What does the 'death of Windows phone' mean for Windows Central?

Windows Central has traditionally covered a lot of Windows Mobile and Windows phones news and related stories. So what does the unfortunate state of Windows 10 Mobile mean for the website?

At Windows Central, many of us still love our Windows phones. We write all kinds of stories about them, and the OS, all the time. Just take a look at our home page. But we're also very much aware of the sad state of Microsoft's mobile OS, and many of us now use iOS and Android phones (gasp!), in addition to or in place of Windows Mobile devices.

You better believe that the Windows Central writers and editors consider the future (or lack thereof) of Windows 10 Mobile a lot, as well as what the evolution of the platform means to our website. So it's no surprise that our readers are thinking about the same thing, as demonstrated by a recent thread in the Windows Central forum, titled "Will Windows Central survive the death of Windows Mobile?", from member hamphlet.

I only ask because a quick look at the comments statistics on articles reveals that they go through the roof on most Windows Mobile subjects but sometimes barely raise an eyebrow on other more general Microsoft matters. It shouldn't be forgotten that up until a couple of years ago this website was essentially devoted to Windows Phone and only started diversifying when they saw the writing on the...


We wish things had played out differently for Windows Mobile, but that's just not the reality today. And as such, we often think and strategize about how to provide real value to Windows Central readers today, tomorrow, a week from now and a year from now. That means creating compelling content for people who continue to use Windows phones, people who are planning to switch platforms or have recently jumped ship, and perhaps more importantly, for people who are interested in Windows or other Microsoft services but who never used a Windows phone at all. (You might be surprised by how many of the site's readers fit this bill.)

What say you, Windows Central reader? Do you visit us only for Windows-phone-related coverage? If Microsoft decided to kill off Window 10 Mobile tomorrow, would you stop reading the site? Or did you find us for some reason that's unrelated to Windows phones and couldn't care less about Microsoft's mobile OS? Hit the link below and let us know.

In the forums: Will Windows Central survive the death of Windows Mobile?

Al Sacco

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