5 secrets in Destiny 2 for Xbox One you should know

Like the original game, shortly after Destiny 2's launch, players are continually digging up various secrets and easter eggs lined through the world. With many players spending hours on end in the world, some complex methods to unlocking hidden content are already being unearthed. We've rounded up our five favorite secrets discovered so far, in the world of Destiny 2.

1. Uncover a hidden room in the Tower

This first secret takes players to the Tower (unlocked after completing the main story) and uncovers a little more surrounding Destiny's lore. Using a specific route, a small secret room can be uncovered in the hangar, providing access to an ominous book for your Ghost investigate.

To access the room, head east after spawning in the Tower and follow the hallway to the Hangar. Walk up the stairs onto the second-floor balcony and find the area shown in the image above. Jump down onto the pipeline next to the welder and leap into the gap, to access the hidden pathway. After securing the landing, follow the ventilation duct, which leads to the secret room.

Although the room doesn't have a much to uncover, a mysterious book and flask lay on the center table. Upon investigating, your Ghost will comment on the mention of "Ana Bray" – a missing Hunter briefly established in previous Destiny lore. It's unknown if this is a sign of narrative to come later down the line but still serves a nod to those invested in Destiny lore.

2. Take the 'Floor is Lava' challenge

Another secret lies in the Tower, taking a spin on the popular real-world "floor is lava" challenge. In Destiny 2, players can find this mini-game at the top tier of the main Tower lobby, in a pile of assorted junk. A prompt reading "Don't Pick Me Up" will be displayed upon approach. As any player would do, picking up the junk casts "The Floor is Lava," to start the mini-game.

After activation, a blue waypoint will be displayed in the Tower and to complete the challenge, players must reach it. However, as the name suggests, touching the floor inflicts heavy solar damage, meaning you'll need to jump between objects and railings to reach the objective.

3. Hidden 'Scouting Patrol' on the Farm

Similarly to "The Floor is Lava" in the Tower, Destiny 2's second social space, the Farm, also sports its own secret mini-game. To kick off "Scouting Patrol," climb aboard the watermill using the geometry in the surrounding area. Staying on top of the watermill, run in the opposite direction, until the "Sentry Ranks" buff is applied to your character.

After gaining two ranks, jump from the wheel onto the building's roof and follow the overhead cables between the watermill and the next building. Continue to follow these wires between buildings, before earning four Sentry Ranks. To redeem these, press X on your controller when next the Farm bonfire, which can be found on the coastline.

Once your Sentry Ranks are redeemed, the patrol will kick off, requiring players to race between several glowing beacons. The final beacon will conclude the race on the pier, where players are equipped with a "Scouting Commander" perk. This perk increases your movement speed and jumping height, until leaving the Tower or dying of fall damage.

4. Trigger 'Heroic' Public Events

Even if you've sunk only a few hours into Destiny 2, you'll have likely come across a Public Event. These randomized events provide opportunities to secret additional loot alongside other fireteams and now have a much heavier focus on being an end-game activity.

Shortly after launch, players began to uncover "Heroic" public events – harder variants triggered during a traditional event. Although how these are accessed varies between event types, this hugely increases the stakes, with rarer loot rewards upon completion. If you're looking for a way to get quick Legendaries and Exotics, this can be a relatively simple route.

5. Spawn the Traveler mega-ball

In the original Destiny, the purple ball became an iconic part of the Tower. Countless hours were spent kicking this orb around the social space with other players, even if there were no rewards for doing so. In Destiny 2, the ball has returned once again, alongside a secret twist for those willing to complete the puzzle.

After spawning in the Tower, climb up to the central balcony in the center of the social space. In the corner of the platform, a glossy purple ball should be sat upon some crates, provided other Guardians haven't already moved it from its initial spawn location.

Once the ball has been kicked to a specific location to the west wing of the Tower, more balls will continue to spawn, growing in size. After shifting all four colored balls to set locations, this spawns a giant ball with low gravity properties, shaped similarly to a well-known orb in Destiny's world. This is one of the hardest secrets to trigger in Destiny 2, so we recommend finding a video with specific breakdowns of exact locations.

Have you found any hidden tricks or secrets in Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments section.

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