Designer shows a look for Windows 10 inspired by Windows 10X

Windows 10x Acrylic Concept
Windows 10x Acrylic Concept (Image credit: vGLAD)

What you need to know

  • A designer created a concept of what Windows 10 would look like when utilizing some design elements of Windows 10X.
  • The mock-ups show the Windows 10X Start Menu within Windows 10.
  • The designs also show an app splash screen with acrylic effects.

A designer decided to take some inspiration from Windows 10X to see what Windows 10 would look like with a refresh. The mock-ups take elements from the new Windows 10X and mix them into Windows 10. In addition to focusing on acrylic effects and transparency, the designs bring the new Start Menu from Windows 10X into Windows 10.

The designs show off similar effects within the splash screen of the Weather app and within the app itself. vGLAD created a video as well, so you can see the effect in motion.

Blur effects can be very attractive, but with the wrong wallpaper can become distracting. It takes skill to balance the depth of acrylic effects while maintaining an app and operating system's functionality. What do you think of these designs? Would you like to see these elements make their way to Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.

Sean Endicott
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  • Windows team won't listen to my other ideas which I've shared with them a year ago. I've created at least 53 prototypes for Win 10 environment but not shared it publicly for a reason.
  • @ads13 "Windows team won't listen to my other ideas which I've shared with them a year ago" ...or perhaps the Windows Team simply weren't impressed with your ideas.
  • Meh. W10X looks like KDE's default skin from, like, 10 years ago. Nice, but hardly "gorgeous." Though I wouldn't mind if some of the design elements from W10X end up in W10.
  • This was on the Reddit forum Windows Redesign. I thought it was well done.
  • That really does look great. I like the implied task bar area.
  • This looks awesome and I wish Microsoft would really consider. That Start Menu is I think better than what we have now in Windows 10 X. This concept features cards/widgets similar to Microsoft Launcher, which can replace Live Tiles. Not to mention is more consistent UI between two platforms. The odd omission though is the lack of Timeline button, which I think is still great for Desktop and at least I usse quite often.
  • Timeline barely works correctly on Windows 10. That recents bit would be great if it worked properly. It's incredible how Windows can forget what I was doing 2 minutes ago but remember irrelevant stuff I was doing hours before, and surface that stuff instead.
  • There must be a weird logic or machine learning at play here. I think by default and depends on the app, in order for an activity to show in Timeline, it may need to be few minutes before it takes a snapshot of that activity. Example, I visited a website but only few few seconds. Likely that is not recordes to Timeline. In my case I mostly use Timeline to go back to things I previously working on like in Photoshop, which surprisingly works. For web, I use Timeline extension for Microsoft Edge and all the sites I visited if it's longer than 3 minutes will show up on my Timeline. Not to mention I can use search whic is pretty handy.
  • This is so far the best concept UI for windows 10. Fluent design concepts well thought, even MS hasnt implemented fluent design properly in Windows 10.
  • I hope 10x will look even way better than 10.
  • Aero Glass is now “Acrylic”.
  • Windows has never had a well designed interface... Vista's Aero Glass was OK, that's about it though. I would welcome something like this, but it would have to have a dark mode, as for me, white is not not right ;)
  • Yes, I agree. White is right.