoft celebrates Earth Day!". What's next, "Sidewalks on Redmond campus repainted!". "Panos on a new diet!". " Talk about hamming it up. Windows Central is a mature site, leave the tabloid material to some other sites. Quality, not quantity.
  • 100% agree with this
  • I also would back a subscription service if offered.
  • Its reassuring to know my favourite journalists are here to stay :)
  • It just means, there won't be anymore articles on Windows Phone? Should just rename the site Microsoft Center or something, lol.
  • The "death" of  Windows Mobile won't kill this site but all of your negative articles will.  You guys are turning out to be just as bad as all the liberal mainstream media.
  • Mission accomplished.
  • I dont know about others.. But for me if Window 10 Mobile is abandoned, i am not visiting Windows Central again...
  • And as I've noted in the article, we'll still be doing just fine. We don't want any of the core audience to leave, but our year over year growth will continue with or without you. It's your choice.
  • I believe windows central is here to stay. Just because MS fcked up with windows phone doesn't mean every related news website should also go down the hill with them.
  • I like W10, Android + OS X and enjoy a fair amount of tech press.
    My favourite title is Windows Central and that despite the car crash that is mobile.
    So it's good to hear WC is doing well in a crowded market. Keep up the good work folks.
  • There's a lot more to Windows/Microsoft than just phones. I'm a big time Windows Phone fan and still rocking a L1520. Just like many other fans, I'm disappointed with the current Windows Phone situation. For what it's worth, I remember MS stock was in the high $30 (not even $40) when Nadella took over. Today, it's at $68. So, clearly MS is doing something right, just not with their phones. I agree with Dan, with or without Windows Phone, this site/app will continue to thrive. As a matter of fact, Windows Central is the only app/site I use/visit daily to get my Windows fix :-) Kudos to Dan and his team!!!
  • I've been with Windows mobile probably as long as Daniel Rubino, maybe even longer. I started out on a Dell Axim x5 which ran the Pocket PC 2002 operating system. From that point on I was hooked! The lineage goes Dell Axim x5, Palm Treo 700w ( I had 2 of these ), Verizon xv6700 ( also had 2 ), HTC Tilt, HTC Tilt 2, Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, Nokia Lumia 1520 and my current device is a Lumia 950xl. I came from this at the perspective of a Windows computer that can be a "phone". The bottom line is that if it doesn't run Windows then I'm not interested. I'm 14 years in and not about to jump ship to a mobile Linux distro.
  • Keep up the good work!!!!
  • "We're invited to all the . . . embargos . . ." I don't think one is "invited" to an embargo.
  • oh, you are.
  • Great article Dan, thank you for the reassurance, the site is thriving and a great hub for all things Microsoft related, I use the app on SP4 and L650 and its great to see you guys on Beam and Community Calendar on my XB1, is there any chance you might get the Windows Central App on XB1?
  • Thanks, and yes, would like to put the app on Xbox. We'll see about making it happen well before Scorpio.
  • Awesome! I will wait patiently.
  • Broke my 950 the other day, so have just bought a 950xl. Arrives tomorrow.
    I've been using and enjoying the service you chaps provide for a while now. Been on WM since Windows 7 on my HD7.
    Cracking job folks.
  • I had a HD7 too! Still have it and it's still kicking! Then the Lumia 925, then the Alcatel Ontouch Fierce XL. Now the 950XL! Hope you enjoy the 950xl as much as I do!
  • Great article! The death of 'Windows Phone' should never be your main concern at WC. WP is dead but Windows on mobile is very much alive. Most Microsoft's services are still available on other mobile platforms - and they're much more feature-packed and stable than their counterparts on Win10M. Please take this site away from the negativity of Windows Phone disappointments. There's still a lot of good stuff out there. Microsoft is, after all, a software company first.
  • windows on mobile is nothing but DEAD..stop dreaming. Having outlook and office on the other platforms does not mean windows on mobile is alive.
  • If I move to Android - I will be visiting Android sites more often. But yes for my desktop - I will be here for adivice and awesome commenting!
  • Since Windows Phone accounts for about 0.0000000000001% of the smart phone market share then the proportional percentage of articles here on Windows central will reflect that reality. It makes sense.
  • The sad part is that I started with the Nokia Lumia 900 when it was windows 7, hoping and waiting for the windows 8 update. Came to my sadness that it was only getting the 7.5 it was very aggravating. So I got the 920 and loved it even fought through until instagram became a valid app. Then I went to the 640xl and got hyped on windows 10 because Microsoft was on a fresh idea. Then poof dropped like flies, it was sad.
  • Sticking here no matter what!
  • Keep up the good work everyone at Windows Central!   You're writting and coverage is Awesome!  
  • We're all big windows phone fans here, so I'm sure everyone who cares has already noticed this, but has everyone else noticed how closely the w10m creators update resembles full w10? At this rare I think it's fair to say that we're only a couple of more Redstone builds away from w10m looking and functioning fully like windows 10.  Clearly we're seeing a full os integration. Bring on Windows-on-arm and that's where windows on mobile will be in the next 12 months. 
  • Windows 10 is going nowhere. The PC is going nowhere (in an upgrade cycle actually, getting growth again). Gaming PCs have had consistant growth all through this period. Tablets are actually shrinking outside of budget and windows (Apple and samsung both) - for about four years in a row now. Consoles are going nowhere, still selling strong. Average every day consumers, statistically use windows machines as always. Just some people (likely the poor) only have phones. iOS and Android are poor cousins of windows, even at a basic level like the simple browser, or the media player. And MS makes great money. It's not really a question of is MS going to stay around, or stay strong. Anyone that thinks this way, hasn't looked at market figures, considered software development funding etc.
    The real question is, what happens long term. There's no real way google can reach into the desktop or server space. You can't scale 3-4 dollar app purchases up to enterprise grade software. Apple has made no moves toward hybrid despite being a player who actually could be. So what happens when MS herculean convergence OS comes together? Where it literally runs the same on smartwatch, dehumidifier, smartphone, tablet, server, console?
    I think that kind of weight is going to throw a lot of pressure on the other two, because its a developers dream. Code once, huge audience, multiple platforms. The remaining questions are things like -who will have the best assistant, what other arena's can be apple or googles win?
    Will apple even survive the very incoming downturn in smartphone growth, to negative growth, given their dependance on the iphone?
    What I see happening, isn't the end of MS. As audascious as some may find it - its more the death of someone like amazon, or apple, who's product portfolio is not as diverse as MS or google, and more dependant on "a phase" in technology.
  • Re: aka Drael64646464,
    Respectively, very hard to read. I assume, you spent the time writing, so you hoped others would read what you wrote. So you do want to communicate?
  • In a whole lot of words, he is saying that MS is a diversified software company that has its fingers in many different pots. Apple and Android are pretty much one trick pony's (iPhone and 5-6in screens) that could be drastically effected if there is a shakeup in the smartphone market.
  • Stop talking negative about windows mobile, all I seem to see here is news about android and ios and all that crap stop it and maybe try to be positive. I been coming less and less to this site due to this.
  • Don't worry Windows Central..........I will still follow you even though I will get a Android phone
  • Absoloutly nobody thinks windows phone or uwp is going to live much longer. They are failed experiments.
  • http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/797931/windows-ph...
  • Don't give up. Support what you like, or be part of the problem.
    I don't blindly follow a crowd. I don't need a shiny glittering new phone very often. My Windows Phone works great.
    Just this evening, Comcast Xfinity dropped our TV signal again, so we used a Lumia 950 with continuum and the dock to stream the baseball game to our big screen HD TV. Worked great.
    Best Wishes
  • You will close Windows Central as well. Simple!!! lolz
    BTW that was a stupid question to ask...
  • The next question should be What does the 'death of Daniel Rubino' mean for Windows Central? An "Loyal" Microsoft Customers response.
    Please take no offense. Everyone has to die. :)
  • I rely on the site for all Windows news. Keep up the good work
  • **** you too Windows central may everyone stop reading that **** if something happens to windows mobile may all if Microsoft soft go down. Without windows mobile the rest dont mean ****. The phone was the best thing to happen to Windows so **** off windows central **** yall sell out *******
  • Nothing else to read hear no windows mobile then no Windows anything time to get ps4 and say **** the rest got dam yall to hell
  • Whoops. Millions of Android phones are wide open to hackers:
  • Good article.  A few things no one seems to be talking about concerning the future of Windows Phone Even if there are no new hardware sales from Microsoft that does not mean that some OEM won't produce a new Windows Phone in late 2017 or even in 2018 Everything still works; we can still use Microsoft services.  Even though a few apps were killed off by Microsoft in the transition to Windows 10, like the Health app, most everything else is still around The Windows Store still shows apps for Windows Phone. Creators Update is still available through the Insider program for those that want to run it without official support from Microsoft Old Windows Phones are still available onilne, if you're willing to look for them It will be several years before Windows Phone completely dissapear in the wild, as the phones developed by Nokia and Microsoft are good quality and hold up over time.  I still have my old 635.  You can still buy an old Zune as well.  There are different ways of looking at this.  
  • I didn't come to this site for Windows Phone articles. Since I've never owned a Windows Phone. I started coming here to see what is going on in the world of Microsoft. Specifically the Surface Products. So, I will keep coming here. I think that W10m is on the way out. I believe that it will be replaced with some form of Windows 10 able to run on an ARM chip. More than likely some sort of Surface device yet to be shown. It would be nice to hear from Microsoft as to where they are headed with Mobile.
  • What the hell? it already has. the site's name changed.
  • Hmm folks the report that shows Microsoft not investing in windowx smart phone devices May not be the complete story WHY= because Microsoft's secret test labs that Build & Test Micropsoft's device prototypes  does not make public what they are working on because they are CONCEPT PRODUCTS. that may never make it to  the market place. The "SURFACE SMART PHONES are in that  CATAGORY. All microsoft has to do now is make Windows 10 Mobile software not hardware that is what Microsoft CEO Nadella wanted microsoft to do -ANY HOW- Frankly since windows smart phones are not selling well that's the best place for microsoft to stay and let it's OEM partner make the physical smart phones if they choose to.