Are you stuck in your current position in life because you need more training to get ahead? In the fast-paced and fast-growing world of Information Technology and Data analysis, it's important to keep up-to-date with all the newest techniques. Whether you're working in-house or are part of an independent data analysis/marketing firm, you're going to be stuck in an ever expanding ocean if you don't brush up on your skills.

Most likely the best way for you to gain the knowledge you seek is via online courses. The only problem is there are hundreds of them and deciding which courses are the right ones to take can be maddening. Lucky for you, Windows Central has got your back!

Digital Offers: Advance your IT career for only $45

The Big Data Bundle is a series of courses that are specifically designed to get you ahead in your career. With this great offer, you'll have unlimited access to over 60 hours of course material that will teach you everything you need to know from the basics of Big Data collecting to the more advanced analysis and sorting of all that data.

Here are just some of the great courses available in this amazing bundle:

  • Learn By Example: Hadoop & MapReduce for Big Data Problems
  • Flume & Sqoop for Ingesting Big Data
  • Pig for Wrangling Big Data
  • Oozie: Workflow Scheduling for Big Data Systems
  • From 0 to 1: Hive for Big Data Processing

Programs like The Big Data Bundle can often go for hundreds of dollars, but if you enroll right now you can get all nine courses for only $45! That means you're saving over 90%!

Having lifetime access means you can go at your pace, so you don't have to feel rushed or be stressed about the amount of time you are taking. What are you waiting for? Take your IT or data analysis career to new heights by learning the newest techniques on the latest programs.

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