Destiny 2 beta kicks off today on Xbox One

Bungie kicks off the Xbox One open beta for its next big project, Destiny 2, on Xbox One today. Anyone who has preordered the game can jump in starting today with early access, while the beta will open up to everyone on Xbox One, regardless of whether you preordered or not, on July 21.

As far as content is concerned, the Destiny 2 beta includes a look at the opening mission of the game's story. On the multiplayer front, you'll also be able to check out two competitive modes, along with the three-player Inverted Spire strike mission.

If you preordered Destiny 2, you should be able to download the beta now via the Xbox Store on your console and start playing. For everyone else, you can jump in on July 21. The beta period is set to end on July 23. The game itself will launch in full on September 6.

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Destiny 2 beta: Release dates, preorders, and everything else you need to know

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  • im not excited for this. i dont know if i will even download it. 
  • I'm playing it, it's not bad. It is kinda what Destiny 1 should've been. Particle affects are way better, guns sound better and feel better; and believe it or not the new loadout works. Only thing is heavy weapons feel underpowered.
  • I ran the first Destiny into the ground as best I could (got the t-shirt to prove it) and the beta makes me believe that I will be spending hour on hour with this one too
  • I'll play the beta. But Im not buying the game. "Damn Endless grind to Simply Try and Incrementally outloot the Next Yocal part 2" is not worth my money. See what I did there?
  • This beta is nothing like the first one, this one is very short.