Destiny 2 Io scannables location guide

For players who are willing to explore and look closely, Destiny 2 contains a plethora of lore objects that can be found via scanning in every location available to the player. Remember that having your Ghost out near the scannables will cause your Ghost to look in the direction of its location. Use this if you're having trouble spotting an object!

Echo Mesa - Lost Oasis

  • Scannable object No. 1: Directly east of the entrance to the Lost Sector, there's an odd-looking circular device on a cliff.
  • Scannable object No. 2: Start at the path that leads to Terrabase Charon located northeast. From there, travel south along the desert area until you see a circular piece of Vex technology partially buried in the sand. This is the scannable object.
  • Scannable object No. 3: Travel along the east road under the large tree that the Taken public event takes place at. You'll find an opening in the rock wall next to the path. The object is located in it.
  • Scannable object No. 4: Go inside of the tree that's located south of the "Cliffhanger" adventure. Traverse the caves inside of it until you reach the dead end where the scannable object is.

Echo Mesa - Spine Burrows

  • Scannable object No. 5: Starting at the Spine Burrows entrance, travel along the right wall. At the large tree with blue leaves, turn right to find the scannable object — another partially buried Vex device near several pillars.
  • Scannable object No. 6: Starting again at the same entrance, turn left this time instead of right. Go into the water and look behind the rocky platform and you'll find a scannable Vex construct.

Echo Mesa - The Rupture

  • Scannable object No. 7: From the entrance to the Pyrimidon, go to the right into the corner and then north to find yet another Vex device buried into the sand.
  • Scannable object No. 8: There is a Pyrimidon pillar on the right that leads up to a Vex teleporter. After going through the teleporter, there's a scannable on top of the balcony.
  • Scannable object No. 9: Go inside of the Vex structure east of the Pyrimidon. On the north side, there's a doorway. Mounted on the wall is a strange blue object. Scan it.
  • Scannable object No. 10: South of the Pyrimidon entrance, there's a ledge that overlooks the valley below. On it is a scannable dish. Many enemies are located here, so be careful.
  • Scannable object No. 11: South of the Lost Oasis entrance, there's a road that has caves on its western side. Navigate them until you find a small pond with a scannable object on the left side. There's also a golden chest here, so pick that up as well.

Echo Mesa - The Endless Gate

  • Scannable object No. 12: In the Endless Gate, clear out all of the Harpies that are on the bridge. Once doing so, go through the nearby teleporter to go to a new room. On the left, on top of some ledges, there's a small device that you can scan.

Echo Mesa - Terrabase Charon

  • Scannable object No. 13: Look towards the northwestern hangar from the area where the Vex and Taken are at war with each other. Near it is a cave, and in it is a Taken scannable object.
  • Scannable object No. 14: To the left of the northwestern hangar interior doorway, you can find a scannable blue laser device.
  • Scannable object No. 15: In the very center of the area, there's a Cabal machine that can be scanned. It's located under the ramp in the center.
  • Scannable object No. 16: On the southeastern ridge located in the center area, there's a Vex warp gate that's buried into the ground.
  • Scannable object No. 17: From the location of object 16, go directly under the ledge and you will find a cave with an unknown kind of device inside of it. This is the scannable.

Echo Mesa - The Wraith Mines

  • Scannable object No. 18: From Terrabase Charon, enter the Wraith Mines through the northern door. Follow the path into the area that contains the drilling device, then turn to your right to enter a luminescent underground pond. In the very left corner is an odd machine on the ground that can be scanned.
  • Scannable object No. 19: From the location of object 18, return to the drill room and then go to the left of it this time. You'll find yourself facing a Taken Centurion in a room with two floors. Take him out, and then head up to the second floor and look in the corner to find a scannable, glowing Taken rift.
  • Scannable object No. 20: From the location of object 19, go back down to the first floor and head to the room's entrance. To the left (or right if you're coming out of the room) there's a small path that leads up to the room's second floor. On the left side of the path's wall, there's another Taken object stuck inside.

Echo Mesa - Giant's Scar

  • Scannable object No. 21: From the Landing Zone, turn to the north and look at the control center. There's a road that leads to it, and on the right side of that road there's a half-buried dish that can be scanned.
  • Scannable object No. 22: Through the entrance to the drilling command center, head to the right to find a hangar with a balcony. Jump up to the balcony to discover a scannable Taken orb.
  • Scannable object No. 23: From the door to the second excavation site, turn west and go under the ridge to find a Vex device.
  • Scannable object No. 24: North of the central drill, there's a large buried Vex warp gate. It's much larger than the other objects, so you should have no problem finding its location.
  • Scannable object No. 25: On the path that leads to Terrabase Charon, there's a crevasse to the left. Go inside of it to find both a chest, as well as scannable Vex ruins.

Echo Mesa - Excavation Site II

  • Scannable object No. 26: Through the entrance from Giant's Scar into the large chamber, there's a Taken orb that's hidden behind the pillar in the left corner.
  • Scannable object No. 27: From the location of object 26, continue to the second chamber and turn left to find another Taken orb behind a large cylinder that's full of glowing blue substance.
  • Scannable object No. 28: The final object can be found by continuing on to the third room and going near the window, and then looking behind the metal pipes to the left of the crane.

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