We're headed to the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere on May 18!

Bungie recently announced the gameplay premiere of its Destiny 2 title on May 18, and that will be your first chance to see Destiny 2 in action and learn how it has evolved from its predecessor. That would be exciting enough, but there's even more reason to be excited: Windows Central will be there, covering the event firsthand.

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The Destiny 2 premiere event invite package

Destiny 2 gameplay invite

We knew we'd be attending the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere, but the physical invite package came as quite a surprise. Inside the tiny, unassuming box, we found the following:

  • A metal Ghost pin.
  • A 4-inch Cayde-6 figurine.
  • A physical invite card.

The pin came cleverly attached to the inside of a fold-out cardboard case, making it a delight to discover. Who doesn't like a good metal pin, right? And it looks just like a Ghost, the floating robotic AI that helps Guardians (players) along their journies in the original Destiny. The black paint really helps the details stand out, too.

The Deadpool, I mean Cayde-6, figurine is a super-deformed (cutesy) likeness of the fan-favorite character who appeared in the first Destiny and will return in the second. Cayde-6 is a Hunter Vanguard (basically the top Hunter) who assigns missions and sells items in the Tower. The Tower, an important Destiny hub area, will find itself under assault in Destiny 2.

Could these trinkets be seen as bribes? Do they guarantee that we'll cover Destiny 2 favorably? Of course not.

Swag such as toys, pins, and shirts is quite common for these major releases. Professional critics and journalists don't allow it to affect their opinions of a game. Heck, I got some nice Farming Simulator 17 swag and gave that game a 2.5/5 rating, while the physical Collector's Edition of Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II still resulted in an honest review with a 4/5.

Prepare for the darkness

Destiny 2 gameplay invite

The Destiny 2 premiere invite card is not without its share of intrigue. One side simply relays the details of the event. The other cryptically states:

Welcome to a world without light.

Below the message, we see a dead ghost, its light extinguished. Light is a sort of magic-like technology and the source of the Guardians' powers. The Ghosts float along, acting as both talkative companions and channeling light from the Traveler (a mysterious, city-sized sphere credited with saving humanity from an enemy called The Darkness) into the Guardians.

Destiny 2 will definitely see the Guardians on the run, stripped of their powers. Along with the cryptic message about the loss of light, this seems to imply that either the Ghosts have been disabled in Destiny 2, or the Traveler's Light has otherwise been disabled. Note that the image of a dead Ghost is no big deal in and of itself – players encounter and revive a number of these in the original game. But losing access to the light altogether is a pretty big deal! Dark days ahead, indeed.

Destiny 2 impressions coming soon

The Destiny 2 gameplay premiere event takes place on May 18, just under two weeks from now. We'll be there, but will we actually get to play Destiny 2? The invite doesn't say so. At the very least, we'll get a special look and inside information that will give us a better picture of the game than ever before.

Destiny 2 is expected to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 8. It will retail for $59.99.

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Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • For such a title id bet they would wait for E3. Then again they don't even need E3. I really hope its not the same repeatable crap over and over like the first one. If not ill be happy. If it is ill get it when its half price with the first couple DLCs included. That scheme with the doc pricing was the most embarrassing thing ever for gamers to swallow.
  • The problem with E3 is you're competing against all the other games making announcements. This way, they get the word out ahead of the package, with all eyes only on Destiny 2. I'm sure it will also be at E3 in some form, though.
  • 😂
  • I'm already throwing money at bungie. I've never played anything as much as I've played Destiny.
  • You have one sad gaming history then :P
  • And why would that be? If you are going to take a jab at me, at least explain why.
  • Hoping for an actual story this time around
  • I will wait and see before I pass judgement. However I will say if they announce that the DLC is as expensive for this sequel as the first game, I probably will pass up on it. I'm not falling for that crap again, and I think a lot of other people are in that boat too.
  • I have no issues with the money I spent on all the dlc expansions. I played them and enjoyed them, rather than the season pass I bought for the division which was a complete waste of money for myself. I'm guessing it varies from person to person and how much time you spend with said game.
  • I agree, as much as I groused about the cost of the expansions and the flaws in Destiny, especially at the beginning, I have to admit that I got more enjoyment and play time out of it in the end than a lot of other games I've invested in.  I'll probably throw more money at Bungie with Destiny 2.
  • The division, ugh. I can't believe I pre-ordered the season pass and in return I quit after the first freakin dungeon. Such a crappy game I had very high hopes for.
  • That's because like Destiny, The Divisions MMO mechanic and convoluted leveling algorithm turned the game into a lame grindfest for higher end loot, gear, weapons, etc. No one cared about the story. No one tried to be a Divsion agent, trying to stop the criminal element in the city. Everyone just focused on grinding to be the first one to max out their build so they can easily troll others who were lower rank.  They should have just made The Division and Destiny open world, action shooters with strong stories, amazing and balanced PVP, and plenty of daily missions, etc. MMO aspects only prevent players from becoming immersed in the story and cause everyone to persue an endless, mindless, repetitive, race just to level up. After that, there's nothing to do.
  • Pretty cool invite and if you need somone to carry your bags, msg me!
  • They should have made the invitation by wearing Ghost Pin to the event, that would be so cool~~ :P
  • The first game was interesting for a while. The mechanics were quite good but story was lacking. I'm hoping they can give that a good boost, without the need to buy expansions, for the next game.
  • I like my PSO2, and i will continue to play it, no need for more clone games.
  • Here's a tip. It will have repetitive level playthroughs with loot that gives you slightly higher hit points to trick you into thinking your doing something new and achieving something. When in reality its gambling in gaming. Nothing more nothing less.
  • Dang, Richard. You are on a pessimistic streak. :P
  • Haha. I used to get sucked into these games. But I realised I wasn't really enjoying the game at all. I was merely desperate to do an Instance run for the 71st time on the same level and boss is played 100 times before in the hope I might get Light gear. All for a 10 sec feeling of Euphoria. To the then reset my gambling tune to the next loot I may or may not get on my next level play through for the 100th time. It's gaming gambling. No one really loves gambling its an addiction. People think they enjoy gambling when in truth their brain is being fed certain feeds to keep them coming back.
  • I'm excited for destiny 2, cayde 6 was my favorite character (and the only memorable one) from the first game so hopefully he is more heavily featured this time around.
  • If the second game is also an MMO, I'm not even going to bother. I want more than a lame grindfest for higher end loot, gear, weapons, etc and a convoluted leveling algorithm. Just make it an open world, action shooter with a strong story, an amazing and balanced PVP, and plenty of daily missions, etc. MMO aspects only detract from becoming immersed in the story and cause everyone to persue an endless, mindless, repetitive, race just to level up. After that, there's nothing to do.
  • The community is what makes Destiny great regardless of which console you play on. I spent several hours chatting with people while playing it.
  • First game wasn't for me, but I have friends who sunk 1000s of hours into it. Interested to see if they make any large-scale changes in the sequel.
  • You either love this game or hate it. I pre-ordered the first one and felt very misled. Haven't really touched it since, though I hear it improved after some of the DLC was released. Too late, I have so many other games to put my time into.
    Have fun at the event, Paul
  • Yep, this is a shooter you would want to sink a ton of hours in. I simply don't have that time. Plus the way they handled the first game's dlc, the whole story rewrite issue, and many other things put me off on this game. Which says a lot, as I buy most any game. Still, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I heard from many people that the shooting mechanics in the first game were solid.