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To emerge victorious in Destiny 2, you'll need an Exotic weapon by your side. Here's everything you need to know about the Exotic weapons that have been confirmed so far.

Destiny 2 is just around the corner and alongside its release, a whole new arsenal of weapons will be available for players to explore. Among these will be a new collection of weapons with "Exotic" rarity – a class that contains some of the game's most powerful and creative firearms.

With only one Exotic weapon equipable at a single time, choosing which one to carry can be a tough decision. We've rounded up all the Destiny 2 weapons confirmed so far after the game's pre-release beta, with a breakdown of their perks and best scenarios. Don't forget to keep an eye on this page going into September, because we'll have details on each of the final game's Exotic weapons shortly after launch.

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Sweet Business

Easily identified by its Gatling-type rotary barrel, Sweet Business is one of a unique Exotic announced for Destiny 2. Between its distinct styling and weapon perks, the auto rifle differentiates itself from other firearms of its class, standing out as a great companion for any player sporting the Titan class.

With a high rate of fire of 300 rounds per minute and a 99-round magazine, Sweet Business is a rifle that delivers pure carnage on the battlefield. Although only dealing Kinetic damage, its raw power is a great way of quickly mowing down enemies with a single magazine. Its sizeable clip also lends a hand, providing most players with a few kills before needing to reload. This makes Sweet Business an almost unbeatable choice for player versus environment (PvE) encounters, especially when facing off against groups of trash mobs, or simply dealing consistent damage to bosses.

Despite Sweet Business having potential in player versus player (PvP), several traits also limit its ubiquity in combat. Most notably, its rotary barrel requires some time before delivering a consistent fire rate, which sometimes just isn't viable when under pressure from real opponents. The gun's slow reload time also adds a huge burden between those 99 rounds, leaving players exposed for the duration of the animation.

Here's a breakdown of five weapon perks available as a part of the Sweet Business' upgrade path.

  • Payday (Intrinsic): Larger magazine, increased accuracy when firing from the hip.
  • Polygonal rifling: Barrel optimized for recoil reduction, increases stability.
  • High-caliber rounds: Shots from this weapon knock the target back further, slightly increases range.
  • Business Time: Holding down the trigger boosts this weapon's range and rate of fire, and automatically loads ammo pickups into the magazine.
  • Composite Stock: This weapon has a versatile dual-purpose stock, slightly increases stability, slightly increases handling speed.

In Short: Sweet Business a great weapon for delivering damage in various PvE scenarios, although its drawbacks will significantly affect those playing competitive multiplayer.


Riskrunner is a submachine gun that comes with an electrifying edge, with abilities centered around its Arc damage traits. This sleek and stylish weapon delivers generally balanced statistics overall but truly shines in a limited set of scenarios.

The passive "Arc Conductor" ability is one of Riskrunner's most appealing features, with increased damage and damage resistance once the ability is activated. When paired with the "Superconductor" perk, which turns shots into chain lightning, the weapon can be a lethal choice across the entire Destiny 2 sandbox.

Frustratingly, activating Arc Conductor can prove to be difficult in some situations, by requiring the player to take Arc damage while this weapon is equipped. Players can maintain the ability's duration by killing players in succession once activated, but triggering the perk in the first place can prove to be challenging.

Though its passive ability may come with a level of inconsistency, the weapon itself is still a great, well-rounded submachine gun. Stability, handling, and range are all relatively high, but reloading speed is lost in the process.

These are the perks available with all Riskrunner submachine guns and how they affect weapon performance.

  • Arc conductor (Intrinsic): When taking Arc Damage, this weapon becomes more powerful and resists incoming Arc Damage. Kills extend the time in this overcharged state.
  • Arrowhead Brake: Lightly vented barrel, great control of recoil, increases handling speed.
  • Extended Mag: This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower. Greatly increases magazine size, greatly decreases reload speed.
  • Superconductor: When Arc Conductor is active, shots fired have the chance to become chain lightning and return ammo.
  • Short-Action Stock: This weapon is especially easy to grip. Greatly increases handling speed.

In short: Although its passive ability isn't something to rely on, Riskrunner is a well-rounded submachine gun across all of Destiny 2's modes.


Sunshot doesn't differ hugely from your average hand cannon in terms of handling, but some hidden tricks make for a well-rounded sidearm. With an average fire-rate for such a weapon and eight round clip, Sunshot doesn't immediately jump out but when taking into accounts its perks it delivers some unique additions to consider during gunplay.

As the name suggests, Sunshot's delivers solar damage, with perks that all center around the same damage type. Although its passive "Sunburn" ability and the "Sun Blast" perk aren't hugely outstanding, when combined they add an explosive and fiery edge to every shot fired.

Also providing stable handling and quick reloads, Sunshot is best suited for those PvP encounters that get up close and personal. That's not to say the weapon should be avoided in PvE combat, although its effects are more noticeable in competitive play.

Here's a breakdown of the Sunshot's Solar abilities, alongside the various other enhancements available.

  • Sunburn (Intrinsic): This weapon fires explosive rounds and highlights targets that take damage from Sunshot.
  • Chambered Compensator: Stable barrel attachment, increases stability, improves recoil direction, slightly decreases handling speed.
  • Accurized Rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances, increases range.
  • Sun Blast: Targets killed with Sunshot explode in Solar energy.
  • Textured Grip: The friction on this weapon's grip is particularly strong. Greatly increases handling speed, slightly decreases stability.

In Short: The Sunshot might not look so special at first glance, but it packs a majority of the traits associated with a great hand cannon.

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