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Advertising platform for Windows and Windows Phone, AdDuplex has launched a new sweepstake initiative where the company will give away three Windows Phones to developers each month. This deal will last throughout 2014, so there's plenty of time to get involved and earn your own smartphone. It's a perfect time to be building apps for the platform.

The initiative is aimed at helping resident developers get familiar with all Windows Phones available on the market. For each month, three lucky developers will get their hands on a brand new smartphone. Two competitions will run in parallel, enabling developers to participate in both. All that's required for the first competition is for an app to be published to the store, which utilises the AdDuplex network.

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The second competition is where the sweepstakes gets rather interesting. A challenge will be announced per month, with tasks ranging from firing in a photo to writing a short paragraph on a specific topic. 


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The month of March

Since the competitions kick off this month, you have two challenges to participate in. A Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X are on offer for the first, which requires an app to be published to the store with AdDuplex network integration. This is an automatic submission when your work is published.

Challenge number two for March will bag the winner a Lumia 1520. All that's required to enter is to share your testimonials, thoughts, opinions, suggestions and/or recommendations of AdDuplex as a service. Send your ideas to and a winner will be announced.

This is a sweet way for developers to be rewarded, on top of what's already available through DVLUP and other platform promotions. Be sure to check out the promotion over on AdDuplex, more details can be found on the blog post. Don't forget to read through the rules and fear not if you don't win this month as there's always April.

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