Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is just around the corner and alongside its release, a whole new arsenal of weapons will be available for players to explore. Among these will be a new collection of weapons with "Exotic" rarity – a class that contains some of the game's most powerful and creative firearms.

With only one Exotic weapon equipable at a single time, choosing which one to carry can be a tough decision. We've rounded up all the Destiny 2 weapons available at launch.

  • Borealis (PS4 exclusive)
  • Coldheart
  • D.A.R.C.I.
  • Fighting Lion
  • Graviton Lance
  • Hard Light
  • Legend of Acrius
  • Merciless
  • MIDA Multi-Tool
  • Rat King
  • Riskrunner
  • Skyburner's Oath
  • Sturm
  • Sunshot
  • Sweet Business
  • The Prospector
  • The Wardclif Coil
  • Tractor Cannon
  • Vigilance Wing
  • 'World-Eater'

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