Development of 6tag for Windows 10 is now underway

Developer Rudy Huyn has started working on the universal Windows 10 version of his popular third-party Instagram app 6tag. This news comes just a few days after he released a Windows 10 version of his Tinder-based app 6tin.

In posts on his Twitter account, Huyn stated:

"Dev of 6tag UWP started, lot of thing to fix due to the migration from SL+new adaptive will be a long journey. 6tag will not be available before 2 months IMO, there is a lot of work to do (especially with camera API, filters, etc...) ... but I will publish a beta before, exactly like I did for the development of the first 6tag version for phone.

The news that development of 6tag for Windows 10 has begun comes as we are still waiting for Facebook to released the promised official Windows 10 version of Instagram. The app was first revealed during Microsoft's devices press event in October, along with a version of Facebook Messenger.

Source: Rudy Huyn (Twitter)

John Callaham