Diablo 2: Resurrected — Complete guide to runes and runewords

Diablo 2 Resurrected
Diablo 2 Resurrected (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Runes and the runewords they create when combined properly are a powerful part of your arsenal in Diablo 2: Resurrected. Runes and runewords were introduced in Diablo 2's expansion Lord of Destruction in 2001. The expansion added Act 5 and a complete shake-up of the game with the addition of runes.

In the base Diablo 2, end-game builds revolved around certain unique weapons and armor. Runewords gave players something else to farm for, not only the runes themselves but the perfect pieces in which to fit them. The most coveted runes can also be used as currency in trading for the best items.

Runes and runewords are a core aspect of Diablo 2: Resurrected that improves your items and your abilities. They are also essential for the online market and trading with other players. In this article, we will help you understand how runes and runewords function, what advantages they offer, and how to create them. We will also go over all the runewords in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including the latest ones from Patch 2.4 and Patch 2.5.

Diablo 2: Resurrected - What are runes?

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Runes are a kind of item that you can encounter anywhere in Diablo 2: Resurrected, no matter if you are playing on Normal, Nightmare or Hell difficulty. However, some places are more effective for farming runes than others, and we will tell you more about them later in this guide.

Runes can be placed into socketed items to enhance them with different benefits and attributes. However, the best way to use runes is to combine them in a certain unique sequence to create a runeword. A runeword is a special combination that gives certain properties to your item.

If you get your hands on the mid to high runes, handle them with care!

Runes also have another use, they can also be used in the Horadric Cube and combined with gear to make repairs. If you're struggling for gold and cannot afford a vendor repair, this can be a great substitute. To do this, you need to put a Ral rune and your broken gear in the Horadric Cube and transmute them. This will fix your gear and make it usable again. 

Runes can also be upgraded in the Horadric Cube by combining three runes of the same type to get one rune of the next higher level. This is often called “cubing up”. For example, you can put three El runes in the Horadric Cube and transmute them to get one Eld rune. This way, you can get higher-level runes without waiting for them to drop. You can find this recipe and other useful combinations below.

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Each rune has a rarity value from the most common (El) to the rarest (Zod) depending on how often they drop, and your likelihood of acquiring them naturally. Because of this, they are often used as currency when trading in Diablo 2.  El to Lem are considered low-value, common runes. Pul to Gul are mid-value, and Vex to Zod are considered the most valuable runes. If you get your hands on the mid to high runes, handle them with care!

Diablo 2: Resurrected - List of Runes

Following is a chart with all of the Diablo 2: Resurrected runes, their effects and the level you need to be to use them.

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RuneMin. levelWeapon effectArmor effectUpgrade recipe
El11+50 attack rating+1 light radius+15 defense+1 light radius
Eld11+75% damage to undead+50 attack rating against undead15% slower stamina drain+7% chance to block (shield)3 El
Tir13+2 mana after each kill+2 mana after each kill3 Eld
Nef13Knockback+30 missile defense3 Tir
Eth15-25% target defense+15% mana regeneration3 Nef
Ith15+9 maximum damage15% damage taken goes to mana3 Eth
Tal17+75 poison damage over 5 seconds+30% poison resist+35% poison resist (shield)3 Ith
Ral19Add 5-30 fire damage+30% fire resist+35% fire resist (shield)3 Tal
Ort21Add 1-50 lightning damage+30% lightning resist+35% lightning resist (shield)3 Ral
Thul23Add 3-14 cold damage (3 seconds)+30% cold resist+35% cold resist (shield)3 Ort
Amn257% life stolen per hitAttacker takes damage of 143 ThulChipped topaz
Sol27+9 minimum damageDamage reduced by 73 AmnChipped amethyst
Shael2920% increased attack speed20% faster hit recovery20% faster block rate (shield)3 SolChipped sapphire
Dol31Hit causes monster to flee (25%)+7 replenish life3 ShaelChipped ruby
Hel-20% requirements-15% requirements3 DolChipped emerald
Io35+10 vitality+10 vitality3 HelChipped diamond
Lum37+10 energy+10 energy3 IoFlawed topaz
Ko39+10 dexterity+10 dexterity3 LumFlawed amethyst
Fal41+10 strength+10 strength3 KoFlawed sapphire
Lem4375% extra gold from monsters50% extra gold from monsters3 FalFlawed ruby
Pul45+75% damage to demons+100 attack rating against demons+30% enhanced defense3 LemFlawed emerald
Um4725% chance of open wounds+15 all resistances+22 all resistances (shield)2 PulFlawed diamond
Mal49Prevent monster healMagic damage reduced by 72 UmTopaz
Ist51+30% better magic find+25% better magic find2 MalAmethyst
Gul53+20% bonus to attack rating+5% to maximum poison resist2 IstSapphire
Vex557% mana stolen per hit+5% to maximum fire resist2 GulRuby
Ohm57+50% enhanced damage+5% to maximum cold resist2 VexEmerald
Lo59+20% deadly strike+5% to maximum lightning resist2 OhmDiamond
Sur61Hit blinds target+5% maximum mana+50 mana (shields)2 LoFlawless topaz
Ber63+20% chance of crushing blowDamage reduced by 8%2 SurFlawless amethyst
Jah65Ignore target's defense+5% maximum life+50 life (shield)2 BerFlawless sapphire
Cham67Freeze target +3Cannot be frozen2 JahFlawless ruby
Zod69IndestructibleIndestructible2 ChamFlawless emerald

Diablo 2: Resurrected - How to use runes

Ethereal items can be socketed with runewords. (Image credit: Future)

Crafting runewords is an essential part of the core Diablo 2: Resurrected gameplay if you want to reach the dizzying heights of Hell difficulty. They can be challenging to understand for a beginner and it’s easy to slip up and forfeit your rare runes.

Not only do you need to find the right runes to create your chosen runeword, but you must also make sure you are equipping the runes to the correct item. Some runewords only work in specific weapons or armor. Those pieces must also have the correct amount of sockets. For example, to create Stealth which is Tal + Eth, you need an item with two sockets. No more, no less.

The item you are socketing the runeword into also needs to be of grey or white quality. By this, we mean no magical properties (blue items) and no yellow, gold, or green set items.

Finally, once you have your perfect piece to place your runeword, ensure you place them in the correct order. You only get one chance and if done incorrectly the runes are stuck as they are.

You must be sure you are using the appropriate item for which to place your runeword. Some runewords can only be placed in item categories such as “Body armor” which specifically refers to items worn on your body. A runeword meant for a mace will not work on a hammer. “Melee weapons” does not include bows or crossbows. Orbs are also not melee weapons. The “Insight” runeword only works on polearm weapons.

Battling my inner demons with new runes equipped (Image credit: Future)

Runewords when crafted have variable stats that determine their quality, just like any other loot drop. The better a base you use, the higher your chance of the best roll possible.

An example of this would be putting a runeword on your mercenaries equipment. For this, we would always suggest using an Ethereal base. Ethereal bases have improved stats with the drawback being that they cannot be repaired, however, mercenary weapons and armor do not lose durability so you get the best of both worlds. Small tricks like this will boost your power.

Runewords can be equipped on any type of character. They will receive the runeword's bonuses unless otherwise stated. That means you can equip, say, a Beast runeword on a Sorceress and give her the ability to turn into a Werebear. This diversifies builds and gives players plenty of options when it comes to fun playstyles.

Diablo 2: Resurrected - Runewords A-F

Following is a list of runewords that are available in Diablo 2: Resurrected, as well as which items work with these words and which runes are required.

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RunewordRunes requiredBase ItemEffects
Ancient PledgeRal + Ort + TalShields+50% enhanced defenseCold resist +43%Fire resist +48%Lightning resist +48%Poison resist +48%10% damage taken goes to mana
BeastBer + Tir + Um + Mal + LumAxes, sceptres, hammersLevel 9 Fanaticism aura when equipped+40% increased attack speed+240-270% enhanced damage (varies)20% chance of crushing blow25% chance of open wounds+3 to Werebear+3 to LycanthropyPrevent monster heal+25-40 strength (varies)+10 to energy+2 to mana after each killLevel 13 Summon Grizzly (5 charges)
BlackThul + Io + NefClubs, hammers, maces120% enhanced damage40% chance of crushing blow+200 attack ratingAdds 3-14 cold damage (3 seconds)+10 to vitality15% increased attack speedKnockbackMagic damage reduced by 2Level 4 Corpse Explosion (12 charges)
BoneSol + Um + UmBody armor15% chance to cast level 10 Bone Armor when struck15% chance to cast level 10 Bone Spear on striking+2 to Necromancer skill levels+100-150 mana (varies)All resistances +30Damage reduced by 7
BrambleRal + Ohm + Sur + EthBody armorLevel 15-21 Thorns aura when equipped (varies)+50% faster hit Recovery+25-50% to poison skill damage (varies)+300 defenseIncrease maximum mana 50%Regenerate mana 15%+5% maximum cold resistFire resist +30%Poison resist +100%+13 life after each killLevel 13 Spirit of Barbs (33 charges)
BrandJah + Lo + Mal + GulMissile Weapons35% chance to cast level 14 Amplify Damage when struck100% chance to cast level 18 Bone Spear on striking+260-340% enhanced damage (varies)Ignore target's defense20% bonus to attack rating+280-330% damage to demons (varies)20% deadly strikePrevent monster healKnockbackFires explosive arrows or bolts
Breath of the DyingVex + Hel + El + Eld + Zod + EthWeapons50% chance to cast level 20 Poison Nova when you kill an enemyIndestructible+60% increased attack speed+350-400% enhanced damage (varies)+200% damage to undead-25% target defense+50 to attack rating+50 to attack rating against undead7% mana stolen per hit12-15% life stolen per hit (varies)Prevent monster heal+30 to all attributes+1 to light radiusRequirements -20%
BulwarkShael + lo + SolHelm+20% Faster Hit Recovery+4-6% Life stolen per hit+75-100% Enhanced Defense+10 to VitalityIncrease Maximum Life 5%Replenish Life +30Damage Reduced by 7Physical Damage Received Reduced by 10-15%
Call to ArmsAmn + Ral + Mal + Ist + OhmWeapons+1 to all skills +40% increased attack speed +250-290% enhanced damage (varies) Adds 5-30 fire damage 7% life stolen per hit +2-6 to Battle Command (varies) +1-6 to Battle Orders (varies) +1-4 to Battle Cry (varies) Prevent monster heal Replenish life +12 30% better chance of getting magic items
Chains of HonourDol + Um + Ber + IstBody armor+2 to all skills +200% damage to demons +100% damage to undead 8% life stolen per hit +70% enhanced defense +20 to strength Replenish life +7 All resistances +65 Damage reduced by 8% 25% better chance of getting magic items
Crescent MoonShael + Um + TirAxes, swords, polearms10% chance to cast level 17 Chain Lightning on striking7% chance to cast level 13 Static Field on striking+20% increased attack speed+180-220% enhanced damage (varies)Ignore target's defense-35% to enemy lightning resistance25% chance of open wounds+9-11 magic absorb (varies)+2 to mana after each killLevel 18 Summon Spirit Wolf (30 charges)
CureShael + lo + TalHelmLevel 1 Cleansing Aura when Equipped+20% Faster Hit Recovery+75-100% Enhanced Defense+10 to VitalityIncrease Maximum Life 5%Poison Resist +40-60%Poison Length Reduced by 50%
DeathHel + El + Vex + Ort + GulSwords, axes100% chance to cast level 44 Chain Lightning when you die25% chance to cast level 18 Glacial Spike on attackIndestructible+300-385% enhanced damage (varies)20% bonus to attack rating+50 to attack ratingAdds 1-50 lightning damage7% mana stolen per hit50% chance of crushing blow0.5-49.5% deadly strike (based on character level)+1 to light radiusLevel 22 Blood Golem (15 charges)Requirements -20%
DeleriumLem + Ist + IoHelms1% chance to cast level 50 Delirium when struck6% chance to cast level 14 Mind Blast when struck14% chance to cast level 13 Terror when struck11% chance to cast level 18 Confuse on striking+2 to all skills+261 defense+10 to vitality50% extra gold from monsters25% better chance of getting magic itemsLevel 17 Attract (60 charges)
DestructionVex + Lo + Ber + Jah + KoPolearms, swords23% chance to cast level 12 Volcano on striking5% chance to cast level 23 Molten Boulder on striking100% chance to cast level 45 Meteor when you die15% chance to cast level 22 Nova on attack+350% enhanced damageIgnore target's defenseAdds 100-180 magic damage7% mana stolen per hit20% chance of crushing blow20% deadly strikePrevent monster heal+10 to dexterity
DragonSur + Lo + SolBody armor, shields20% chance to cast level 18 Venom when struck12% chance to cast level 15 Hydra on strikingLevel 14 Holy Fire aura when equipped+360 defense+230 missile defense+3-5 to all attributes (varies)0.375-37.125 to strength (based on character level)Increase maximum mana by 5% (body armor)+50 to mana (shields)+5% to maximum lightning resistDamage reduced by 7
DoomHel + Ohm + Um + Lo + ChamAxes, polearms, hammers5% chance to cast level 18 Volcano on strikingLevel 12 Holy Freeze aura when equipped+2 to all skills+45% increased attack speed+330-370% enhanced damage (varies)-(40-60)% to enemy cold resistance (varies)20% deadly strike25% chance of open woundsPrevent monster healFreezes target +3Requirements -20%
DreamIo + Jah + PulHelms, shields10% chance to cast level 15 Confuse when struckLevel 15 Holy Shock aura when equipped+20-30% faster hit recovery (varies)+30% enhanced defense+150-220 defense (varies)+10 to vitalityIncrease maximum life 5% (helms)+50 to life (shields)0.625-61.875 to mana (based on character level)All resistance +5-20 (varies)12-25% better chance of getting magic items (varies)
DuressShael + Um + ThulBody armor40% faster hit recover+10-20% enhanced damage (varies)Adds 37-133 cold damage (2 seconds)15% chance of crushing blow33% chance of open wounds+150-200% enhanced defense (varies)-20% slower stamina drainCold resist +45%Lightning resist +15%Fire resist +15%Poison resist +15%
EdgeTir + Tal + AmnMissile weaponsLevel 15 Thorns aura when equipped+35% increased attack speed+320-380% damage to demons (varies)+280% damage to undead+75 poison damage over 5 seconds7% life stolen per hitPrevent monster heal+5-10 to all attributes (varies)+2 to mana after each killReduces all vendor prices by 15%
EnigmaJah + Ith + BerBody armor+2 to all skills+45% faster run/walk+1 to Teleport+750-775 defense (varies)+0-75 to Strength (based on character level)Increase maximum life by 5%Damage reduced by 8%+14 to life after each kill15% damage taken goes to mana+1-99% better chance of getting magic items (based on character level)
EnlightenmentPul + Ral + SolBody armor5% chance to cast level 15 Blaze when struck5% chance to cast level 15 Fire Ball on striking+2 to Sorceress skill levels+1 to Warmth+30% enhanced defenseFire resist +30%Damage reduced by 7
EternityAmn + Ber + Ist + Sol + SurMelee weaponsIndestructible+260-310% enhanced damage (varies)+9 to minimum damage7% life stolen per hit20% chance of crushing blowHit blinds targetSlow target by 33%Regenerate mana 16%Replenish life +16Cannot be frozen30% better chance of getting magic itemsLevel 8 Revive (88 charges)
ExileVex + Ohm + Ist + DolPaladin shields15% chance to cast level 5 Life Tap on strikingLevel 13-16 Defiance aura when equipped (varies)+2 to Paladin Offensive auras+30% faster block rateFreezes target+220-260% enhanced defense (varies)Replenish life +7+5% maximum cold resist+5% maximum fire resist25% better chance of getting magic itemsRepairs 1 durability in 4 seconds
FaithOhm + Jah + Lem + EldMissile weaponsLevel 12-15 Fanaticism aura when equipped (varies)+1-2 all skills (varies)+330% enhanced damageIgnore target's defense300% bonus to attack rating+75% damage to undead+50 to attack rating against undead+120 fire damageAll resistance +1510% reanimate as Returned75% extra gold from monsters
FamineFal + Ohm + Ort + JahAxes, hammers+30% increased attack speed+320-370% enhanced damage (varies)Ignore target's defenseAdds 180-200 magic damageAdds 50-200 fire damageAdds 51-250 lightning damageAdds 50-200 cold damage12% life stolen per hitPrevent monster heal+10 to strength
FortitudeEl + Sol + Dol + LoWeapons20% chance to cast level 15 Chilling Armor when struck+25% faster cast rate+300% enhanced damage+9 minimum damage+50 to attack rating20% deadly strikeHit causes monster to flee 25%+200% enhanced defense+X to life (based on character level)All resistances +25-30 (varies)12% damage taken goes to mana+1 to light radius
FortitudeEl + Sol + Dol + LoBody Armor20% chance to cast level 15 Chilling Armor when struck+25% faster cast rate+300% enhanced damage+200% enhanced defense+15 defense+X to life (based on character level)Replenish life +7+5% to maximum lightning resistAll resistances +25-30 (varies)Damage reduced by 712% damage taken goes to mana+1 to light radius
FuryJah + Gul + EthMelee weapons+209% enhanced damage40% increased attack speedPrevent monster heal66% chance of open wounds33% deadly strikeIgnore target's defense-25% target defense20% bonus to attack rating6% life stolen per hit+5 to Frenzy (Barbarian only)

Diablo 2: Resurrected - Runewords G-L

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RunewordRunes requiredBase ItemEffects
GloomFal + Um + PulBody armor15% chance to cast level 3 Dim Vision when struck+10% faster hit recovery+200-260% enhanced defense (varies)+10 to strengthAll resistance +45Half freeze duration5% damage taken goes to mana-3 to light radius
GriefEth + Tir + Lo + Mal + RalSwords, axes35% chance to cast level 15 Venom on striking+30-40% increased attack speedDamage + 340-400Ignore target's defense-25% target defense+1.875-185.625% damage to demons (based on character level)Adds 5-30 fire damage-20-25% to enemy poison resistance (varies)20% deadly strikePrevent monster heal+2 to mana after each kill+10-15 life after each kill (varies)
GroundShael + lo + OrtHelm+20% Faster Hit Recovery +75-100% Enhanced Defense +10 to Vitality Increase Maximum Life 5% Lightning Resist +40-60% Lightning Absorb +10-15%
Hand of JusticeSur + Cham + Amn + LoWeapons100% chance to cast level 36 Blaze when you level up100% chance to cast level 48 Meteor when you dieLevel 16 Holy Fire aura when equipped+33% increased attack speed+280-330% enhanced damage (varies)Ignore target's defense7% life stolen per hit-20% enemy fire resistance20% deadly strikeHit blinds targetFreezes target +3
HarmonyTir + Ith + Sol + KoMissile weaponsLevel 10 Vigor aura when equipped+200-275% enhanced damage (varies)+9 to minimum damage+9 to maximize damageAdds 55-160 lightning damageAdds 55-160 fire damageAdds 55-160 cold damage+2-6 to Valkyrie (varies)+10 to dexterityRegenerate mana 20%+2 to mana after each kill+2 to light radiusLevel 20 Revive (25 charges)
HearthShael + lo + ThulHelm+20% Faster Hit Recovery+75-100% Enhanced Defense+10 to VitalityIncrease Maximum Life 5%Cold Resist +40-60%Cold Absorb +10-15%Cannot be Frozen
Heart of the OakKo + Vex + Pul + ThulStaves, maces+3 to all skills+40% faster cast rate+75% damage to demons+100 to attack rating against demonsAdds 3-14 cold damage (3 seconds)7% mana stolen per hit+10 dexterityReplenish life +20Increase maximum mana 15%All resistances +30-40 (varies)Level 4 Oak Sage (25 charges)Leven 14 Raven (60 charges)
HustleShael + Ko + EldAny Weapon or ArmorArmor:+65% Faster Run/Walk+40% Increased Attack Speed+20% Faster Hit Recovery+6 to Evade+10 to Dexterity50% Slower Stamina Drain+All Resistances +10Weapon:5% Chance to cast level 1 Burst of Speed on strikingLevel 1 Fanaticism Aura+30% Increased Attack Speed+180-200% Enhanced Damage+75% Damage to Undead+50 to Attack Rating against Undead+10 to Dexterity
Holy ThunderEth + Ral + Ort + TalScepters+60% enhanced damage-25% target defenseAdds 5-30 fire damageAdds 21-110 lightning damage+75 poison damage over 5 seconds+10 to maximum damageLighting resistance +60%+5 maximum lightning resistance+3 to Holy Shock (Paladin only)Level 7 Chain Lightning (60 charges)
HonorAmn + El + Ith + Tir + SolMelee weapons+160% enhanced damage+9 minimum damage+9 maximum damage25% deadly strike+250 to attack rating+1 to all skills7% life stolen per hitReplenish life +10+10 strength+1 light radius+2 to mana after each kill
IceAmn + Shael + Jah + LoMissile weapons100% chance to cast level 40 Blizzard when you level up25% chance to cast level 22 Frost Nova on strikingLevel 18 Holy Freeze aura when equipped+20% increased attack speed+140-210% enhanced damage (varies)Ignore target's defense+25-30% cold skill damage (varies)-20% to enemy cold skill resistance7% life stolen per hit20% deadly strike3.125-309.375% extra gold from monsters (based on character level)
InfinityBer + Mal + Ber + IstPolearms, spears50% chance to cast level 20 Chain Lightning when you kill an enemyLevel 12 Conviction aura when equipped+35% faster run/walk+255-325% enhanced damage (varies)-45-55% to enemy lightning resistance (varies)40% chance of crushing blowPrevent monster heal0.5-49.5 to vitality (based on character level)30% better chance of getting magic itemsLevel 21 Cyclone Armor (30 charges)
InsightRal + Tir + Tal + SolPolearms, staves, bows, crossbowsLevel 12-17 Meditation aura when equipped (varies)+35% faster cast rate+200-260% enhanced damage (varies)+9 to minimum damage180-250% bonus to attack rating (varies)Adds 5-30 fire damage+75 poison damage over 5 seconds+1-6 to Critical Strike (varies)+5 to all attributes+2 to mana after each kill23% better chance of getting magic items
King's GraceAmn + Ral + ThulSwords, scepters+100% enhanced damage+100% damage to demons+50% damage to undeadAdds 5-30 fire damageAdds 3-14 cold damage (3 seconds)+150 to attack rating+100 to attack rating against demons+100 to attack rating against undead7% life stolen per hit
KingslayerMal + Um + Gul + FalRow 14 - Cell 2 +30% increased attack speed+230-270% enhanced damage (varies)-25% target defense20% bonus to attack rating33% chance of crushing blow50% chance of open wounds+1 to VengeancePrevent monster heal+10 to strength40% extra gold from monsters
Last WishJah + Mal + Jah + Sur + Jah + BerSwords, hammers, axes6% chance to cast level 11 Fade when struck10% chance to cast level 18 Life Tap on striking20% chance to cast level 20 Charged Bolt on attackLevel 17 Might aura when equipped+330-375% enhanced damage (varies)Ignore target's defense60-70% chance of crushing blow (varies)Prevent monster healHit blinds target+0.5-49.5% chance of getting magic items (based on character level)
LawbringerAmn + Lem + KoSwords, hammers, scepter20% chance to cast level 15 Decrepify on strikingLevel 16-18 Sanctuary aura when equipped (varies)-50% target defenseAdds 150-210 fire damageAdds 130-180 cold damage7% life stolen per hitSlain monsters rest in peace+200-250 missile defense (varies)+10 to dexterity75% extra gold from monsters
LeafTir + RalStavesAdds 5-30 fire damage+3 to fire skills+3 to Fire Bolt (Sorceress only)+3 to Inferno (Sorceress only)+3 to Warmth (Sorceress only)+2 to mana after each kill+2-198 to defense (based on character level)Cold resist +33%
LionheartHel + Lum + FalBody armor+20% enhanced damageRequirements -15%+25 to strength+10 to energy+20 to vitality+15 to dexterity+50 to lifeAll resistances +30
LoreOrt + SolHelms+1 to all skills+10 to energy+2 to mana after each killLightning resist +30%Damage reduced by 7+2 to light radius

Diablo 2: Resurrected - Runewords M-R

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RunewordRunes requiredBase ItemEffects
MaliceIth + El + EthMelee weapons+33% enhanced damage+9 maximum damage100% chance of open wounds-25% target defense-100 to monster defense per hitPrevent monster heal+50 to attack ratingDrain life -5
MelodyShael + Ko + NefMissile weapons+50% enhanced damage+300% damage to undead+3 to bow and crossbow skills (Amazon only)+3 to Critical Strike (Amazon only)+3 to Dodge (Amazon only)+3 to Slow Missiles (Amazon only)20% increased attack speed+10 to dexterityKnockback
MemoryLum + Io + Sol + EthStaves+3 to Sorceress skill levels33% faster cast rateIncrease maximum mana 20%+3 to Energy Shield (Sorceress only)+2 to Static Field (Sorceress only)+10 to energy+10 to vitality+9 minimum damage-25% target defenseMagic damage reduced by 7+50% enhanced defense
Metamorphosislo + Cham + FalHelmWerewolf strikes grant Mark for 180 secondsMark of the Wolf:+30% Bonus to Attack RatingIncrease Maximum Life 40%Werebear strikes grant Mark for 180 secondsMark of the Bear:+25% Attack SpeedPhysical Damage Received Reduced by 20%+5 to Shape Shifting Skills (Druid only)+25% Chance of Crushing Blow (No longer attached to Mark of the Bear)+50-80% Enhanced Defense+10 to Strength+10 to VitalityAll Resistances +10Cannot be Frozen
MosaicMal + Gul + ThulClaw+50% chance for finishing moves to not consume chargesWhen a finisher is executed this way, it now refreshes the expiration timer of the stack+2 to Martial Arts (Assassin only)+20% Increased Attack Speed+200-250% Enhanced Damage+20% Bonus to Attack Rating7% Life Steal+8-15% to Cold Skill Damage+8-15% to Lightning Skill Damage+8-15% to Fire Skill DamagePrevent Monster Heal
MythHel + Amn + NefBody armor3% chance to cast level 1 Howl when struck10% chance to cast level 1 Taunt on striking+2 to Barbarian skill levels+30 missile defenseReplenish life +10Attacker takes damage of 14Requirements -15%
NadirNef + TirHelms=50% enhanced defense+10 defense+30 missile defenseLevel 13 Cloak of Shadows (9 charges)+2 to mana after each kill+5 to strength-33% gold from monsters-3 to light radius
OathShael + Pul + Mal + LumSwords, axes, maces30% chance to cast level 20 bone spirit on strikingIndestructible+50% increased attack speed+210-340% enhanced damage (varies)+75% damage to demons+100 attack rating against demonsPrevent monster heal+10 to energy+10-15 magic absorb (varies)Level 16 Heart of Wolverine (20 charges)Level 17 Iron Golem (14 charges)
ObedienceHel + Ko + Thul + Eth + FalPolearms30% chance to cast level 21 Enchant when you kill an enemy40% faster hit recovery+370% enhanced damage-25% target defenseAdds 3-14 cold damage (3 seconds)-25% to enemy fire resistance40% chance of crushing blow+200-300 defense (varies)+10 to strength+10 to dexterityAll resistances +20-30 (varies)Requirements -20%
PassionDol + Ort + Eld + LemWeapons+25% increased attack speed+160-210% enhanced damage (varies)50-80% bonus to attack rating (varies)+75% damage to demons+50 attack rating against undeadAdds 1-50 lightning damage+1 to Berserk+1 to ZealHit blinds target +10Hit causes monster to flee 25%75% extra gold from monstersLevel 3 Heart of Wolverine (12 charges)
PeaceShael + Thul + AmnBody Armor4% chance to cast level 5 Slow Missiles when struck2% chance to cast level 15 Valkyrie on striking+2 to Amazon skill levels+20% faster hit recovery+2 to Critical StrikeCold resist +30%Attacker takes damage of 14
PhoenixVex + Vex + Lo + JahWeapons100% chance to cast level 40 Blaze when you level up40% chance to cast level 22 Firestorm on strikingLevel 10-15 Redemption aura when equipped (varies)+350-400% enhanced damage (varies)Ignore target's defense14% mana stolen per hit-28% to enemy fire resistance20% deadly strike+350-400 missile defense (varies)+15-21 fire absorb (varies)
PhoenixVex + Vex + Lo + JahShields100% chance to cast level 40 Blaze when you level up 40% chance to cast level 22 Firestorm on striking Level 10-15 Redemption aura when equipped (varies) +350-400 missile defence (varies) +350-400% enhanced damage (varies) -28% to enemy fire resistance +50 to life +5% maximum lightning resist +10% maximum fire resist +15-21 fire absorb (varies)
PrideCham + Sur + Io + LoPolearms25% chance to cast level 17 Fire Ball when struckLevel 16-20 Concentrate aura when equipped (varies)260-300% bonus to attack rating (varies)+1-99% damage to demons (based on character level)Adds 50-280 lightning damage20% deadly strikeHit blinds targetFreezes target +3+10 to vitalityReplenish life +81.875-185.625% extra gold from monsters (based on character level)
PrincipleRal + Gul + EldBody armor100% chance to cast level 5 Holy Bolt on striking+2 to Paladin skill levels+50% damage to undead+100-150 to life (varies)15% slower stamina drain+5% maximum poison resistFire resist +30%
Prudence Mal + TirBody armor+25% faster hit recovery+140-170% enhanced defense (varies)All resistance +25-35 (varies)Damage reduced by 3Magic damage reduced by 17+2 to mana after each kill+1 to light radiusRepairs 1 durability in 14 seconds
RadianceNef + Sol + IthHelms+75% enhanced defense+30 defense vs. missile+10 to energy+10 to vitality15% damage goes to manaMagic damage reduced by 3+33 to manaDamage reduced by 7+5 light radius
Rain Ort + Mal + IthBody armor5% chance to cast level 15 Cyclone Armor when struck5% chance to cast level 15 Twister on striking+2 to Druid skill levels+100-150 mana (varies)Lightning resist +30%Magic damage reduced by 715% damage taken goes to mana
Rhyme Shael + EthShields20% increased chance of blocking40% faster block rateAll resistances +25Regenerate mana 15%Cannot be frozen50% extra gold from monsters25% better chance of getting magic items
RiftHel + Ko + Lem + GulPolearms20% chance to cast Level 16 Tornado on striking16% chance to cast level 21 Frozen Orb on attack20% bonus to attack ratingAdds 160-250 magic damageAdds 60-180 fire damage+5-10 to all stats (varies)+10 to dexterity38% damage taken goes to mana75% extra gold from monstersLevel 15 Iron Maiden (40 charges)Requirements -20%

Diablo 2: Resurrected - Runewords S-Z

Swipe to scroll horizontally
RunewordRunes requiredBase ItemEffects
SanctuaryKo + Ko + MalShields20% faster hit recovery+20% faster block rate20% increased chance of blocking+130-160% enhanced defense (varies)+250 defense vs. missile+20 to dexterityAll resistance +50-70 (varies)Magic damage reduced by 7Level 12 Slow Missiles (60 charges)
SilenceDol + Eld + Hel + Ist + Tir + VexWeapons200% enhanced damage+75% damage to undeadRequirements -20%20% increased attack speed+50 to attack rating against undead+2 to all skillsAll resistances +7520% faster hit recovery11% mana stolen per hitHit causes monsters to flee 25%Hit blinds target +33+2 to mana after each kill30% better chance of getting magic items
SmokeNef + LumBody armor+75% enhanced defense+280 missile defenseAll resistances +5020% faster hit recoveryLevel 6 Weaken (18 charges)+10 to energy-1 to light radius
SpiritTal + Thul + Ort + AmnSwords+2 to all skills+25-35% faster cast rate+55% faster hit recoveryAdds 1-50 lightning damageAdds 3-14 cold damage (3 seconds)+75 poison damage over 5 seconds7% life stolen per hit+250 missile defence+22 to vitality89-112 to mana (varies)+3-8 magic absorb (varies)
SpiritTal + Thul + Ort + AmnShields+2 to all skills+25-35% faster cast rate+55% faster hit recovery+250 missile defense+22 to vitality+89-112 to mana (varies)Cold resist +35%Lightning resist +35%Poison resist +35%+3-8 magic absorb (varies)Attacker takes damage of 14
SplendorEth + LumShields+1 to all skills+10% faster cast rate+20% faster block rate+60-100% enhanced defense (varies)+10 to energyRegenerate mana 15%50% extra gold from monsters20% better chance of getting magic items+3 to light radius
StealthTal + EthBody armorMagic damage reduced by 3+6 to dexterity+15 to maximum staminaPoison resist +30%Regenerate mana 15%25% faster run/walk25% faster cast rate25% faster hit recovery
SteelTir + ElSwords, axes, maces20% enhanced damage+3 minimum damage+3 maximum damage+50 to attack rating50% chance of open wounds25% increased attack speed+2 to mana after each kill+1 to light radius
StoneShael + Um + Pul + LumBody armor+60% faster hit recovery+250-290% enhanced defense (varies)+300 missile defense+16 to strength+16 to vitality+10 to energyAll resistances +15Level 16 Molten Boulder (80 charges)Level 16 Clay Golem (16 charges)
StrengthAmn + TirMelee weapons35% enhanced damage25% chance of crushing blow7% life stolen per hit+2 to mana after each kill+20 to strength+10 to vitality
TemperShael + lo + RalHelm+20% Faster Hit Recovery +75-100% Enhanced Defense +10 to Vitality Increase Maximum Life 5% Fire Resist +40-60% Fire Absorb +10-15%
TreacheryShael + Thul + LemBody armor5% chance to cast level 15 Fade when struck25% chance to cast level 15 Venom on striking+2 to Assassin skill levels+45% increased attack speed+20% faster hit recoveryCold resist 30%50% extra gold from monsters
VenomTal + Dol + MalWeaponsHit causes monsters to flee 25%Prevent monster healIgnore target's defense7% mana stolen per hitLevel 15 Poison Explosion (27 charges)Level 13 Poison Nova (11 charges)+273 poison damage over 6 seconds
Voice of ReasonLem + Ko + El + EldSwords15% chance to cast level 13 Frozen Orb on striking18% chance to cast level 20 Ice Blast on striking+50 to attack rating+220-350% damage to demons+355-375% damage to undead (varies)+50 to attack rating against undeadAdds 100-220 cold damage-24% to enemy cold resistance+10 to dexterityCannot be frozen75% extra gold from monsters+1 to light radius
WealthLem + Ko + TirBody armor300% extra gold from monsters100% better chance of getting magic items+2 to mana after each kill+10 to dexterity
WhiteDol + IoWandHit causes monster to flee 25%+10 to vitality+3 to poison and bone skills (Necromancer only)+2 to Bone Spear (Necromancer only)+3 to Bone Armor (Necromancer only)+4 to Skeleton Master (Necromancer only)Magic damage reduced by 420% faster cast rate+13 to mana
WindSur + ElMelee weapons10% chance to cast level 9 Tornado on striking+20% faster run/walk+40% increased attack speed+15% faster hit recovery+120-160% enhanced damage (varies)-50% target defense+50 to attack ratingHit blinds target+1 to light radiusLevel 13 Twister (127 charges)
WrathPul + Lum + Ber + MalMissile weapons30% chance to cast level 1 Decrepify on striking5% chance to cast level 10 Life Tap on striking+375% damage to demons+100 attack rating against demons+250-300% damage to undead (varies)Adds 85-120 magic damageAdds 41-240 lightning damage20% chance of crushing blowPrevent monster heal+10 to energyCannot be frozen
ZephyrOrt + EthMissile weapons+33% enhanced damage+66 to attack ratingAdds 1-50 lightning damage-25% target defense+25 defense25% faster run/walk25% increased attack speed7% chance to cast level 1 Twister when struck

Diablo 2: Resurrected - Best farming areas for runes

Runes drop while fighting your way through Sanctuary, but some areas are more bountiful in drop rates than others. The most common area by far that players will farm runes is by fighting The Countess in Act 1, but we've included a list here of all the best places to farm runes, and which quests guarantee rune rewards.

  • Act 1 - Black Marsh - Forgotten Tower - The Countess is located on level 5 and will drop between 1-3 runes upon defeat.
  • Act 2 - Arcane Sanctuary - The ghosts here have a limited loot table, making them a prime target for rune farming, and there are numerous chests.
  • Act 3 - Travincal - High spawn rate of unique enemies here, specifically the Council Members, make this a popular farming spot for high-value runes.
  • Act 3 - Lower Kurast - This area has many super chests that have a high chance of dropping runes, especially high runes.
  • Act 4 - Hellforge - Smashing Mephisto's Soulstone guarantees a rune.
  • Act 4 - Chaos Sanctuary - This area is where you face off with Diablo and is a great loot-farming area for both runes and gear due to the high spawn rate of Elites.
  • Act 5 - Mount Arreat - Complete the 'free 15 Barbarian Warriors' quest for a guaranteed 3 runes.
  • Act 5 - Worldstone Keep - This area has a high monster density and a high level, making it a good place to find runes and other items.
  • Act 5 - The Pits -  This is a level 85 area that can drop any item in the game, including Zod runes.
  • Act 5 - Ancient Tunnels - This is another level 85 area that can drop any item in the game.
  • Secret Cow Level - opened using a Horadric Cube recipe, has a high rune drop rate due to enemy spawn levels.

Whether you're completely new to the game or are coming back after an extended hiatus, We've also put together this collection of 15 beginner tips and tricks for Diablo 2: Resurrected. And if you're worried you won't be able to run the game to its full potential, have a look at the best pre-built PCs for playing Diablo 2: Resurrected.

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